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5 More Months to Go...

Been feeling much better now than my last update. Finally managed to eat better and slightly more than usual, and not much of the buggy hurling feeling, but it might come back from time to time, especially when I'm too hungry or too full, so I have to eat frequently with just the right amount of food to not make myself sick.

Yesterday, finally managed to get myself registered for second pregnancy to the gov clinic, as well as getting my BRUHIM card. Here in Brunei, they implemented some sort of mass medical database system called BRUHIM for easier tracking of patients, regardless if you're a citizen, PR or foreigner (though provided said foreigner is married to a citizen or PR), and when I was preggers with my princess, they have yet to implement the system so I was never really registered into their database, so it's sorta mandatory to have a BRUHIM card unless you wanna spend the rest of your life spending wads of cash in the private sector. With this registration done, it would be slightly easier on the wallet since medical here in Brunei is free with the occasional payments for specialized treatments and meds, and we don't have to spend almost $100++ on private clinics. Granted private clinics are slightly more reliable and personalized than the mass production of gov hospitals and clinics, and their meds are slightly better and stronger than regular ol' gov-issued meds, but in light of Jr No2's arrival which might take a toll on our wallet, it's better if we go for free medication for now.

Today was my first register booking/routine checkup, and I got up with an absolutely full bladder to the point of bursting that I almost forgot I was supposed to hold it in for my routine urine test. Thankfully I drank enough on the way to produce just enough to do a test. The clinic seems to have forgone their queue system and resorted to calling names, but it's no big. When the nurse called to do the urine test, us mommies all lined up to take our test strip and dipped it into our pee under the nurse's supervision. It seems that they have also forgone self-testing as well coz of the possible human error, so the nurse would stand next to us with the colour guide and advised us to memorize the test result for the call-in later. My urine carried slight traces of ketone, apparently, and the first thing the nurse said was "Drink more water". Apparently carrying a bottle around 24/7 and sipping till I feel so bloated is not enough to replenish my bodily fluids somehow.

Inside the room, the nurse asked all the standard routine questions to add into their database, and she got to meet my girl who is pretty much manhandling my hubs with her boisterous attitude. She complimented on how well my girl could speak and said she is sure to pass her 3-year-old check up, which is pretty much on her appointment book on November, so there's that. A sense of pride welled up inside me at the thought of it, making me feel that I didn't do so bad as a mom.

Then the routine fetus heart rate was done, and my curious girl was pestering my hubs to take her through the curtain to see. The nurse humorously let her in, and she was able to feast her eyes on this odd noisy gadget that was hovering around her mommy's belly. The nurse initially was able to locate Jr No2, but almost a split second lost it as apparently Jr No2 didn't exactly enjoy the intrusion and switched places, and the nurse jokingly said that they're swimming around in there. LOL

The nurse asked me about the visits I've made to the private clinic, and saw the due date that was estimated by the doc, and she checked her own calender and more or less agreed with the doc's estimation. That was a bit of a sigh of relief, though I wouldn't be too sure until I actually go get my official gov doc appointment. Hopefully they don't have any discrepancies either. She also asked me if I were taking any vitamins from the private clinic and I told her about the multi-vitamin that she had prescribed for me that has been making constantly sick, so she gave me the familiar folic acid pills and told me to take those and discontinue taking the multi-vitamins. Hurray! My tummy is saved!

After everything is cleared, including my blood pressure, since I have already done a blood test via the private doc, the only thing I was required to do was give them a urine sample test, which I have to drop off this Saturday at their clinic, so there's that, and my first official gov doc's appointment would be next Tuesday morning, so it's gonna be another couple of early mornings for me, not that I haven't really been waking up early these days, no thanks to our old maid going off for her one-month mandatory off and having to supervise the new part-time maid (at the same time, help around the house whenever I can and also babysit my 2nd sis-in-law's brats), who sorta almost caused a bit of a ruckus and almost fired her of sorts, but that is another story to tell for another day.

I came home and did a little research on ketone in urine after that routine check-up, and it turns out that ketone is a waste by-product produced wen your body, instead of sugar n glucose, uses your body fat reserves to convert to energy. You know one of those ketosis weight-loss regime where people go on a low-carb, hi-fat diet? Yeah, that's what happens to your body if there is no carb to burn, so they burn your fat instead to give your body energy, thus help you lose weight.

Apparently the reasons for ketone being in there in my urine is 1) My body is converting my fat reserves into energy instead of the usual sugar and glucose and 2) Due to dehydration. So basically my body is saying that I need to eat more and drink more, especially food with more carbs. No wonder the nurse told me to "drink more water" and my weight hasn't been gaining much; my body has been eating up all my fat! Even though I don't really feel physically that I've lost any weight, but the scale doesn't lie, as I've been maintaining a weight of between 70 and 71kg this past month. Sadly there's not much in the house to eat except junk food, and I don't wanna eat junk food, its bad for our health, and I can't exactly eat instant noodles, coz of the preservatives in it that might fuck us both up, so it looks like I will have to be creative in making my own snacks.

On the plus side, it gives me a reason to have midnight snacks, coz apparently I cannot go for more than 3 to 4 hours without munching on something if I wanna keep my carbs in check, and having a midnight snack before bed would help my body reduce the ketosis process.

You learn something new everyday, I suppose.

