Thursday, July 16, 2015 | By: BlackGargie

Mr Stork Paid a Visit Again

Whelp, been quite a while since I've updated myself, though technically nothing really huge has happened in my life other than the usual mundane semi-housewife life and trying to also enjoy my own me-time with my buddies ever since I got laid off from my crappy job at the tour company I worked with.

Well, as you can tell from the title of this blog, you can prolly guess it. Yup, I'm going to be a mom again.

Heh, well, it wasn't exactly planned or anything. It somehow just happened, well, of course doing it without protection prolly had a hand in that as well, but hey.

Originally I had no reason to suspect that I was pregnant, coz I had my occasional late period that doesn't exactly come on time. It was on the day where my buddy and I went out for our lunch date where we wanna eat big before the big fasting month comes by (apparently the big guys at the religious department has outlawed eating in public, even for the non-Muslims, like as if they have no faith in their own people's strength to resist temptation), so we went to Funshabu-shi to try their All-You-Can-Eat sushi and shabu-shabu offer.

Later that evening, when I went out with my hubs to watch a movie (kinda forgot what it was), I was feeling rather nauseous and had to go hurling in the toilet. My hubs was suspicious that I might be pregnant, while I was more worried about food poisoning. But since I wasn't having diarrhea, fever or stomach pains, I assumed I must've been too bloated and had too much for lunch, which contributed to my purging.

But when my nausea hadn't really subsided even after a few days later (no hurling, just a bit of dry heaving), I was starting to suspect maybe my hubs was right. So one morning, before I gave my girl her morning shower, I borrowed her potty to do my business. Keeping my fingers crossed, I tested it with the pregnancy test and uh-oh! There we go. Positive result.

My hubs was always been a little adverse to having a second child due to financial concerns, even though my gut instincts have always been telling me that I feel like I'm ready, so when I saw the positive result, I was kinda terrified that my hubs might be mad at me. Gritting my teeth, I took a pic of the positive result and WhatsApp-ed it to my hubs, asking him not to be mad at me. He wasn't mad, more like resigned to it, since there is nothing we could do about it, but I was still worried that he might blame me or be angry with me for not being careful or whatnot. He assured me that he was also the guilty party as well, and there is no one to blame.

Later that evening, we went to the doctors to get a second opinion. Originally I wanted to go to the clinic where I had my little princess, but unfortunately it was a Saturday and they do not open on Saturday nights, so we went across the street to the alternative clinic choice that opens on Saturday night and had my second opinion. After telling her when was my last period and all the other standard questions, we did the pee test again and it was confirmed 100%. After calculating the date, apparently I got pregnant on the day I went back to KK to chill and visit my dad. LOL! Yup, we hit the jackpot right there. Guess we got more than we bargained for during our chillaxin!

Neways, everything that had happened to me when I was pregnant with my princess during the first trimester was back with a vengeance, and WAY ahead of schedule. With my princess, I only started having morning sickness during my 2nd month, but with this Jr No.2, I had it earlier on the first month, on that fateful day I thought I was having food poisoning. And my nose had become sensitive ahead of schedule too, and I could only eat dry foods and certain type of fluids. Dairy is a no-no, and eggs have to be cooked in a certain way so that I wouldn't hurl (which is omellete style). And I somehow have a thing for meat, but only if it's cooked dried, like fried or grilled with no gravy. Everything else goes bye-bye down the toilet.

And unlike feeling nauseous if I eat, I feel nauseous now even if I DON'T eat. If I don't eat, the hunger pangs and stomach acid build up will make me vomit, but if I eat too much, I will vomit as well. So I can only eat little, frequent meals, just enough to tide me over, and only dry foods.

Had taken my first antenatal checkup with my doc and everything went well, considering my weird diet. Her gear is a little old school, as in there is no big screen to hook up to see the ultrasound, so I had to crane my neck to look at the ultrasound machine itself to see it, but so far, the doc said it's perfectly healthy, with a nice heartbeat and all that.Here's a pic of my little Jr No.2:

8 weeks and 3 days!

All in all, I have to be careful now, especially when trying to manhandle my boisterous little girl. She must've sensed that there will be a change soon because she was starting to get a little clingy, but I might be able to sigh a small relief coz she will be starting school next year, so at least I can slightly focus on looking after Jr No.2 when they're born.

Wish me luck!