Dream Journals-Part 3

Dream 1

• I remember being in a hall of a college, like some sort of graduation ceremony going on and I'm part of it

• I then remember being in my old primary school, not sure what I'm doing there

• Then my mom came to fetch me, saying that there is something important she needed to tell me

• A man was with her, looks like someone familiar from my dad side of the family

• She had brought along my suitcase and everything and told me that I was promised to his son as his wife or something, although in the legal papers I am to be "adopted" by him

• Joe was there in the car along with me but he didn't seem to be objecting against this

• We went to the coffee shop where my dad usually hang out to have drinks

• Met my dad and we talked, telling about the graduation and me getting the certificate

• My mom pinched me and pulled me away, giving me the jealous warning look not to be so hunky-dory fine with my dad

• Then my mom told my dad her plans

• Instead of being angry or upset about it, he actually agreed, saying that I need a more stable man

• I even get to meet the guy, who looked like a five-by-five man fresh out of prep school with glasses and very well-combed

• I tried to give Joe a persuading look, begging him to say something about this but he looked at me tearfully before disappearing

• Then my mom smugly gave me a piece of note that Joe wrote saying that he was sorry and wished I have a good life

• I was so upset that when my mom touched me, I lashed out at her, telling her to never ever touch me again and that I was going off for a walk and if she wanted to find me I'll be nearby

• She let me because she knew I have nowhere else to go

• I ran and ran, wondering if I could catch up with Joe but he was long gone

• I fell to the floor on my knees and cried, while people were coming out of their houses at night

• A Pakistani lady saw me crying and asked if I was OK and offered me chewing gum

• I took the chewing gum and saw an already chewed up gum wrapped in paper inside, and when I peeled it out to throw it away, it was actually a note from Joe making plans to elope when the chance came

• I was so happy and quickly dried my tears and hung out with the people in some sort of tent

• Then someone approached the tent saying that a guy was looking for me

• I assumed it was my husband-to-be and came outside, and we talked along the way back to the coffee shop

Dream 2-Mikbutashi

I named my dream that because that's the first word that came into my head as soon as I woke up. Anyway...

• I remember being at home

• I was talking to the maid about something

• I seemed to have caught her cold or something because my voice suddenly changed and I was coughing a little

• Then I remember being in a sort of school

• It's almost like a Japanese school, with students talking to me in Japanese, and I seem to understand them partially

• I found out it was some kind of art school and we learn the basic subjects a day while the rest of the day is dedicated to art of whatever major we are taking

• I seem to be new in class coz everyone treated me like one

• The teacher looked comical, almost like Nube from Jigoku Sensei Nube as he teaches the class

• During lunch hour/recess, we were eating in class and the teacher suddenly wanted to teach a new word to us (but I think he was targeting more on me who is a foreign student)

• He randomly picked someone's lunch, tasted it and asked us to repeat after him what kind of dish was it

• I only remember it having the words "chili" and "merah" in it, no idea why

• I recited while I ate, and everyone is wondering who is the one saying it when everyone had stopped recited it and I don't seem to be moving my mouth to speak but more towards eating

• Once the teacher left to do his business, I asked if anyone was curious who was reciting and told them to come closer to listen while I recited, using my ventroliquist skill that I always use to make my cat meows with my mouth closed, and demo how I'm still able to recite while eating

• My classmates were impressed, some shocked at my gift

• Then, halfway through lunch, we heard a commotion

• I went down to check it out, prompting others

• We saw that someone had committed suicide and when we leaned over to see the body, it was a child no older than 10

• I was shocked and I couldn't control myself from crying

• I looked up to see where did the kid fell from and caught a glimpse of my mom there

• I quickly ran away

• Since that incident, things have changed around me and the teacher started to view me as a odd case

• He gave me a nickname Sunny, not sure why

• There was one weird incident where when he was trying to teach the Japanese language, everyone seemed to feel so groggy and fall asleep except me who is trying to pay attention to class, but unfortunately I'm still struggling and technically have no idea what he is teaching because he's speaking in Japanese

