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Chillin' in My Hometown

Heya guys, sorry for the LONG hiatus on my personal update, but things have been going on and I only then found the time to actually sit down to post something.

Nothing much has been going on these days, except one, which I will talk about it in my next post, but I would like to share with you guys the day we went back to my hometown in May for a SUPER belated CNY to meet up with my dad.

Technically it's more like an R&R session, coz my hubs needed the rest after long months of project working and all that (which was the reason why we couldn't find the time to go back to my hometown to visit my dad for CNY), and we've never really tried the resorts around my hometown despite the fact that I've been a native there for almost all my life (I've only stayed in Promenade and maybe Shangri-La Hotel when I was a kid). So we decided to stay in one of the high class resorts around my area, which is the Sutera Harbour Hotel.

Surprisingly, my godma somehow is a member there and has a bunch of discount vouchers ready to be used and she offered to give us one of them so we could stay at a discounted price, as well as loaning us her membership card so that we can dine at a discount in any of their hotel's restaurants. It was a great deal, and I've told my dad about us staying for the first few days for R&R at the hotel and then spending the last day with him at his home, and he was cool with it.

After checking in, it was definitely time to take some snapshots around the place.

Shelf for mugs, coffee, tea and the pot

Nice. Our own personal mugs

Wardrobe with all the trimmings

Le sink

See through showers. Talk about privacy

Bath tub! They have a bath tub! All I ever want in a hotel room!

Open blinds so you can watch TV while you soak in the bath tub

Le toilet

Little bathroom shelf complete with its toiletries

Le overall shot, and princess' toys making their mark on the floor

Le desk

Bed! Bed! A kingdom for a bed!

The verandah overlooking the beach

Great chairs to chillax on

Nothing too exciting happened during our R&R, except we had a great time swimming and playing at the beach, and my little princess definitely enjoyed herself getting wet and getting sand-dirty at the same time. Only thing noteworthy about our R&R at the beach was that we were building sandcastles for a while, then all of a sudden a frickin' JET PLANE flew past us at such low altitude, it was almost literally on top of our heads and the sound was SO DAMN LOUD. Princess literally jumped into my arms at the sound and that was as close as I have ever gotten to an actual JET PLANE. Dang!

Staying at my dad's was also not so eventful, but at least we get to have home-cooked food from him, which was delicious as I remembered eating when I was a kid. He still wouldn't stop telling me to lose weight, and it was getting kinda annoying. Basically our banter was like this:

Dad: You should lose weight
Me: What is your obsession with my weight? Don't you care that I'm still alive and well and healthy?
Dad: This has nothing to do with health! This about losing weight!
Me: ..... -_-**

In other words, my dad wants me to be pretty and skinny, more important than being healthy *sigh~~~*

Either way, it's cool. Despite the fact that we had to babysit a little rowdy 2-year-old girl, we had fun and we had more or less a few good days of relaxation. Didn't feel like it was enough though, but it'll have to do.

Hopefully the next time we go back to my hometown for another R&R, we can stay there a little longer than just 3 days 2 nights. That would be cool.
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Amazing Cat-to-People Art (And A Puppy)

Grabbed from

Chinese artist xuediaxun's gijinka cat series turns felines (and one pup) into gorgeous human beings that look straight out of a piece of fine art or an anime. Check em out below: