Dream Journals-Part 4

Dream 1

· I remember being in some sort of school

· Not sure whether I'm a student there or not

· They were having some sort of gathering and ppl were going up stage to sing

· Somehow the Royal Family is there and they were watching one of the princes sing songs from Celine Dion

· He did a bad job but it seems like I'm the only one who seems to think so as everyone else seem to enjoy it

· I sang just as loud while listening to him but no one seem to pay attention and notice I'm doing a better job than him

· Then I remember being in some sort of island

· It's like I was in part of a movie because there were familiar celebrities faces there, though I couldn't remember the names

· It seems like the main char was leaving the island on a ship and a whole clan of tribal natives and the main lady char watch him go

· Then they decided to follow, seeing that the water levels are low

· Dunno why, but while everyone went on foot, I went on a pole, using the pole to move myself forward

· There were huge big-ass seals that seemed to be that seemed to be man-eating and we were trying to avoid them

· One managed to grab hold of my shirt but I beat it away with the pole and I narrowly escaped one who jumped out of the water trying to eat us

· Then we saw up ahead a huge tsunami wave and we quickly ran for our lives

· Another tsunami wave came from the opposite direction and my instinct told me to pinch my nose and hold my breath

· The waves clashed before finally levelling down, and we all survived

· We met the main char at an underground pub, and me and one of the lady main char lied to him that we were the only ones who survived

· Then we surprised him with the appearance of other chars, one of them his daughter that he had while he was with the tribal natives

· Dunno why she was wearing a beautiful black dress but with a cow's bell for a necklace

· As we drank to celebrate, I answered my cell phone msg and soon found myself in my own room

· The msg was from "A Guy from KK" and when I pressed to read it, it showed a short MMS video of a government institute

· Apparently there was once I dreamt I went to this institute to apply for a school and it had now brought forward to this dream where they say my application was lacking but they always strive hard to satisfy customers, then showing the benefits of the institute

· The person then called me and I talked to him, saying that the video was not solving my problem

· He agrees and said we should boycott

· While talking, I realized Khiong had been sending msg into my Facebook wondering if I was going hiking

· Then his msg showed that if I'm not going, he has to go to the hospital to treat his waist ache

· Another video call came in and it was Jack, asking me how was I doing and whatnot

· It seemed that he was in a bookstore and asked me if we had any secondhand books to sell

· I told him what Joe and I had and he joked giving me the pun of "You sure know where all your eggs in the village are" or something like that

· Then I wanted to make a text msg to Khiong, but dunno why, every button I push seem to end up making me play a game, one of them being some sort of guy in a red and yellow spacesuit shooting at aliens and the command buttons were so confusing that I keep losing the game

Dream 2

· I can't remember much this time, only bits and pieces

· I remember being in my old high school, standing in line to order food

· I requested to have my old favourite, which is my Mi Hailam

· Then I remember something about getting caught for robbery

· Like I was upset about something and did that robbery to prove my worth

· But I was inexperienced so I went to steal at some place that was easy target

Dream 3

· I remember being at home

· It looked almost like my home in BDC back then

· I remember arguing something to my mom

· Then I was taking a dump in the toilet

· The door lock on the knob was broken so I couldn't lock the door

· My mom came in wanting to take a shower and I exclaimed for her to get out

· She told me something about don't flush, or was it don't clean after I'm done, but she said it too late and I was already done and washing myself instead of wiping with tissue

· Then we bickered again over that, dunno why

· Then I found out we were expecting guests and I soon found myself in a restaurant

· While waiting for our guests to arrive, we chatted up with some ppl we knew next to our table

· We were, oddly enough, talking about condoms and sex and all that

· Then the guests arrived and we ate, them joining us to chat with the ppl at the next table

· Then I found myself staring and playing with boxes

· Inside were collectible items that looked like MJ stuff

· Soon I was on some sort of mini-stage holding all my collectibles and a crowd was there for no particular reason and an auctioneer was on stage

· He was telling about my MJ collectibles and I hugged the stuff existing the stage, saying they're not for sale

· Then I found myself back at one of my old home

· The bus never came to pick me up so my mom grudgingly gave me a ride, warning me to remind the bus driver and she threatened to give him a piece of her mind

· In truth, I never called them to pick me up (seemingly it's my new school term or something) because I lost their number and haven't been in contact with them since