• The teacher assumed that somehow I managed to suck their life force or something whenever I try to concentrate on a subject, like my brain needs all the conciousness I could get

• During another recess, I went out and saw that a new Batman movie was coming out and debated whether to watch the premiere first instead of watching it with Joe

• I was tempted by the cheap price and bought the ticket for the premiere

• Then I went out shopping, bought some stuff and mixed them to eat, where I caught a glimpse some of my primary school classmates who were working as cashiers

• While I mixed my food, I heard them talking and whispering about me, as if they were surprised to see me there and thought I had gone to study in KL or something

• I came up to them and chatted with them, telling them about me being in the Japanese school

• When they asked why was I not in the school that they assumed I've went to, I told them that I initially did, but not before going back to Taiwan to get my certificate, no idea why I said that, then I said that school didn't feel right, so I switched to the school I was studying now

• It was clear that they still didn't change; they could only converse in Malay and have limited knowledge in English

• When I realized it was almost time to watch my movie, I saw the ticket and the showtime was already long over because I thought I bought a 6.30pm show when the ticket said 10am

• I grumbled over it for a while before letting it go, telling myself it only cost me $3 anyway, nothing to cry over it

• I went back class and hung out at another class where there were some students that I seem to know

• I hid out of sight from that class teacher to chat with this particular friend of mine when that teacher got a call asking if she had seen Sunny Pal, which is a nickname given to me so as not to confuse me with the friend I was talking to, which was also named Sunny

• I quickly crawled back to my own class before the teacher went over to check whether my seat was empty and pretended to be doing class tutorial exercises on the school book, which was at the moment teaching English

Dream 3

• I remember being in a house that looked like my dad's

• We were like having some sort of gathering

• Then someone that looked like Joe's dad or probably someone entirely strange came home, saying that he had found something

• It was a weird-looking bird that looked like a huge chicken-sized kiwi or something

• It was a chick and he got it when he was hunting or something

• I was the only one who dared to pick it up and I immediately got attached to it

• If I'm not mistakened, there were people that looked like Doraemon and the gang being part of the gathering

• While I was thinking what to feed it, everyone was thinking whether to just dump it or cook it, in which I protested

• I decided to give whatever I was eating at the gathering to it and settled for a midnight snack later

• Someone offered to help me get some food but I refused, saying that I'm perfectly fine with cereal and milk

• Then I remember being in some sort of hospital

• I was lying on bed in a maternity, as if I had just given birth or something because I don't feel pregnant

• Then I saw Jasmine's son Logan being admitted in to be prepped for surgery or something

• He was crying as usual and they decided to give him a bath

• Dunno why but he was wearing some sort of blue-coloured dog collar

• Then they fed him with sedatives so that he would stop crying and let him sleep before the surgery

• Later I found myself in another building that looked like a cross between a office building and college building

• Not sure what I was doing there, but I seem to know the people around me

• Then I went into some sort of cathedral and saw that there were Harry Potter casts over there

• I found myself talking to three angel candelabras who wanted to change Draco to be less mean and let him be paired with Ginny

• In order to let their magic be fulfilled they have to have all their candles lit and the candles burn until the wax ran out

• But no matter how we try, we couldn't get the last row of candles to stay lit for more than 10 seconds

• The candelabras were worried that their magic would fail and it would be too late

• Surprisingly it worked and Draco was seen walking out of the cathedral with Ginny

• I saw Severus talking to Harry and a girl he was with, but then after that I don't remember what else he did later on

Dream 4

• I can barely remember the details

• I only remember being in a room

• We were watching some sort of movie, something to do with Terminator

• Then I find myself looking at the laptop and we were watching Disney's Sleeping Beauty

• It was almost towards the ending

• Then we realized there was something wrong where they've gotten rid of a lot scenes, like the fairies fighting over the colour of the dress they're making for Aurora's birthday, the fight scene between Prince Phillip and Malificent and also the scene of the fairies fighting over the colour of the dress at the ending when Aurora and Phillip were dancing

