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Gender Parenting

The difference between abuse & neglect and genuine love for a child that may be trans
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Getting The Can Again...

Well, here we go again.

Another job lost.

And on a fucking Monday, no less.

Remember that I wrote last time that I got a new job? Well, sadly, it did not go as well as I had wished it would've lasted.

All because of a stupid fucking raincoat.

I suppose I should get started from the very beginning.

I will admit that I have gotten into slight trouble with my bosses before, because apparently I was caught Skyping and had my Facebook page on my PC when I was called into the office by the bosses. The real deal was that because the PC that I'm using is an Abacus PC (some sort of accounting software system mostly used for travel agencies) and not just a normal office PC, so having any other foreign installments was risky as it may cause the whole PC to fail.

But the problem is the Skype was already there when I was given the PC and I did NOT do any installing of any kind, and when I did use the Skype, I used it to keep in contact with overseas agents to do my job, and I had Facebook open because I wanted to tune in to our office's Facebook page so that if there are any questions by the customers calling in regarding a promotion that we have yet to hear of from the marketing team, I could at least refer to it and give the proper answer. I have NEVER used it to do anything else other than work-related things (if I have anything to Skype that is not related, I'd do it on my phone during lunch break or when necessary), but their mind was already set: I installed it and it is my fault.

They didn't even let me explain myself as they consider it as insubordination. They just said "We saw you, people saw you, we can see it on CCTV. Don't fight with us. Just don't do it again."

And that was the end of the discussion. Not even giving me a chance to explain myself or defend my actions.

And from then on, the lady boss had a single vendetta on me.

When she saw me at my desk doing my work, she gave a stern look and said "What the hell are you doing??" and thankfully my supervisor stepped in and said that I was doing work that she has requested from me. Then I hear her mumbling saying "Give her grunt work then. Don't let her use the PC anymore."

Fine. Then just let me sit there and do nothing and don't give me anymore work to do because apparently THAT IS WHAT MY JOB CONTRACT SAYS I'M SUPPOSE TO DO AND 90% OF MY WORK IS RELIANT ON THE COMPUTER, BITCH!

Then comes the raincoats issue.

It all started when we received a really tall order from the military department that they require our services to give the soldiers our package tours, and OF COURSE they gave a huge number of people to handle, which is about roughly 500++ people.

So I was tasked to prepare enough raincoats for the group, while at the same time set aside enough raincoats as per given to me in my list for the upcoming inbound tours where the China tourist will be coming in during the Chinese New Year to Brunei for our package tours.

After arranging all 14 groups for the military tour, I started setting aside and rearranging raincoats for the inbound tour and realized that there wasn't enough raincoats for their 7 buses team. So I relayed that message to the admin and they got back to me after my lunch saying that I must've calculated it wrong and that I have to do it again because they found it impossible to believe that they have not enough raincoats.

Fine. I gritted my teeth and started over, and ended up coming out the same conclusion: they did not have enough raincoats. I showed it to the admin clerk and told her so, and said the rest after that is their problem because I had a LOT of things to do on my table. They never got back to me after that, except when the military group has been reduced from 14 to 10, so I have to rearrange the raincoats again, but after that there was no issue.

Once the tour for the military was over, which the turn-out wasn't really too good, but still acceptable nonetheless, I received orders that I need to rearrange the raincoats again for the inbound tour since there are extra raincoats that were not used during the tour. And of course, the stupid lady boss ruin my start of the day by commenting on my jacket.

She said, "Can you not tie your jacket around your waist? You think you look nice like that?"

Dude, I know you have a dress code and all, and I know it's within your right to talk about my clothing, but could you not say it in such a rude way that fucking pisses anybody off when you say that. I just gritted my teeth, mumbled "Yes, I do" and went on with my work.

It was later on during the day that it's confirmed, the lady boss has issues with me.

First off, she asked my colleague to tell me to rearrange the raincoats for the inbound tour, which is already rearranged as I could see there is the complete stack right there sitting in the corner, no doubt taken from the extra 4 groups that bailed out from the military tour, so I don't see any reason why there is a need to rearrange them again.

Secondly, she blamed me for dumping plastic bags around the room when it wasn't me and I wasn't there when it happened, and that she can clearly see in CCTV who might have done it.

Thirdly, she expected me to know what particular color she wants for the raincoats (which was yellow) to be rearranged into when no one, not even my colleague, knew or told me anything. And when the admin clerks came in to help out, the lady boss told them "What the heck are you girls doing here? You don't need to do this. Go back to your desks and do your work, let this idiot do it."

WTF, bitch? "Idiot"? You calling me an idiot right in front of my face? That just screams vendetta to me, fucker! Never mind, fine, I gritted my teeth, held my tongue and just did my job without complaint. It wasn't really my place to question her anyways, and I didn't want to start a fight.

It was after I was all finished, and I was tending to my hubby and telling him about my day when the lady boss comes in and told me to hurry up and stop texting and finish the second batch, which I TOTALLY had NO idea that I was supposed to arrange a second batch at all!

