Monday, February 29, 2016 | By: BlackGargie


Holy crap!



Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar!


Leonardo DiCaprio aka Titanic Jack has FINALLY won an Oscar for Best Actor!

His first Oscar after 12 years and 6 nominations! FINALLY!

Throughout his career, he only had ever been nominated 6 times for Wolf of Wall Street, Blood Diamond, The Aviator and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and he didn't even get nominated for Titanic which was like one of his best roles yet in his career, his breakthrough performance, the movie that skyrocketed his career. Absolutely snubbed on that. And come on, Gilbert Grape? He was amazing in that role, and he got nominated and didn't win? That is just so sad.

Let's list some of the movies that I think he did awesome in it:

  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • Titanic (absolute classic)
  • The Man in the Iron Mask (though technically I never watched it but I hear good reviews about it)
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • The Aviator (which I also never watched, but hear good stuff about it)
  • The Departed
  • Blood Diamond
  • Body of Lies
  • Shutter Island (absolute mindfuck, MUST watch)
  • Inception (WATCH IT, I IMPLORE YOU)
  • Django Unchained
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Wolf of Wallstreet
All these awesome movies he did and he never even won one Oscar for either of these? That should be a crime! I told my hubby time and time again after hearing about his new movie The Revenant, and the rumours behind the filming, that if he doesn't win an Oscar this time, my faith in humanity is shattered and I'll be speechless.

But finally he got his. After 12 years, he finally got the Oscar he deserved.

After shedding blood, sweat and tears over his latest movie The Revenant, with rumours of him eating shit for realsies during the filming, he finally got his dues.

The internet has literally broke from all the "death" of memes making fun of his non-Oscars and now the "birth" of new memes of him winning the Oscars. LOL

That being said, after 12 years, he won ONE Oscar!


I know it's better than nothing, but still, ONE!

He deserves more, he deserves the 12 years of his filming career worth of Oscars, people! LOL

Congrats, Leo! May you have more Oscars to come!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 | By: BlackGargie

Born in The Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! The Sheep has left the building and The Monkey has made its debut!

And so did Jr No#2.

In fact, she came along an hour after Mr Monkey had made its debut.

Lemme just start from the beginning:

As you guys have all known that my due date was predicted to be around the 15th to the 18th of this month, so assuming that, we thought we had ample time to prepare stuff and still get to celebrate CNY with the family. I was so looking forward to the yummy CNY good food and merry making and going around giving while receiving ang pao from my hubby's side of the relatives (he's got like a gajillion of them, so while it's a con for us to give away so much ang pao, it's also a pro for us because we will also receive just as much thanks to our little princess).

I did keep the maternity bag packed on the side just in case, but only packed for myself and not for the baby because we haven't really had the time to pick out new clothes for Jr No2 coz of my hubs' work and I was not in a condition to do long walks of shopping or carrying heavy loads from the store room where our stock of baby clothes from back then during our baby boutique business. And also coz of the false sense of security that we had plenty of time to get everything.

Unfortunately fate and Jr No2 had other plans. On the 7th of February, on a Sunday, no less, when we were all planning to do some last minute CNY clothes shopping for the upcoming open houses we would be going to, I started to have a bloody show. Technically, on Saturday night, I noticed brownish mucus discharge after I went to the bathroom, but thought nothing about it as it wasn't bloody or anything, but somehow I woke up that Sunday morning with the wet feeling between my legs like one of those moments when you realized you had your period and stuff, and I just so happen to have my legs facing my hubs at the time, so he caught a glimpse of my bloody show.

I read in books that usually a bloody show doesn't necessarily mean labor right away, so we held off and tried to pack the rest of my maternity bag as much as possible, which included the baby bag and its necessities. 90% of my own bag was all packed and ready, but only about 10% of the baby bag was packed because we needed new clothes and diapers and other stuff that we didn't find the time to buy, which is our bad, so we rifled through the old stock boxes of clothes that we have when we still ran our baby boutique business back then and just hastily handpicked some clothes that we thought would look nice and gender neutral, since Jr No2 has kept us in the dark about their gender since their first ultrasound.

Then later on, after a late breakfast, I started feeling a bit of pushing down pressure and decided that it would be better to have it checked just in case. So leaving the baby bag behind at home for another day, we brought my maternity bag, just in case, along with my doc's card and paperwork and made our way to the new wing of the hospital building that was recently completed, which is the Women and Children's Hospital Wing. I was told during my last check-up that if anything happens, I am allowed to go straight to the labour room admission area, so we made a beeline there.