Dream 5

• I remember being at home, but it didn't look like our home

• We were getting ready for dinner or something, and that we had some guests at home, probably friends of the family

• We were setting up the table and serving up the drinks, in which I took one

• Then when I was hanging out with someone, we heard that the Sultan had come

• We were surprised and shocked, more so for me, because I never thought the Sultan would visit a commoner like us

• He came with his wife and two kids and we all gave our respects to him

• I volunteered to serve him drinks but the good ones were only enough for one

• The rest I tried to serve ice water but dunno why I keep spilling them no matter how much I refill

• The Sultan was surprisingly understanding, and in fact when we had dinner he didn't want anything fancy

• He was perfectly fine eating regular common curry rice with us, slurping and chomping just like any regular man

Dream 6

• Remember being in some sort of gathering

• We were surprisingly all talking in Cantonese

• An incident happened, probably involving a murder or a robbery

• We were going around accusing people

• We had our suspicions on a girl who used to work in B&W films

• The culprit was never resolved, but she was definitely not the one we were looking for

• I also remember being in a room watching some sort of kids' movie with the kids

• Definitely Disney-oriented

• Then I turned to read a magazine and they were promoting Anak-Anak Sidek's new issue

• I found out the drawing suddenly looked so good, a bit of drama in between, not like the crappy way I saw last time

• Starting to reconsider whether I should return to my passion of reading and collecting Anak-Anak Sidek again

• I tried to ask Joe but he can't hear me even from a short distance, and the person next to him didn't bother to repeat what I said

• He had to come close to me to hear it and his answer was that it is up to me

• Wanted to order the past issues from the mail order attached to the mag but then realized they don't ship to Brunei

Dream 7

• I remember being asked to solve a case

• Then the scenario turned out to be me playing a BL Game

• I had to pick certain scenarios that will work for my char's advantage in order to get him a good ending

• Then after that the scenario changed to me riding in a car

• It seemed that my mom has come to pick me up from somewhere and wanted me to do some grocery before we go home

• She dropped me off at the supermarket and I went in to buy, while she said she'll wait for me

• I found out that the grocer at the counter was giving me silent treatment and wrote something about wanting to protest on an issue from the mayor

• Dunno why, but I had the feeling he had no idea that he was talking to me who is the mayor herself

• I smiled and played along, pretending to be mute as I wrote down what I wanted to buy

• I remember some miscallenous stuff and most importantly a carton of milk and cough syrup

• After much picking, he got me an old remedy for cough syrup which I liked, and I wrote it to tell him so

• He seemed to have warmed up to me and asked me for my name when I paid for the grocery

• I grinned and wrote my name and left before he had the last word

• I giggled to myself when the last thing I saw was his shocked facial expression

• I went outside to where my mom parked her car to wait for me but she was no longer in sight

• I walked around the compound but I couldn't find her car

• It was as if she had just dumped me there or she got fed up of waiting and took off without me

• Then I realized my milk carton was leaking adn I quickly went back to the store to get a replacement, hoping I don't have to pay again for it if I looked for the guy

• There was press around me, as if they have found out I was here and want to get an exclusive, but couldn't see me because it was getting dark outside and the shop hadn't turn on their outside light yet

• I quickly rushed into the shop a few seconds before the lights were on for the press to see me and hound me

• I went back to the counter and they wanted to serve me but I just wanted to look for the guy

• I saw him and, keeping up my mute act, requested him to change my milk

• He embarassedly selected a lady to help me with, free of charge

• She commented on my body language and facial expression to communicate being cute

• When I was about to leave I saw Khiong sitting at a bar counter eating

• I came up to him and whispered that I'm using my mute act and he seemed to know what I mean and played along

• The guy finally talked and chat me up but seemed reserved, thinking that Khiong was my bf

• Khiong denied so and help me to translate my body language and facial expression

• Then I found myself at his house and we were "talking" about something we have in common: comics