· We were picking ppl up who were hitching a ride and my mom's face got more and more sour as she went

· We squeezed in the car and I saw my high school classmate and let her sit on my lap

· I secretly whispered to her ear if she still had the bus driver's nnumber and she gave it to me

· I quickly key in the number to my cell phone (dunno why the number had so many zeroes on it)

· Someone sitting beside me was being nosy and asking me questions, almost giving away my secret but my friend told him not to be such a busybody

· My friend asked if there were any chance of stopping for a bathroom break but my mom said no

· Then dunno why, the car we were in became a bus

· We stopped by among rival buses and saw someone that looked like the bus driver

· I prayed, hoping it's not so that my secret won't be blown

· Luckily it wasn't, and some of the drivers from other buses came over and said hi, carrying beer bottles

· Then the kids at the back were being rowdy and my mom subdued them by using velcro clips to snag them onto some sort of netting at the back

· There was a cat that got snagged along and it somehow morphed into something weird and creepy

· In fact, my mom (who looked a little less like my mom and more like someone else) came towards the boys laughing maniacally

· One of the boys got free and aimed a blade at her chest

· My mom laughed and taunted him, daring him to do it

· He did and she turned into something skeletal with her chest ribcage opened while the cat seemed to crap out a bloody intestine or something

· Then a new bus driver came looking like a black man dressed in a Santa suit to take over

· He was shocked to see the boys suddenly turned into Vikings

· Then the scenario changed and I found myself using water colour to paint a comic sequence of Kim Possible

· I tried to get black colour, but I keep squeezing greenish sludge before getting the black in the bottom

· Dunno why, I was squeezing the green sludge into my lunch of chicken pieces I was supposed to be eating

· Then we finally tried getting black by mixing all colours together, but the colours were so thick that I can't mix them all at once

· Dunno why but whil I was mixing, a music singing the words "Overflowing" was in the background

Dream 4

· I remember being in a school

· I remember meeting up with some ppl and we were supposed to attend some sort of seminar or something

· Then within the seminar I saw some of my old classmates from high school

· Some of them are still wearing the high school pinafore and some are still wearing the primary school pinafore

· Dunno why, but I have the feeling that I know why they were wearing it

· Them wearing school pinafore means that they had not passed their exams and had to redo them, even though they now seem to be the same age as I am

· Then I remember being admitted into the hospital

· I was admitted because I was going to give birth, but I was not in pain or my stomach was not big at all

· In fact when they told me to push, I feel it coming out, but I don't feel any pain, and there was still no bulge on my belly

· I then was sent to recovery and was allowed to go home after giving birth to twin girls

· I went to see them in the nursery, but somehow they look more like full-grown toddlers, and one seemed to have sideburns

· I was told that I can pick the kids up tomorrow so I was sent home and they broke the news to everyone

· Everyone congratulated me

· I expressed my concern on how I'm pregnant without knowing and that my belly was flat, but Joe's mom seem to take it in stride and told me that now I'm in confinement period, I should be eating something organic

· The last I remember was watching some sort of weird Donald Duck cartoon

Dream 5

· I remember being in the hospital

· Having some sort of recurring dream of me being pregnant or something

· This time my belly is kinda swollen but it just doesn't feel real

· Then the scenario changed to me walking down some sort of office building

· I crossed paths with my dad somehow, then crossed paths with a lady from my previous dream handing me the application that I have wanted (another recurring scenario)

· She said it'll cost me $88 for it and I said I'll pay her later when I get my money at the ATM

· I followed my dad and Joe and told them about it and they asked me to think carefully about it, whether I'm choosing my job or my education

· There was a hectic discussion and somehow it looked like the scenario changed into me being in a room in between a family dispute of a father and 2 sons

· I don't remember much about the dispute, but I remember it got violent, and somehow someone got killed

· Then I remember being in someone's house or something with a granny and her granddaughter

· The granny somehow brought home an old man and let him go to the bathroom, but then later she didn't remember having him around and thought him an intruder

· Then he went to another room that was connected to someone else's toilet and caught sight of a middle-aged women undressing

· The woman was surprised to see him but not upset, in fact they ended up having sex even though her fiance was at the other side

· After having fun, he returned to the granny's room to see the granddaughter there, and for no particular reason, she used him as his model to do her tailoring

· When she went out to entertain her granny, the old man somehow managed to run off

· I soon found myself going shopping and was in the dressing room changing when I realized I had a few missed calls

