Thursday, January 14, 2016 | By: BlackGargie

1-2 More Months to Go...

Wow, I just realized while typing this update of mine that it's about 1-2 more months to go before I can meet my dear little Jr No#2, or technically about 5++ weeks to go, to be exact.

Can't believe time flew by so fast. Before I knew it, I seem to have reached the 8th month pregnancy milestone. It wasn't too much of a bumpy ride, but there has been significant changes and differences compared with my first pregnancy and my current one.

For starters, my morning sickness definitely lasted a little longer (about till I was a bit after 4 months pregnant), I was more lethargic than usual, always wanting to sneak in just a couple hours of sleep, and always craving meat, or anything with protein, like eggs, and sometimes salty foods. Sweet foods doesn't put me off, but it seems almost like my usual sweet tooth has dampened a little, like I could live without it if I don't eat it. Thankfully, the only thing that doesn't change is that I don't have those I-WANNA-GET-IT-RIGHT-NOW-OR-I'LL-DIE cravings, and thankfully I didn't get the dreaded swollen feet and fingers, though once in a while, if I sit down too long, my feet does feel a little swollen, but once I lie down and prop my feet, the swelling feeling subsides.

Unlike my little princess when she was in my womb where she will have her moments of activeness, Jr No#2 is SUPER active, kicking and squirming whether I like it or not, and it's literally settled on my bladder, so I had to go to take a piss slightly more frequently than I did with my girl. And it seems that while my girl was leaning towards the left when I was preggers with her, Jr No#2 is leaning more towards the right, and maybe because it's my second pregnancy, my belly has become slightly descended and stretching out more, making my innie belly-button threaten to turn into an outie and the going-to-pop look more noticable.

A lot of people seem to predict that I'm carrying a boy due to me carrying low, but then my maid, in her belief, I might be carrying a girl BECAUSE I'm carrying low. But research says it's not really reliable since the more times you're pregnant, the more low your belly kinda looks coz of all the stretching during your previous pregnancy involved, so I'm still keeping my options open.

The dreaded sleeping aches returned again as I could never find a comfy spot to sleep through the night. I couldn't sleep on my left like a gajillion experts would suggest during pregnancy because of Jr No#2's size squashing my ribs, making my rib muscle (as well as my old whiplash injury due to a car accident I had) ache like hell, but I couldn't sleep on my right either coz the weight of the baby is leaning towards the right and I somehow have some sort of swollen muscle (hopefully it's not a kidney problem!) on the right side of my back that seemed to get even more aggravated as I get heavier with child, and forget trying to sleep on my back coz I literally get short of breath from that.

Ugh, those are one of the moments where I really wish the pregnancy would be over soon.

My girl has finally started kindy this year, and she was a really happy camper when it comes to school. It was a new environment for her, with new faces and new friends and new routine, although she prefers the outdoor part of the class than the indoors LOL My hubs was being slightly helicopter-y about it, but I try to put my trust on the school to be able to take care of my girl and her educational well-being, since I picked this school coz I trust my eldest sis-in-law's parenting style, though I am curious as to how and what exactly goes on in the classroom while she was there.

Maybe my hubs and I should've stuck around to monitor the situation during the first day of school, but ah well.

We've also finally transitioned our girl to her own room, coz we needed to make room for Jr No#2 and thought she was old enough anyways. She still hasn't gotten over her night terrors, but at least we're slowly weaning her off from our co-sleeping. She was absolutely thrilled to have her own room where she can plenty of space to play around and make a mess without us nagging her about it, and she can have her own private time, but during night time, it was a bit of a challenge. The first couple of nights was a little rough because she will first start off being OK and excited to climb into her own bed to sleep, but once she reached that clockwork time for her night terrors to begin (roughly around 1-2am), she cries like hell no matter how many times we get up to pat her back to sleep until we ended up giving in and let her sleep with us.

After I read some tips online about getting your child a lovey or something with our scent, I tried my luck in letting her have our adult quilt blanket that we were currently using while I changed our own bed with new sheets and new quilt blanket, since we slept in it and will be covered with our scent. It didn't fully alleviate the night terror problems, but at least this time, she slept a little longer past the clockwork time and when we pat her and put her back to her own bed to sleep, she didn't wake up like 5 or 10 minutes later like she used to. She still will wake up around the wee hours of dawn and climbed into bed with us, but at least she wasn't crying, just climbed in and snuggled in with us, making the usual tight squeeze on the bed (since she's getting bigger and my belly is also getting bigger).

All in all, everything seems to be in place for now. I've got my freelance writing career back on track coz of this new writer's payment scheme they're going on ever since my contract for my first story had ended, and catching up a little on my drawings while I'm at home going through with this pregnancy. It will be a matter of time before I have to rejoin the rat race again, but for now, Imma gonna enjoy what I can out of this.