After telling them about my symptoms and doing the standard health check, the nurses confirmed I was already 3cm dilated and I was admitted on the spot LOL My hubs had to get started on really packing the baby bag and coming back and forth to the hospital with all my necessities. I was moved to the ward room under admission and observation to see how I was progressing and throughout the day, it was like a standard labour fast-forwarded within a day. I was feeling contractions sooner than expected, irregular at first, like between 10-20 minutes. The feeling of wanting to take a dump but can't, like you got a severe case of constipation, mixed in with a bit of that familiar menstrual cramp feeling got more and more intense as the day turned to night. Managed to make friends with my roomies while I was at it, because why not? We're fellow mothers and there is nothing else to do in this room except socialize, so yeah.

By 12 midnight it was getting more and more frequent (6 mins apart), and I was tempted to get that "sleeping between contractions" drugs that I got when I was in labour with my princess because I was getting tired and I needed the shut eye. But first, I decided to let the nurse check to see how far I was dilated before deciding whether I should take the drugs or weather it through. I was confirmed dilated to 5cm, then I was wheeled off to the labour room. I WhatsApp-ed my hubs about it and let him know which labour room I was admitted to and hope for the best that he can make it because he couldn't exactly stay after visiting hours and the baby bag was still at our place.

While waiting for my hubs to come, I tried my best to weather it out. The feeling was super intense because I could feel everything without the drugs I used to have in my system with no unconscious nap breaks in between. I didn't even have time to ask them to gimme the drugs when my water broke and my body was raring to go. I was 7cm dilated as soon as my water broke and I actually felt it break, like there was some sort of balloon inside me slightly expanded between my legs and popped and out gushed everything. Now that I think about it, compared to the one where my first birth was induced and they popped my water for me, it was a new and unique experience.

I tried to wait for Joe to make it for the delivery, even sent him a voice WhatsApp but sadly Jr No2 didn't want to wait. The pushing sensation was overwhelming, even more so without drugs. It's like I wasn't in control of my body anymore and it just wants to get it over with. I remember the midwife telling me to breathe and the nurses telling me to close my mouth and push like I'm trying to take a dump, and I remember the midwife keep telling me to plant my ass on the seat and not lift it up, and to lift my head till my chin touches my chest when I push, and I remember the midwife and nurses tried to keep my lower half body still but to no avail. It's like my brain is telling me "Yes, ma'am, I hear ya. I'm trying my best" but my body was like "SCREW YOU, BITCH, I'M IN PAIN AND IMMA GONNA DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT, JUST GET THIS KID OUTTA ME".

Joe literally arrived a couple of minutes after Jr No2 was born, so he missed the entire delivery process, sadly for him. I felt a little miffed too that he missed it, partly because he couldn't witness the birth and partly because I had to go through the birth alone unlike my first birth. But it's no biggie. What's done is done. No point dwelling. The nurses showed me Jr No2 and faced their genitals towards me, and turns out that I gave birth to another little princess.

While Jr No2 was being weighed and all that jazz, the nurse told me to try holding still while she stitched me up. I do remember feeling the sting on my lady parts, but I thought it was the nurses trying to help me stretch my folds to ease the baby out, though later after the fact, it turns out that I have sustained some "wear and tear", if you get what I mean. Thus the stitches. During my first birth, I was so doped up I could barely feel them stitching me up, but this time, despite the anesthetic, I could still feel stings from the needle now and then and I would instinctively flinch, but other than that, I tried my best to keep still. My legs were literally shaking from the trauma and the adrenaline rush though, no matter how much I try to control them.

As usual, I requested the nurses to keep the placenta in a plastic bag for us and my hubs gave them ang pao as a token of appreciation. My mom in law also came to see me with more stuff to bring, like we were literally moving house or something, and apparently that was the main reason my hubs was late and missed the birth: my mom in law thought we still had plenty of time before my baby girl will be born, so she kept asking him to do last minute favours and bring last minute stuff for me. Meh~

All in all, Jr No2 got her clean bill of health, and after 24 hours, we were discharged from the hospital and to her new home. My big princess Liara loves her to bits, but we need to remind her time and time again not to be rough though LOL She is literally born on the first day of CNY, just a couple hours after Mr Monkey had made its debut into the new year. I was definitely commented by the doctors and nurses for having a CNY baby, even more so because I'm Chinese, so first day of CNY definitely holds a significant value to hers and our lives.

Neways, here's Jr No2's very first photo, and finally we can announce her name: Elena (pronounced ee-lay-nah) King, born 8th February 2016, 1.56am!

Welcome to the world, Elena~!