· It was from the lady who gave me the application form and I called her back, knowing that she wanted her money

· I told her I'll pay her tomorrow or the day after and gave her the excuse that the ATM was out of order and the banks were closed

· Then I found myself in the room of my home, reading an encyclopedia about pregnancies and birth

· I think I was supposed to do homework or something but was ignoring it to read the encyclopedia

· I then found myself in a classroom with students

· I remember some sort of verbal fight going on and I got so frustrated I lashed out at them, telling them to keep it down

· I lectured them but it seemed somehow there were lesser ppl in the room and they laughed at me for the lack of "audience"

· I got even angrier and hit and slapped the person who started the verbal fight

· Soon they got scared of me and didn't continue fighting anymore

· Last I remember was being coaxed to calm down by someone who looked like Joe

Dream 6

· I remember being in a school

· We were going to have some sort of play

· We were all gathering getting dressed and stuff and we wanted to get a suitable hat for one of us

· Then we saw some bigger ones that would git her but unfortunately it was on top of a roof of a warehouse and the area was surrounded by bees

· We try to lure the bees away and got the hat that she needed

· Then something happened that made me discover that someone is targeting one of my pretty foreign friend (who reminds me of Tamaki from OHSHC) and get him out

· Somehow found myself playing some sort of challenge game in which a timer was set and we were given a set of keys to unlock a whole row of drawers

· The weird thing is we're not supposed to open the drawers based on the labels of the keys, but based on the label carved onto the key

· We (one of us looked like Hiroshi from JSN) managed to open about most of them before the timer ran out

· The girl who wanted the hat got something but dunno why, it mysteriously disappeared from her pocket

· Blames and accusations started pouring onto the foreign friend and threatened to expel him

· I tried to plea for him but he seemed to be alright being accused this way

· In fact a loud broadcast was made announcing his "thievery" and his expulsion

· Then I remember settling in with a family that had the man of the house looking like Eddie Murphy

· Their relationship was not very good and they constantly argue with each other

· They had a chart on the wall with numerous brain-storming pics of their life, with their current one as "Life Starts Anew" or something like that

· I then confronted them with it and they realized how bad their relationship was

· The wife was upset at the husband for being cold to her, while the husband was upset with the wife because she was no longer exciting like she used to

· They finally settled their differences and started a new chart, and accepted their daughter's (who I found out is a lesbian) girlfriend

· They named this new chart as "Life Broken and Reconstructed" or something like that and added me into the picture because of my efforts to save their marriage

· I then chatted with the girlfriend and asked how did her own family take her being a lesbian

· She said they were a little shocked at first but now at peace with it

· We then discussed about the stigma of being gay and lesbian, mostly because parents will be horrified that their bloodline won't continue

· Coincidentally the TV was sharing something about that too, about a guy scolding his son for being gay and was oblivious to the fact that turning his wife into a baby machine was killing her

· The last I remember from the TV is some sort of weird creature that supports gays and lesbians and goes around to ppl's places in a musical style and help them embrace their nature

Dream 7

· Everything is more or less in bits and pieces

· I remember being in some kind of municipal hall

· It was some sort of event going on and somehow I felt left out, like I was supposed to be part of it

· I remember some sort of group called VJ Tradings or something like that attending but they were lacking members, and again I felt like I was supposed to be part of it

· Then I remember going into some sort of hiking trip

· We chose a route that was very tough and my company was impressed that I could keep up

· But then somehow it felt more like a rescue mission than a hiking trip

· After that I remember being at a sort of home or condo playing a Sim game

· My chara has 4 wives and I tend to make the wives pregnant almost as soon as they give birth to a child

· There are even sound effects in the game that allows me to make the birthing process more realistic

· There are even codes and hints I can use to force my Sim wives to give birth to multiples

Dream 8

· I don't remember much about the front part but the rest I do

· I remember somewhat being in a school and I was wearing something like a Japanese high school uniform

· I remember coming in late from some place, probably something to do with having a bit of lovey-dovey in the toilet

· They were starting some sort of evaluation quiz and I grabbed a copy for myself

· Then I realized my questions were different from other ppl

· Despite the fact that there were some who were different as well, I kept insisting to investigate why my questions are different

· I asked my classmates that oddly enough looked like my primary school classmates about this and they all say it depends on whether you're a full-time or part-time student

· One of them got fed up with my asking and scolded me for being such a short-term memory loser

· I grabbed his test paper and went to approach the teacher about this and she also said the same thing about part-time and full-time students, but didn't really answer my question

· After class, I realized I was on staying back duty and started cleaning up

· A few were still left behind gathering their books

· Then dunno why, we were chatting and the atmosphere suddenly became nostalgic

· There was a swelling on my thigh or something and I squeezed out the pus

· Then I felt possibly a small rock wedged inside the swelling and despite the pain, I dug into it to get it out

· It revealed to be a tiny shard of glass

· It appears that I have taken an injury that was meant for my classmate who was sitting in front of me

· They seemed to be touched by my sacrifice and one person took my picture, although it came out looking like Luffy from One Piece wearing glasses

· I cooled down the swelling with the cold side of my drink packet while passing the shard to him to pass it to my classmate whom I took the injury from, asking him to relay the msg telling her ot be more careful

· He did as I asked and she looked confused, but I just smiled knowingly and she smiled back

· She said something inaudible and suddenly went out of focus

· When my mind cleared, I saw Yuuko (of XXXHolic) towering over me and shouting for me to wake up

· She said since this is a private school, she had to pretend to be someone I know to get in and found me sleeping on the job

· It was as if she was talking to me like I am Watanuki

· The last I remember was finding myself looking at Watanuki rambling about as usual as he did his job, and scolding Yuuko to stop calling him "Wan-chan", or something like that

Dream 9

· Got involved in some sort of movie world

· It felt almost like trying to save the world from a government conspiracy

· I think there were even supernatural elements involved

· Then somehow found myself in a home

· Seems like it had something to do with after the adventure died down, the ppl tried to return to living their normal lives

· I don't remember much of what's going in that, but I do remember seeing a man with his daughter, and his wife and mother-in-law was around

· Then I found myself submerged into another movie world that seemed like there were a bit of fusion between Asian and American

· Also a little bit of supernatural involved as well as some sort of kidnapping or hostage situation taking place

· The last I remember is about a continuous loop of events where the person tries to do something to save someone but always ended up in a form of different outcomes

Dream 10

· I remember being in some sort of weird world where I have to battle some kind of evil force that had a odd cross between a medieval world and Star Trek

· I remember being at my dad's home after that

· I remember being beside my dad in bed and he was talking on the phone or something complaining about his aches and pains

· He was drinking some sort of cooling water and the label claims it tastes like rain

· I tried it and kinda choked on it
· Oddly to me, it tasted like sparkling water

· Then I remember the label saying those who have sensitive sense of smell would probably think it tastes something else and not to worry because there will be no risk of poisoning, or something like that

· Then I think I just came out of a shower or something and I was walking out totally naked

· There were ppl ard including my dad, but they don't seem to mind

· Then a little girl whom I seem to know (probably my cousin from my dad's side)

· She said she came over to borrow a movie from me and I told her to wait until I get dressed

· When I opened the drawer to get the movie she wanted, I found myself and the girl somehow on the streets

· We were walking down the streets admiring the view when we saw a few skateboarders doing their thing

· 3 of them came over and hit on us, taunting us and asking if we could do what they can, but we ignored them

· Then somehow we found ourselves in some sort of classroom or game show along with the 3 boys and some other teenagers

· The teacher was asking trivia and trick questions and me and the leader of the 3 boys tend to answer them in a comical way, picking answers other ppl won't pick

· The 3 boys somehow reminded me of the Rowdyruff Boys from PPG

· Then the whole event ended and the teacher pulled me and my friend and the 3 boys aside to say that we were unique and this test is just a way to lure us into it to test our potential

· The leader got upset and left the scene and I think one of the girls that I know from the quiz followed after him

· Then I found myself in the bus with my companion and we were eating something that looks like noodles

· Then dunno why, I said to my companion that I am leaving to join the leader of the 3 boys

· Somehow the scene seems to be that he and the girl are some sort of beings from the forest or something like that

· I said my goodbyes to my companion (I think I even gave her a kiss) before I got off at a dark alley

· Thr girl who followed the leader of the 3 boys was waiting for me

· She was holding some sort of white nightie or something made out of soft fabric and told me to change and put it on so that we could go see the guy (she was also wearing the same)

· I asked her where did she get it because I remember she went with him without bringing any belongings with her