• It was fun chatting with him using papers to write on and using body language and facial expressions; he seemed to be more honest that way

• I actually had a sleepover with him and decided to lose the act

• I woke him up in the morning using my voice but he didn't seem surprised

• He said he knew I was faking mute all along probably due to my status as a mayor who has to be a public speaker

• We bickered about something for a while and when I went outside, delicious food including roast turkey was there, like there was going to be a party

• Then I saw my "mom", who looked more like a black woman, and remembered I was supposed to go home last night to attend the party

• Somehow she managed to conceal it and brought the party here after hearing whispers of me sleeping over with a guy

• Along came more of my "friends", who also are black women, and they caught a glimpse of the guy and squealed, saying that he is just the right guy for me

• Then it became an all-out party where I realized I was actually on a boat near the harbour, not knowing that this is where the guy lived all along

Dream 8

• I remember being back at my old home in the apartment

• I think I was yelling at my mom

• She was scolding me as usual and I was yelling back at her

• I think she was scolding me about me doing my drawings and want me to stop but I refuse

• She threatened to take my drawings to look at it or throw it away but I grabbed onto it tight

• She demanded for it and I put up a fight

• Then it progressed to wanting to throw my stuff away but I protected them vehemently, saying that they belonged to me and she has no right to touch them

• Weirdly there were ppl in the room, watching us argue our heads off but they just watched but not do anything

• I pushed my mom away and she fell to the floor

• One of them tried to pick her up but she refused them

• We had a yelling match again as she tries to dump my stuff in which I wrestled it back from her

• She said why can't I be the filial child like everybody else

• I replied to her that I've tried my best but she wasn't giving me a chance

• Then I concluded that her violence was an addiction, that she was a sadist and she wanted to abuse me because it gives her the high she wants

• I remember throwing things at her, including throwing a bottle of pepper at her head, dunno why

• I remember the last straw was throwing her out of the window or something

• I woke up for a while but when I went back to bed, she wasn't there anymore and I am with familiar ppl

• I was cleaning up the mess, throwing unwanted things into plastic bags

• Then I remember being in an arcade with Joe

• Joe saw his friend and gave me some money to buy tokens while he chat with him

• I get the tokens and tried out a new DDR game

• This DDR game machine is new with no dance pads but a lot of levers and steps like from either a piano or a reload gun game

• I entered the token and started playing

• I did the character selection byt stepping down on one of the levers slowly because if I step down too much I'll end up to the level where we'll be selecting songs

• Oddly, the character looks like something from Halloween, or more like scarecrow or pumpkin head or something

• I selected wrongly for 2 char play

• The song was in random, but mostly Chinese songs oddly and displayed like karaoke instead of my char selection

• Then I have to play the DDR by stepping and pulling levers and stomp on the steps at the right given moment

• Because I selected the 2 char play, I was having a hard time keeping up but I'm more or less playing it

• Ppl start to gather round in seats clapping and cheering

• It seems like I'm the only one who attempted to play this DDR and they were impressed

• But almost to the final stage, the machine went haywire and hanged

• I had to stop playing but at least I had fun

• I looked for Joe and went on our way

Dream 9

• I had a dream of getting married

• It's like I'm married but at the same time I'm watching myself getting married

• It was a simple wedding, with only selected guests from either side of the family

• The groom, oddly enough, didn't feel like it was Joe but someone else

• After we said our I do's and went into the car, I found myself being one of the guests instead of the bride

• Like the groom has married the wrong person

• Then I remember being in a huge medical-like hotel

• I was among a whole bunch of friends that looked like strangers but at the same time we all know each other

• We then discovered some sort of solution that can heal almost anything on us

• It looked like green slimy goo that Slimer from Ghostbusters always emit

• Everyone was thrilled at first

• But then suddenly we realized that using too much of it will get us addicted and we would slowly become some kind of monster that leaks out the goo

• The first symptoms were dry throat and constant hunger, preferably dried food, like cat food

• Then someone had the desperate measure to cure himself by mixing the solution with formaldehide and bathed himself with it

• I was worried because I know that stuff kills you

• Miraculously he survived and was cured

• As we chat, we noticed that one of the roommates' cat is developing symptoms

• It even mutated to a trait where it had a desire to kill

• We quickly grabbed the car and surrounded it, locking it together with us in a room

• Then we decided to dunk it in tar and throw him out of the window into the ivies below

• There were performing clowns outside so we had to wait until they left before doing the deed

• After we did it, we realize it's still alive and out in the open

• We all split up and try to track it down so that we could kill it once and for all

• Then I found myself being both the cat and watching the cat

• We stumbled upon other cats as well

• The last I remember was cats sharing cookies before a dog came and bullied for the rest

Dream 10

• I remember something about Batman

• About how something went wrong and there was an all-out battle with a whole bunch of villians that have sort of mutated thanks to Scarecrow

• He had to be inhibited with a sort of forcefield to curb him, imprison him and defeat him

• The forcefield then crystalized and sort of exploded

• While we watched the forcefield crumble, Batman was talking kinda funny

• About what if things were different, and mentioned something about Alfred being pregnant and giving birth to Bruce

• I told him to get his act together, even though I'm surprised he's OK with mpreg

• After the forcefield was shattered, Scarecrow was defeated

• Minions still go around but not that bad anymore

• The world soon more or less were at peace with each other, even see mutants dating humans

• Although I did catch sight of a mutant kissing a human girl, then the girl quickly wiped the mutant's drool away when he was not looking, planning to use the drool for possibly experimentation

• I remember then something about catching buses

• About trying to get on the bus in time

• I remember while waiting for the bus, I was playing with a python that looks like salamander

• It suddenly opened its mouth like into a star shape and vomited flower stalks or something

• I remember sitting behind a kid in the bus who was trying to stir trouble or something

• I tried to stop him and made him sit beside me, much to his embarassment

• He somehow reminded me of Robin from Batman

• We stopped at a nursery centre which apparently is where I work

• There were a few kids who were bored; I think it was a sibling of three

• The youngest saw a ball fall out to the street and tried to get it

• I ran to him, trying to stop him from going to the streets but I was too late

• He got hit and was tumbling around, banging his head almost 3 times

• I panicked and picked him up, asking the other siblings to haul a car to take him to the hospital

• The big brother managed to haul a lorry and we rode there

• The driver, who is a lady, said that she doesn't give free rides and I said I'm willing to pay anything as long as she got us to RIPAS hospital

• We rode there and all the while I try to make sure the kid is still breathing

• Once we're there, I passed the kid to the brother while I paid about $9 to the driver

• She was wasting my time giving me receipt, asking if I have fascimile and asking for my particulars to write in her little black book

• After all that I ran into the hospital to look for the siblings and saw the kid was in emergency room but a few doctors were chit-chatting outside merrily

• I cried because I thought they didn't take the problem seriously and they tried to comfort me, telling me it's alright

Dream 11

• I remember being in some sort of resort

• I and Joe and the whole family was there

• We were planning to go to the swimming pool when me and a friend of mine got a message

• It seems like we had to find Joe had to follow certain clues and codes like a treasure hunt game

• I remember having to go all the way down to a pier or something

• Then we followed the clues that led to a pillar that was out of alignment

• We rearranged the alignment with some help of passers-by and we found our next clue

• It's a sort of rearrange letters from codes by putting the letter E at the appropriate places

• It didn't really help us find Joe yet but it did lead us back to the hotel where we met up with Jasmine and her family with Chai

• I remember chit-chatting with him for a while before suddenly finding myself playing some sort of game that crosses Mario and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

• I had to defeat someone to let me pass through the gate and managed to get the ultimate jutsu

• I think my character was like Mario who later transformed to Lee during the fight and then into a huge drag queen-like monster from the ultimate jutsu

• After the game, suddenly find myself being let in, like I was the person itself who defeated him

• Tons of boys, mostly monk-like boys, were in this area

• We finally found ourselves a proper public toilet to shower

• My companions went to shower but I didn't because I remembered not bringing a set of changing clothes

• I took out my right contacts to clean it but it weirdly enlarged to a point where I can't put it back on

• But weirdly I can still see clearly without my right contact

• I caught sight of some friends I knew and they were chit-chatting about the supernatural

• I joined in and told them some scary Japanese supernatural legends I knew

• I think someone gave me a new set of changing clothes or was it I remember having it somewhere

• But anywho, I decided to change

• Then I saw some ladies coming in with plates of food and giving me a weird look

• My companions came in with food and were also horrified to see me changing

• I asked them what's the big deal and they said I was changing in the dining room

• I look around see my surroundings still like the bathroom and told them they're being ridiculous

• They said they ran out of space outside to eat and was told that this area where I wsa changing has been converted as a dining room

• More ppl came in with their food

• My companions said I have brought some kind of shame and there probably won't be any food for me because of my display

• I didn't believe them and still tried my luck

• While waiting in line, I saw a woman walking around looking for someone to infect her luck, or something like that

• It suddenly became a memory lane where I saw past incidents of her infecting a little girl once with her luck, then being injected by her with amnesia serum, along with her bf who witnessed it, to forget she had ever met this woman

• She got all the luck, but everywhere her surroundings were getting the brunt of her bad luck, even got her bf killed

• Suddenly Morgan Freeman who played as God from Joe Almighty ans Evan Almighty saw te woman's deed and the girl's suffering and wanted to stop that

• He chose a guy who died falling from a crashed platform when he came to the place to relax

• He told him everything and said will send him back in time to stop the women from infecting her luck on the girl

• He said something about not wanting to clash with the guy's self in that timeline and said he will send him as a 97-year-old man

• Whatever that means

Dream 12

· I remember being in the car with someone that had the feel of my mom

· I remember before going into the car, I came out of a house that looked like a mesh between my old apartment and my grandma's apartment

· We went out to get something, probably dinner

· When I came home, I realized I forgot I left the key in the house and my housemate is not back yet

· I had to hang out at another friend's home to wait for my housemate to come home to open the door for me

· They looked like my neighbour from my old apartment

· I also remember something about setting up a cosplay party that didn't work out very well because of the lack of participation and picking the wrong guests, which led to a disaster and a resolve to renew our next guest list

· I then remember walking down a hallway

· I was talking to some familiar ppl about the possibility of the end of the world

· Then I think we were discussing something about a movie, probably an armaggedon or apocalypse movie like 2012

· Then I remember we were going to school on the first day or something

· We were hitching a ride but the car left one of us behind and had to walk to school

· I then remember being in the school

· We bought some stuff but I was a little late to buy the textbooks

· They told me to come tomorrow to get them because they needed to save the books for the next batch of customers

· They gave me a complimentary schedule that have events to celebrate the anniversary of LOTR

· Then I found myself playing some sort of game that required both creating and nurturing characters and building up a setting

· I remember one of the char I need to nurture was a sea creature who will evolve into a mermaid once it's adult and I can choose whether to set her free or put in display

· I set her free and restarted the game again while at the same time watched an anime that looked like Seto no Hanayome

· I went back to create another sea creature and one of my friends decided to join me

· Somehow the instructions were different

· The concoction looked like some sort of ice-cream making machine where the first stage was squeezing out different coloured cold paste into test tubes then putting them into a mixer to mix them to create a sea creature

· It was cold to the touch, like frozen ice cream

Dream 13

· I remember being in some sort of theatre room

· We went to watch a performance of three men claiming to be able to summon Death

· They had a few doors aligned with each other in a row

· A few moments later something ghoulish like a skeleton draped in ragged robes floated horizontally past the doors and back again

· Dunno why, I decided to play a prank

· While the ghoul was floating towards the last door, I made the first door close

· The ghoul banged onto the first door and fainted but shockingly it made the three men and everyone in the room turn into skeleton heads and their heads fall to the ground while at the same time, time just stopped

