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I Totes Relate to This...

Illustrated by Lucy Scott

I totes get the feels, woman...
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Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum

My buddy told us in our Whatsapp group chat that the maritime museum that is waaaaay out in the boonies of town is finally and officially open, so of course we'd like to give it a shot and check it out.

Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures inside, just like how the Brunei Museum was, so we had to settle with taking pics from the outside.

They put it like some sort of a fengshui theme with water under the bridge and whatnot and had the miniature design of the water village on either side of the mini bridge, so of course I would take snapshots of it for the cuteness of it all:

Nothing much to say about the inside that is any impressive. Outside the gallery, they have the usual security and receptionist as was the Brunei Museum where you can't bring your phone or bags in and have to be checked in to their designated lockers, which is the reason why I couldn't take any pictures indoors.

Inside the museum is basically stuff that they used to show in Brunei Museum, stuff about sunken treasure found somewhere near the Pacific Sea near our area. So basically, they built this museum just to house all the sunken treasure, relics and artifacts and all the ones that couldn't fit the Brunei Museum.

The only thing I prolly like is the temp display of relics on loan from China and the nice video montage at the entrance of that gallery that portrays the lifestyle of Quanzhou, China, where all the relics were on loan from. There was even a display of pictures of the tomb of the first (or was it the second) Sultan of Brunei who passed away and buried in China. My buddy decided to carry his phone around in his pocket and even stole a shot of one of the immaculate ceramic relics there. Thank goodness we weren't caught, though I had a feeling the CCTV might've caught us.

Ah, well. It's not too impressive, but at least it's a good effort. Kudos to them.
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Can My Dog Eat That?

The Perfect Story of A Boy

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Two Men, One Cloud

Read this amazing article in Buzzfeed just now about Matt Stopera, a Buzzfeed staff who lost his iPhone, discovered that his iCloud was still updating with pictures, and found out that his stolen phone had ended up in China in the hands of an unwitting buyer and ended up becoming a huge foreign celebrity in China and had a bromance with the buyer, affectionately nicknamed Brother Orange.

In fact, they even plan to make this into an actual documentary! I would SO watch it when it's out!

Click here to read the full article. It is just SO adorable and SO sweet~!

The Heartsmith

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My heart has so much FEELS right now