· She said she got it somewhere around and won't elaborate further

· We were guided by her lantern and we soon met up with the guy, who was dressed almost like Peter Pan

· The last I remember was him asking me what took us so long before we entered the darkness

Dream 11

I had a very long dream that would probably had to split into chronological sections so that I can remember every detail:


· I went to go get a haircut with Joe

· First we went to visit the shop next door to get something

· Joe did his regular haircut as usual while I decide what sort of haircut I should get

· I told the hair dresser there's one hair style I would like to try, pointing at a catalog, but she gave me a different catalog instead

· Then somehow she ended up taking a shaver and shaved off a little bit on the top before trimming

· Then she realized what she had done wrong and try to fix it by taking me behind the shop and do it in secret, apologizing to me profusely


· I was in a house, and the floor was filled with shoes

· Someone that looked like Rowan Atkinson was walking around calling all the shoes rubbish

· We had an argument or something, then I humphed as I walked away

· He got offended and asked if I walked away

· He got offended and asked if I humped and I denied it but I humphed again quietly just to spite him


· I think I was doing some drawings or something

· Then I think I was reading a Dragon Ball coloured magazine

· There was a part where someone just jumped and kissed Vegeta fully on the lips and I was totally shocked


· I think I got caught in some sort of brawl

· It felt almost like Uncharted, but the charas look like Indian ppl

· Don't remember much about that but there were a lot of shouting, fighting and exploding going on


· I remember being in a library

· Someone wanted to go to the restricted area to research on something

· So I was in charge to lure the person guarding the restricted area and distract him while they sneak in

· I flirted with him, even went as far as making out with him

· Seemingly my boyfriend (even though it wasn't Joe) was in the library as well

· He caught us doing it and the guard realized my ploy, but he didn't seem to be upset about it

· In fact he was fine with it and hinted that I could lure him away anytime


· Went to watch a movie with Joe

· It was a Harry Potter movie

· It had a sort of alternate ending (not sure if it involved Voldemort defeated) in which all the charas were attending a sort of wedding

· Oddly Petunia and Vernon were there, helping Harry dress up, with Vernon giving him some sort of pep-talk about Harry's turn to marry and his willingness to give away his "man-daughter", whatever that meant

· The story somehow ended with Remus meeting Tonks and getting her some snacks to eat and her subtly hinting him that she was pregnant or something

Dream 12

· I only remember bits and pieces

· I remember some sort of argument going on

· I remember being at a home watching a JSN episode, although it felt like I was experiencing it at the same time

· Something involving Katsuya and his usual pranks and the real reason behind him doing it, that involved a cat as well

· Then I remember finish watching it and someone that felt like my mom asking me if I want to go to my uncle's shop to have lunch, in which I reluctantly agreed

· I remember playing some sort of a weird Scrabble game that involved big huge letter blocks as well

· Then I remember going through my comic collection and someone trying to peel off the price tag I left on it

· Then I remember being in the car with Joe and we seem to be arguing about something

· Last I remember is him pulling over and I was going to cry

Dream 13

· I had 2 dreams, first dream I don't remember a thing coz I was suddenly awaken, but I do remember the 2nd one

· I think I was experiencing some sort of horror movie in which at first I was with a group of teens on a holiday

· I remember a gang calling me to come to his side of the pool but I was tricked because to get there I have to end up falling into the deep end

· I panicked and quickly swim up to the shallow side while I was laughed at

· I got angry and splashed water at them, which started a fight

· Someone tried to pounce on me but ended up banging his head against the wall and got killed

· We now panicked and decided to bury him secretly

· Then the classic revenge from the grave happened

· Then the scenario changed to having some sort of orgy and I was involved, getting a pussy job from a girl

· As I orgasmed, somehow popping out of the ground was Madonna and she just suddenly sang anf everyone broke into a song

· After she finished singing, we returned to our orgy but somehow my partner(s) have turned into Goofy and Donald Duck from KH (ugh)

· The scenario then suddenly switched to me being in a school

· I remember at one point I went to the library to help someone return a book while I checked out what nice books for leisure they have but they were all like for kids

· Then I left and saw a bloodhound that's supposedly mine waiting for me

· My friends kept warning me not to step on its shit or something

· Then we went to the hall to watch a performance

· There was signing and stuff, and there was a quick change clothes act, which we found out the trick when we peeked backstage that she was wearing dresses that is able to quickly unzip from the back

· Then me and my friends (who somehow look like typical US teens) were chatting up about some movies

· We were going to the canteen but first stop was the bathroom where I wanted to take a dump

· Some guy entered the wrong bathroom and almost barged into my cubicle when I was locking it but luckily he didn't

· While we did our business, we were talking about losing weight and plastic surgery

· Nothing came out of me except piss, so I gave up and joined them to the canteen

· The canteen was in a huge hall with stalls on the side as long as the hall itself

· I ate some tidbits and wanted to help myself to the main course when I realized that we were having recess earlier than the rest and the bell rang

· Last I remember was a loud stampede of students coming in to get their food

Dream 14

· I remember being in some sort of concentration camp or prison-like scenario

· The people there look like familiar Hong Kong actors

· Then I saw them starting to argue with a female commanding officer, trying to break bowls or something

· Then I remember the main character trying to remind her the old days before they were like this, oddly enough they were speaking in Cantonese, English and Cantonese but still can understand each other

· He even showed that long-term being in the prisons made him develop pus on his body as he squeezed out the pus to show her

· Then if I'm not mistaken they soon reconciled their differences and somehow credits started showing it to be Episode 6 or something

· Then I remember being in some sort of odd Flash Forward TV series moment

· I remember being in the public bathroom and was making a deal with the fellow janitor on how to clean the bathroom, something about I clean it my way for the day, and he gets to clean it his way every other day

· Dunno why, whenever I leave the bathroom, the light always turns itself off

· Then I remember being in some sort of field or carpark or whatever and wanted to go to the toilet and somehow being followed by 3 guys

· Then they were trying to grab me, and I try to stall them by saying I need to piss, but they weren't buying it

· Then I tried to weasel my way to the convenient store to send a secret message to the owner whom I seem to know but they beat me to the punch

· I was taken and brought past some familiar grounds, one of them looking like a kindergarten my mom used to work in, and I called it a "bad place", dunno why

· I was taken into a rundown shack, where then I was somehow given a drug to look like I was dead or something, then put on a glass coffin with the antidote hung on something next to the door, and there were scribblings on the coffin cover, which, in my POV is the other way round, but after looking at it for a while, it reads Do Not Awaken the Dead Before 5 Weeks and a date that says 13 December

· Then I remember being inside the coffin with memories of being married to one of my kidnappers and also a vision of me looking into the shack witnessing everything

· She claims of being me 10 years ago, having predicted this was going to happen and was carrying some ancient latin book that foretold things from Revelation, or something like that

Dream 15

· I was in my old home before my parents were divorced, but instead of my dad staying there, it was my mom

· She was her usual self, scolding me and stuff, even slapped me when I talked back

· She warned me to go to sleep and not watch TV, but I didn't listen and waited for her to fall asleep before turning the TV on to watch

· She caught me and I lied saying that I slept on the remote and accidentally turned it on

· Then somehow I got myself kicked out of the room or something, which was fine with me, because I get to sleep in my room without any trouble from her

· Then somehow I ended up at school with my friends and they were making sure that I have gotten everything I need from that house, showing that basically I ran away from home and they are helping me out

· Then I found myself riding the bus and had visions of some sort of alien invasion in which the alien takes over a person's body bit by bit and make them into cannibals

· One kid who was being invaded tried to resist and find a cure by trying to kill and eat the alien at their first stage but it didn't work

· They were almost indestructible even though they were squeezed into a pulp

· Then we had some sort of car chase ensued, not sure whether it was running away from the aliens or something

· We were performing long jumps and dash with the bus and we realize every time we jump we find ourselves landing on a different area

· With our final jump, we landed into Chicago, the ORIGINAL Chicago we had wanted to go

· It was then we realized that we are experiencing some sort of Sliders moment in which we were caught in the belt of dimensional travel before finally reaching our destination

· Then I found myself back in my home again and I went to check on my mom to see that she was still sleeping but awakened by my coming in

· It was as if I never left

· I sort of heard my dad downstairs and when my mom came out of the room to find out what I was doing I lied to her, saying that I had a bad dream

· Somehow one of my friends left her packages for me to look after in the toilet and they looked like pet food

Dream 16

· I dreamt that I was at home, playing some sort of game that resembled Torchlight based on Joe's recommendation

· But somehow my level was that I was moving upwards, not downwards, and it feels as if I'm playing the game and being part of the game

· Then somehow it felt like it was the easiest game I've ever played because the higher I went, the lesser monsters to kill, but the lesser things to collect

· After that, I find myself at home, but there seemed to be extra people living in it, and the setting looks almost like my old home back in KK

· I was passing by the kitchen and it seems that we have missed breakfast or something

· I went back to bed with Joe and some teen guy that we seem to know came asking us questions and I think I replied, "It's an adult thing. Enjoy your teen life."