· It was only if I reopened the door, everything went back to normal and the ghoul wakes up and continues to float past the doors

· Dunno why I wasn't affected, in fact I found it funny and laughed every time I did that

· I repeated the prank about a few times before letting the three men end their show in peace

· Everyone left enjoying the show and had no clue what just happened when I pulled the pranks

· Then I turned around to have a last look at the three men and the leader of the three was smiling and waving at me with his skeleton head

· I told my companion who was with me at the theatre what I saw and he turned and saw it too

· I even told him about the prank I pulled and he was amused as well

· Then I remember being in a house

· I was sitting watching TV when I realized I was watching an OVA of Jigoku Sensei Nube

· I remember answering the door halfway through the show but it was someone pushing the wrong button

· I was thrilled because then I get to see my fav char Katsuya Kimura

· I was thoroughly enjoying the movie but at the same time I felt I was in it too, experiencing it with the chars

· The story had something to do with them having a beach outing when suddenly a huge tsunami came over

· The tsunami was found to be caused by a huge Kyuubi terrorizing the town trying to look for its cubs

· Nube somehow summoned another Kyuubi to fight with that Kyuubi

· Then it turned out that it was its cubs' spirit it was looking for because it scattered out of its womb into the human world

· The cubs in turn ended up using Makoto and another girl as host bodies to incubate them

· The girl was the first to "give birth" as the extra flesh on her belly morphed into weird proportions before shaping into a kyuubi form and exiting out of the girl's body without leaving a scratch

· The Kyuubi calmed down and took back the first Kyuubi cub and waited for Makoto to "give birth"

· Makoto was sent to the hospital to wait it out, but the doctors didn't believe in the existence of Kyuubi, insisting that it was a body genetic mutation

· Makoto's skin crawled and morphed before "birthing" out the other Kyuubi

· Everything was peaceful again as the Kyuubi got back its cubs

· I missed out the preview of the next OVA episode and wanted to rewind but was too late

· Soon I found myself in a sheep farm surrounded by sheep ready to be sheared

· Weirdly, they sheared them so hard that it broke skin but they don't seem to care

· In fact, after shearing, they took all their prosthetic legs and let them loose while they sheared the rest of them

· I tried helping out with the shearing but I was careful not to break skin

· Then I found myself looking at ppl who were debating in a forum in the middle of the sheep farm about whether sheep today are safe, no idea why

· They were saying 'No' and gave their opinion, and dunno why I was joining the debate saying 'Yes'

· My opponent laughed at me and accused me of using quotes from a TV show to state my opinion, but I stood my ground

· Then I found myself going into a hotel room with them and we were comparing on what to wear for tonight's dinner or something

· I was rubbing it in to one of my opponents saying that my boobs are so big I don't think I'll fit any clothes

· Then a group of girls who I seem to know came in as well and were surprised as to why are the debaters here in their room

· I told them I had no idea and that they just followed me in, telling them to talk to their superior about this

· The rest I don't remember much, but I remember preparing to leave with a little girl who was waiting for me and while waiting, was eating huge amount of food at the buffet table

· I was supposed to leave with her and a couple of other guys, but the guys tend to deviate to check out something unnecessary

Dream 14

· I remember something about a riot going on, probably something political

· Then I was taking a bus with a number of Indian folks, and I chatted up with one

· We were chatting about the politics as well

· Then the bus landed to a stop in some river and I had to get up to take a sub which is a few feet away

· I kept getting text msg from my friend back in school asking me if I've done my assignment

· I told them I've done it and plan to pass it up the next day because I am somewhere else at the moment

· In truth, I haven't even started and I forgot what was the assignment about, but I plan to do an all-nighter

· I remember coming home to do the assignment but end up watching a show where 2 rabbits were talking to each other in baby talk and saying they only had each other because the rest of the litter is dead

· Then I remember getting involved in some sort of gameshow where I get clues around the area to look for "kidnapped victims" before they get "killed"