Fine, second batch it is.

When I got down to doing the second batch of raincoats, I told her we run out of yellow raincoats and ask what other colours should I use to replace it. She immediately went into defensive mode and said "That's impossible! We have bought more than enough raincoats, especially the yellow ones! How can we run out?"

I tried to placate her by saying that maybe because we used might've used at least some for the military tour, and yet she insisted it's impossible and said, "There is not even a decent turn up, we didn't even use it at all! Go and find it again!"


Though technically it's not my problem since I've already arranged accordingly, if it's anything missing, then it's you guys the tour guides who handled it, not me.

Finally she decided to come see for herself how so-called incompetent and a so-called liar I am. I poured out ALL of the remaining contents, and she dug through it as well along with me and there was clearly proof that there were no more yellow coats. When she saw that I was right, embarrassment turned to denial anger, not satisfied that that I was right and still refuse to admit she was wrong, then she started grumbling, "Just a small thing also you can't do it right. Why is it so hard for you to keep track of one yellow raincoat? Didn't you bring the raincoats up?"

Well, fuck you, I didn't bring those raincoats up. I wasn't the one who took it out of the despatch guy's car and counted them and brought them upstairs. My job was over the moment I've done my part arranging it in the first place for the military tour. You guys are the ones who are supposed to keep track of it during the tour, NOT ME!!

Then the lady boss sister (who was in charge of buying the coats) decided to be a smartass and wanted to butt in also in the reprimanding, and while she helped out in rearranging all the same coloured raincoats together so that we can root out the yellow ones that may be hidden underneath, she nitpicked at every single way I did in trying to rearrange the raincoats, first saying "Please concentrate on one colour", then after that saying "If you find something of the same colour just put them on one side, what are you digging around for that one colour?" FUCK YOU, BITCH, you're not my boss! I only answer to the direct superiors here. You were the one in charge of the raincoats and you were there watching me while I do my work. You KNOW we ran out of raincoats and also certain particular colours, why didn't you come to my aid? Why didn't you admit your fault? Why do you insist yourself that you bought the exact amount of raincoats when the evidence is clearly not, right in front of your stupid FUCKING FACE??

Then while we were putting the finishing touches, the sisters spoke to each other in Taiwan Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) saying "Hmph, better do it ourselves, we can't even trust the hired help to do work properly, don't you agree, sister?" Bitch, just because I don't speak it doesn't mean I don't know how to listen and understand, you morons.

After everything was done, she finally conceded to using a different coloured raincoat to substitute the lack of yellow raincoats. She somehow commented on my body odor, asking me do I bath everyday? Why do I have such a strong scent? Fuck, what does my body odor have anything to do with work?? That is just borderline harassment!

After I finally managed to get down and have my lunch after sacrificing my lunch hour to fix up all these stupid raincoats, I was called up to the office barely after I've finished my food and when I glanced at her hand holding what looks like a payment voucher and a cheque, I knew what was coming. I sat down quietly in the office and hear her say these exact words:

"Today is your last day in the office. Based on your terrible performance today, we cannot keep you anymore. Here's your pay, and you can go home now."

I just nodded, took the cheque and signed the voucher, called my hubs and left the office. I briefly told my supervisor what happened, bid all my colleagues in my office goodbye and left without looking back. Once the reality of me being fired and jobless sunk in, it was as if a plug have been released from my brain and I somehow managed to string out all the words I needed to write for my freelance story while I hung out at my hubs' office waiting for him to finish work. Almost like a weight off my chest somehow.

Of course I told all those who are near and dear to me online and to my friends in the Whatsapp group chat, and they were considerably pissed at my situation. Needless to say both my hubs and my dad in law were pissed too and they wanted me to go to the labour department to lodge a report on my bosses on this issue. Technically I wanted to just leave it alone and get out of that job peacefully, but they wanted my bosses to pay and not get away with it, and also let me get my proper severance pay as per labour law.

Too bad (or maybe luckily, considering my case) we didn't go for the labour department coz after my hubs consulted with his HR colleague, we found out that the bosses are technically within their rights to fire me without notice because due to the fact that I wasn't issued an official employment contract after my 3-months probation period was over, I am considered under extended probation, and such, I can leave or they can fire me without notice. So if I lodge a complaint, while I might win the dignity war, I won't win the monetary war, and I won't get my pay either way. And worse, I might even be redlisted from future employments because future employers might be hesitant to hire me if they know I have a tendency to tell on my bosses.

It's cool, I got my last month's pay, and I got a pretty decent severance pay for working for the first two days of this month, so yeah, I'm not gonna complain much. Now I just want to concentrate on my writing, earn my keep for now and put job-hunting on hold while I recuperate from this crappy ordeal.

In fact, I wouldn't be sure I wanna find a job any time soon...

I could never hold a job for more than a year these days...

I'm prolly jinxed.

So what's the point...?
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