· Then I remember glimpses of being in a hospital, not as a patient, but a visitor

· Then I found myself with my mom and she was again complaining about my attitude

· She said something like she had no idea whether she's raising a daughter or a dump or something like that

· She was getting more and more upset as she goes when she realize I wasn't replying any of her questions

· Then finally I snapped at her, shouting at her, claiming that I could've told her calmly and quietly in the car but that she wasn't making it easier for me

· Then I stormed off, walking away from her, but I could feel her walking behind me, following me, waiting for a chance to grab me

· Dunno why, my walking got heavier and heavier and I was worried that I would never reach my destination in time

· I finally saw my dad's Chinese pharmacy shop and went in, and was safe away from my mom, but my mom lingered outside and behaved as if she owned the shop

· No one said anything when I came in, as if they knew why I was here, but my dad wasn't around to protect me, and while someone tried to contact my dad, one of them asked if I wanted to play pool and we talked, mostly about my mom and her attitude

· Then somehow my mom braved herself and went in

· She was trying to manipulate to get to her side but they don't seem to budge, and at the same time, she tried to come close to me probably to grab me but I keep walking away from her

· When she hit me, I hit her back and keep my distance from her, and the others were neither helping me nor her, like they were just watching

· Finally I shouted at her "No means NO!" and scolded her about not getting it

· She lost her cool and shot a taser at me, aiming my hand and tried to electrocute me in submission

· Some of them tried to find a way to remove the thing from my hand without getting themselves electrocuted while I continued to scream at her

· When she wanted to hit another dose of electricity, two women came from behind her, one to knock her out and one to stab her at the back

· I asked, "What did you just do?" and one woman replied "Something we should've done..." and the other ended, "...20 years ago."

· I then somehow found myself watching some soap opera on TV while thinking of that event before I eventually woke up

Dream 17

· I remember being in the room, and the sheets have changed

· I remember seeing Joe's 2nd sister's family and remember chatting with them

· And then all of a sudden Joe wants the sheets changed, even though it had only been used a day and that he was totally oblivious about it

· I remember complaining that to the maid but changed the sheets anyway

· Then somehow I found myself both watching a game and playing as a character in it

· I remember something to do with climbing and catching falling characters and send them flying back up again

· Then no idea why, it seemed to slowly play out into a movie of sorts and I'm one of the characters in it

· We were climbing up to look down from a window and I was conversing with a Doraemon and another doll that I can't remember what character it was

· Apparently I was there to solve something and the dolls were my guides

· A few men were chatting and I remember there were sink counters there below me

· Then an old man was asking where his dolls were and wanted to play with them, so I assumed he was looking for the dolls I was conversing with and gave them to him

· The men left the old man alone and then a few moments later, a whole group came in, laughing and celebrating

· Something in my gut told me that this was the scenario I was looking for, as if I was time-travelling and looking for a scene that I was supposed to correct

· I quickly ran downstairs, which weirdly was covered with sheets on the stairs, but remembered the dolls and went back up to get them

· Dunno why, Joe's niece was there and wanted to follow me but I told her no

· We all ran down to the party they were holding over there, the dolls telling me that there was nothing I could do to stop death happening in the party as it was meant to happen, but I was supposed to prevent another death somewhere

· One of the dolls asked me to go ask the birthday girl (or was it one of the guests?) where did she stay while she was here so that I could go rescue whoever I was supposed to rescue

· I tried asking her but she refused to answer, thinking I was some weirdo

· Her brother tried to protect her by coming at me but dunno why, as if in reflex mode, I was able to dodge him and hit him back

· I begged, asking her that if she didn't tell me, someone was going to die or something like that, but she was stubborn and continued to keep her mouth shut, although I saw she was waning

· I finally gave up and walked away, crying out loud, saying something about me failing again and the dolls comforting me, and at the corner of my eye, I caught sight of me on the sideview mirror of a car that I was sporting wings and two other men dressed in black with white wings were holding me, comforting me as I walked

