100 Facts about Me

1.      I HEART YAOI!!!

2.      I'm a year later than my planned age to marry (I plan to marry at 25)

3.      I love all kinds of fish except tuna. Don't ask me why

4.      My current OTP is Thrax/Ozzy and Toothcup

5.      I have never ridden a roller coaster in my life...EVER!

6.      I want to have 5 kids once I settle down

7.      I lost weight but my bust increased from A to C. Weird is weird

8.      I hate my Chinese given name

9.      I love pink, even though it doesn't suit me

10.  I'm a choco-aholic

11.  My patience is to the point of inhuman

12.  I laugh to hide that I am crying inside

13.  I come from a broken marriage...

14.  ...And I don't want my children to suffer through that

15.  I tend to attract lesbians and weirdo-s

16.  I am a test tube baby

17.  I mask most of my feelings and past so well, no one can tell

18.  And when they find out, they can't believe I haven't turned psycho yet

19.  I love all vegetables except eggplant and bitter gourd

20.  I am mostly a class clown

21.  My favourite subject is English

22.  I hate Math, or any numbers that requires calculation

23.  The only subject I ever did well in Science was Biology

24.  My drawing talent began at age 3

25.  After what I've been through, I'm not sure whether I can continue with my faith

26.  ...But I do pray...sometimes

27.  I've written 73 fanfics to date

28.  ...And 90% of them are yaoi

29.  I'm right-handed

30.  I lost my virgin kiss at 4

31.  I know three basic languages and 2 Chinese dialects

32.  I'm self-learning Japanese, French and German

33.  90% of my drawings are yaoi

34.  I used to eat one meal a day in collage

35.  I am an ENFP

36.  I have a total of 14 blogs (Yes, I'm  a blog whore)

37.  I owe my life to my hubby (even though he said I don't)

38.  I'm a bit of a boozer on special occasions

39.  I am a Christian free-thinker

40.  I would love to have twins at first shot

41.  I am a horror movie buff

42.  I always have to save my hubby from creepy crawlies

43.  I am an Aquarian through and through

44.  My Chinese Zodiac is a Boar

45.  I raped my hubby's childhood more than I can think of *LAWL*

46.  I have never seen snow in real life, ever

47.  My life didn't exactly turn out the way I planned

48.  ...But I'm not complaining...much

49.  My testosterone level is higher than normal

50.  I'm a bit o f a tomboy

51.  I like all kinds of music, as long as it appeals to me

52.  I love both cats and dogs

53.  ...But if I were to choose, I'd pick the cat first

54.  My brain is filled with unnecessary knowledge

55.  I wish my job were more exciting

56.  I never had an arts degree (though I should have)

57.  I had a brush with death once with a bike

58.  I still can't drive. Seriously

59.  I have a fear of gaps between bridge tiles

60.  I have a very active imagination

61.  I have too many fantasy lovers to count

62.  I hate abusive parents, especially mothers

63.  I believe fathers are the unsung heroes of a child's life

64.  I think mothers are overrated

65.  I am not as ignorant or defenseless as people might think

66.  I'm only popular online

67.  I am an abomination in the kitchen

68.  I have very little to no fashion sense

69.  I always wanted really short tomboy hair, but even the hairdresser disapproves

70.  I am an attention-whore...most of the time

71.  I get attracted to girls sometimes

72.  I tend to have monomania on occasions

73.  I have minor OCD

74.  I love to sing

75.  I could be a ca in a previous life (coz of my love for fish)

76.  I'm the only child and probably the reason my dad's bloodline is dead

77.  I wish I had a brother, younger or older, as long as it's a brother

78.  I enjoy roleplaying, especially yaoi ones

79.  I love to act, and have considered an acting career

80.  Being a famous manga-ka is my long term goal

81.  Heights, the dark and being alone are my 3 primal fears

82.  I believe a true church is not set on stone, but set in your heart

83.  Being able to wear the college graduate robes and fling the graduate cap was one of my life-long dreams

84.  I love cosplaying, but I'm in a country where cosplay is frowned upon and shunned away

85.  I can remember something from my past at the most random times

86.  My left tit is slightly larger than my right tit

87.  Despite being Chinese, I love English songs better

88.  I'm slightly pro at multi-tasking

89.  I made up an imaginary boyfriend just because I was jealous that my friend had a real one and I didn't

90.  I remained a virgin until I met my hubby

91.  I was the founder of The Otaku Club in college

92.  I hate arrogant bastards

93.  My height stopped at the age of 12 and I hate it

94.  I believe in the supernatural

95.  I don't believe you're too old for cartoons and/or anime

96.  I have slightly low blood pressure

97.  I kissed a girl thrice

98.  I can be a bitch…if I have to

99.  I inherited my hair and thigh genetics from my mom

100.  I inherited everything else from my dad