· First few contestants played until it was my turn

· I have to search for the clue left behind on pieces of paper hidden behind piles of junk and debri and also have to watch the video of the "killer" "torturing" the "victims" before getting my next clue

· Dunno why, all the contestants get video tape to watch but I have to watch CD

· My last place led me to someone's house where I found a mini-CD but cannot be played in their CD player

· I borrowed someone's portable toy-like gadget that can fit a mini-CD but it ended up coming out some sort of Disney-esque MCQ game

· Someone came over and asked me if I've finished the gameplay and found the "killer" but I told her I'm still at it doing the MCQ

· The person said that's not the way to complete the gameplay and the person who borrowed me the gadet told me the gadget only detects non-video material

· Frustrated, I took out the mini-CD and tried playing it on the other person's CD player

· I got an odd scene where 2 girls were scolding Superman about not saving them and Superman trying to explain to them that the Great White Shark who attacked them was really professing his love to them

· I more or less completed the game, and despite being the last to arrive, I got first place

Dream 15

· I remember watching TV of some kind of show that has to go with a goddess or something

· Then I remember being in a toy store

· We were checking out some toys, or more like me alone

· I remember someone approaching a sales assistant and asking whether they have the new TMNT toy, something like a cross between an eagle and the TMNT char, called Valkyrie

· The sales assistant said they'll only have it tomorrow

· Then I remember reading some sort of Marvel comic but at the same time I was experiencing it

· Someone was chatting up with a superhero (let's call him Super A, coz I don't remember his name) who was confined to remain in his place because if he leaves, he'll lose his powers

· Then that person chatted up with another superhero (let's call him Super B) who is possibly Super A's past self or something

· He plans to teleport to Super A's place but somehow his teleportation clashed frequencies with a machine Super A was testing and a loud accident happened

· The machine blew up but somehow restored Super A's human look and gave Super adn B additional regenerative powers

· Lex Luthor showed up along with Joker and a few head honcho villains to check things out

· Apparently Super A is like a double agent working on both sides

· After that change (and demonstrating the powers to the guys by chopping off a bit of parts of themselves) Super A hada change of heart and defected from the villains

· Super A and B left and everywhere they walked, flowers and trees bloom and grow in mass amount, destroying the office building at the same time

· Super A's secretary who was originally evil at heart changed and insulted the villains before following Super A and B loyally

· Dunno why I was there and picking up a bunch of flowers and ate them

· Then I found myself to be both Super A and watching Super A as we hauled a bus

· Bruce Wayne was in there and was surprised to see Super A

· We entered the bus and explained what happened, while somehow the ladies and a few men were suddenly attracted to Super A and B

· Dunno why the bus suddenly became Bruce's car and we were driving towards my old apartment

· We decided to stop by and check it out despite everyone saying how dilapidated it was

· I/Super A demonstrated his powers of making things grow and theorized that the accident also caused our pheromones to be at its peak, thus the attraction

· A few Japanese kids saw me/Super A making flowers grow and wanted us to do it again

· Then dunno why, instead of demo-ing flowers grow, I found myself baking a chocolate chip chocolate cake on the spot

· Somehow I was unable to make things grow anymore but the kids didn't seem to mind as they were impressed with my baking that didn't require oven style

· The last thing I remember was adding the chocolate chips and chocolate chunks onto the cake together with the kids, saying that this was for one of the kids' birthday

Dream 16

- I found myself turned into some kind of android

- Found myself in a no-man's land and was entering a building

- Then somehow a bunch of androids show up and the scenery seemed to look like it was post-apocalyptic

- Then was approached by a male android and was commented on me being a different kind of model or something

- Then we went off to do shopping to accommodate my stay and he said something about humans being dead long time ago

- After shopping, we were flying away to some kind of location where the android say I might like it

- Apparently the remaining human survivors were used as fighters in a betting ring for the androids' entertainment

- Suddenly discovered I could fly and started flying by flapping and gliding around with my arms