· Someone approached me and told me to go to Rock d' Cafe or something like that, which was where the girl stayed, and said I might be able to make it

· Then I was no longer in it, but watching it as the credits rolled, showing people wearing weird plain T-shirts with chemical formulas on it and the Rock d' Cafe becoming a big tourist attraction with an altar or some sort worshipping dolls

· My gut feeling told me that the dolls I had with me were the main attraction

Dream 18

· I remember being in some sort of class going together with someone else

· We were chit-chatting and stuff, talking about the careers that I like and pursue

· The teacher was saying something like if I know what I like, that is the career path I should choose

· Then he asks me if I watched anime and wanted to test my skills or something by making me draw a short story in one page

· I managed to do it somehow, dunno how, and he didn't seem like he was bothering to look, occupied with something else

· Somehow I found myself walking with my mom after some sort of thing from some kind of airport and I wanted to get my stuff that were mostly comic books

· I put it in the car and wanted to go back to get the rest but she seemed like she wanted to leave so I had to leave them behind while I got into the backseat because I was afraid she would take the chance to throw my books away

· Then she started scolding me about reading comic books at this age and that I should stop being so childish

· Then we started an argument in which I screamed at her saying that these books are bought with my own money I earned in Brunei and I had the right to buy whatever I like

· Then she started saying something like if I want to separate costs so much then better yet if I just get Joe to pay for my release to wed, seeming as if this is a timeline where I was still with my mom and Joe is still secretly dating me or something

· This time I said "Fine, I will. We'll see about that" and looked away

· She could sense that I'm upset and wanted to drive back to the airport to get my remaining books

· We passed by the front and saw some sort of welcoming party at the arrival with people cosplaying like from my Brunei DevArt Meet

· Then we realize the stuff that I left behind was at the back of the airport so we took some sort of short cut to get there

· Then it seemed like the short cut led us to a bridge that was going to close up, but my mom drove to the edge and forced the bridge to drop down so that we can drive down

· I got off and tried to look for the way to get to the back of the airport but somehow found myself in some sort of lighthouse or whatever

· I entered it and went downwards but the doors were all locked and I couldn't get out

· Then I remembered that this wasn't the way to the back of the airport and climbed back up, in which I saw my mom getting out of the car trying to find out why was I taking so long

· I suddenly had the urge to run, to escape from her, and so I did

· I soon found myself running, jumping and climbing ledges like I was in Uncharted 2 or Prince of Persia or Assassin's Creed or something as I leapt from place to place, trying to get away from her

· She was chasing behind me fast and I soon found myself somehow in the water village, and I was running on water or something

· There was a close call and I was almost bitten by a crocodile, and while I tried to beat it away with a pole, my mom caught up with me, soaking wet, obviously swimming trying to chase me

· Then out of impulse and shock to the water village people, I used the pole to perform long jumps over rooftops and throwing it away so that my mom won't get the chance to catch up

· But dunno why she still manages to be right behind me

· I found myself within the market place of the water village and I thought I saw Rukia from Bleach there with her wares

· I ran past her, hoping that she would help me do something to stop my mom but she didn't

· My mom caught up with me and I yelled at her not to touch me as I went forward to Renji who was relaxing on a tree, only dunno why I called him Byakuya instead of Renji and he didn't seem to mind

· He saw my mom and was going to call her something when I woke up

Dream 18

- Remember only when I was getting ready for something important

- Entered a car with my hubby (I think) and another girl, though I can't help feeling it could be my subconscious interpreting how my princess would look Ike as a little girl

- I was suddenly very serious and said we were going somewhere and that something important was going to happen and we must be ready

- Somehow my POV changed to be the one watching things unveil and "we" were transported to some kind of army base

- Then there were certain things happening that I can't really remember, though there was some kind of happy reunion involved and relieved hugging

- Then "me" noted to "my hubby" that we shouldn't be involved and be friends and turns out "me" is like a she-male of sort

- Apparently "me" was sent to earth on an important mission and was originally male but somehow to assume a secret identity, became female, and upon return, can't really shift fully back, so became she-male

- The army base people weren't too surprised about it but "my hubby" was

- Preparing for some kind of invasion from alien forces coz of a treaty gone wrong

- Then it turned out "me" was sent by mistake, "me" wasn't supposed to be the one with the mission, but someone else, but since "me" was sent instead, "me" will have to do