Nap Dreams

Dream 1

• I remember being in some sort of crosscountry thing where we had to play a series of games along the way to win the crosscountry race

• It involved DDR and stuff, and we were enjoying ourselves

• I was in the winning lead, then I found out I was playing Easy Level and was taken to the stop point to rest up so that I can play the Normal Level

• I got some food and sat with my friends and bragged about it

• Then I remember I was in Justina's house, or someone that looks and feels like Justina but the setting of the house is totally different

• We were watching some sort of movie in which a man, probably from a Yakuza family, was sending his pregnant wife to the hospital coz she was in labour

• Don't remember how the birth was done, naturally or surgically, but when the baby was born, she was kept in observation by the doctors

• She stayed there for 3 years, and in that 3 year period she grew from a newborn to a 20-something (coming 30) woman, almost like the movie 'Jack' by Robin Williams

• The actress playing the 20-something woman looked like a seasoned actress I used to know

• Then all of a sudden, the movie turned into manga format and I was reading the story instead of watching it

• I later read that the woman's father was very overprotective towards her and did not let her have much friends

• There was a group of boys who wanted to ask her out to play but the father deliberately make loud noises like breaking things to scare them away, even though the mother was alright for them to play with the woman

• Slowly as I read it became almost like a yaoi manga in which as the woman stopped growing and was deemed ready to go out in society, her underdeveloped breasts (really flat chest) made her look like a guy but with a pussy, almost like a pussyboy

• I flipped through the end of the manga to see her lying in bed naked with another guy and there was almost a sex scene going on

• The final panel showing the guy was spooning her and there were faint marks of angel wings on his back

• I got interested and wanted to borrow the whole series, which I found deep in the bookshelves, but everyone was going to leave to go out for dinner or sorts

• No matter how I did, I couldn't turn off the radio (I found out later when I woke up that it's because I was playing iTunes on the PC) and I was locked in the house

• Then a maid came over and unlocked the door, saying she was sent over to take care of me while they were gone

• While she cooked something for me, I wanted to turn my attention to reading the manga again, but I woke up

Dream 2

· I dreamt of being back at my old primary school somehow

· I was hanging with my friends, but dunno why I suddenly have a stuffed nose on one side

· I don't remember much about the rest, but what I do remember was that I dreamt that I woke up finding Joe was watching an anime

· It had the FMA 1st ending song "Uso" playing and the anime was towards the end, but I noticed that the anime was yaoi-ish in nature

· I remember two blonde guys (one long hair, one short) mimicking two redhead girls holding hands, a castle, them running down a white track dragging another dirty blonde guy which Joe claims to be a girl in male disguise

· Even the preview for next episode was yaoi-ish in nature

Dream 3

· I was in some room having sex with some guy

· He was feeling me up first, making me come, then he started sexing me up

· Though weirdly everytime I was about to orgasm he would pull out and "help" me instead

· And oddly, no matter how many times he "helped" me to orgasm, it wasn't enough

· Then somehow I found myself in some sort of carpenter shop doing this sort of impossible woodwork

· Something to do with a triangle that I saw in one of those optic illusion books

· I was at the woodwork trying to do measuring then all of a sudden I inched close to the head carpenter and lifted my skirt to let him "help" me

· He made me orgasm but dunno why it's still not enough

· Then it was almost like a sleep paralysis when I feel myself being "helped" but I couldn't move

· Then I turned to one side and not sure whether I'm dreaming or not, but I was looking at my fiance calling him out but he can't hear me and I felt the finger (not sure is mine or not) pressing against my bud and diddling me again till I orgasmed, and the sleep paralysis hit me again