4 months down, 5 more months to go...
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Going Through The Worst

Hey, guys. Just a teeny update about me and my journey through surviving Jr No2, LOL

As you all know, things have worked up one month earlier and I have been trying my best to soldier through it for the first trimester. The hurling, the dizziness, the constant feeling of nausea with or without eating, the works. I raised my concerns to my OBGYN doc and knowing that Hari Raya was coming soon and there would bound to be a lot of open houses, she issued me some nausea pills and gastric pills (for my tendency to vomit stomach acid when I'm hungry) to be taken when necessary, so I figured it's one of those pills that cannot be taken regularly or it might hurt the baby. I choose days when my mom in law decides to cook something special or if we were invited for open houses to take them. Other than that, I just weather it through.

During the months where I can't exactly eat as much as I would like, and trying to weather my morning sickness through, I've been drowning myself in food porn and mukbang vids (the Japanese kind) to substitute for my inability to eat. Shows like Masterchef Junior, anime-s like Food War and YouTubers like Yuka Kinoshita while eating sad meals like soda crackers, peanut butter sandwiches and drinking warm plain water was the only thing that made me feel so much better, like as if I'm living vicariously through them...

The worst is over now, more or less, but the morning sickness would still strike once in a while, especially if I don't control my food intake and make myself too full, or if I eat something that my delicate stomach has yet to get used to. So far, the only thing that I can handle with ease is eating noodles, which seemed to digest easily and quickly without a fuss in my belly, and it seems to be the only thing I crave a lot the most, and also meat, especially red meat, but only if it were cooked the dry way, like fried, grilled or baked. I'm slowly being able to handle food that has gravy, but not as much as I hoped for. Hopefully as time passed to my fourth month, my stomach can handle more food.

Decided to tell my bestie in KL about the good news, at the same time wish her daughter happy birthday at the same time and it turns out that she is pregnant too! She's about a couple weeks later than I am (her due date is somewhere late Feb, while mine is in mid-Feb), so we were somehow coincidentally pregger buddies! LOL Before that, I was sort of pregger buddies with my eldest sis in law when she's preggers with her youngest, now it's my bestie. LOL What are the odds? XDDD

Cravings are kicking in, and it seems that I get more cravings than I used to. But at least my cravings are not the desperate kind, it can wait until the opportune day for me to eat it, and not like some pregger women who wants to have it like NOW, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, RIGHT THIS SECOND OR I WILL DIE, that kind of craving. LOL

Did my blood test as well, all is well. I was a little worried that I might get a bit of an unfavourable result, like saying that I have high blood pressure or hypertension or low blood pressure or diabetes or whatever, but so far I'm good. Although I get thirsty rather easily these days, so yeah, I keep a bottle of warm water in my room just in case.

Here's the new ultrasound pic of Jr No2, with the head and spine visible, as well as their stomach and their limbs, and they can move and twitch around now. So cute!

12 weeks

Will keep you guys updated more once the time comes~
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Mr Stork Paid a Visit Again

Whelp, been quite a while since I've updated myself, though technically nothing really huge has happened in my life other than the usual mundane semi-housewife life and trying to also enjoy my own me-time with my buddies ever since I got laid off from my crappy job at the tour company I worked with.

Well, as you can tell from the title of this blog, you can prolly guess it. Yup, I'm going to be a mom again.

Heh, well, it wasn't exactly planned or anything. It somehow just happened, well, of course doing it without protection prolly had a hand in that as well, but hey.

Originally I had no reason to suspect that I was pregnant, coz I had my occasional late period that doesn't exactly come on time. It was on the day where my buddy and I went out for our lunch date where we wanna eat big before the big fasting month comes by (apparently the big guys at the religious department has outlawed eating in public, even for the non-Muslims, like as if they have no faith in their own people's strength to resist temptation), so we went to Funshabu-shi to try their All-You-Can-Eat sushi and shabu-shabu offer.

Later that evening, when I went out with my hubs to watch a movie (kinda forgot what it was), I was feeling rather nauseous and had to go hurling in the toilet. My hubs was suspicious that I might be pregnant, while I was more worried about food poisoning. But since I wasn't having diarrhea, fever or stomach pains, I assumed I must've been too bloated and had too much for lunch, which contributed to my purging.

But when my nausea hadn't really subsided even after a few days later (no hurling, just a bit of dry heaving), I was starting to suspect maybe my hubs was right. So one morning, before I gave my girl her morning shower, I borrowed her potty to do my business. Keeping my fingers crossed, I tested it with the pregnancy test and uh-oh! There we go. Positive result.

My hubs was always been a little adverse to having a second child due to financial concerns, even though my gut instincts have always been telling me that I feel like I'm ready, so when I saw the positive result, I was kinda terrified that my hubs might be mad at me. Gritting my teeth, I took a pic of the positive result and WhatsApp-ed it to my hubs, asking him not to be mad at me. He wasn't mad, more like resigned to it, since there is nothing we could do about it, but I was still worried that he might blame me or be angry with me for not being careful or whatnot. He assured me that he was also the guilty party as well, and there is no one to blame.

Later that evening, we went to the doctors to get a second opinion. Originally I wanted to go to the clinic where I had my little princess, but unfortunately it was a Saturday and they do not open on Saturday nights, so we went across the street to the alternative clinic choice that opens on Saturday night and had my second opinion. After telling her when was my last period and all the other standard questions, we did the pee test again and it was confirmed 100%. After calculating the date, apparently I got pregnant on the day I went back to KK to chill and visit my dad. LOL! Yup, we hit the jackpot right there. Guess we got more than we bargained for during our chillaxin!

Neways, everything that had happened to me when I was pregnant with my princess during the first trimester was back with a vengeance, and WAY ahead of schedule. With my princess, I only started having morning sickness during my 2nd month, but with this Jr No.2, I had it earlier on the first month, on that fateful day I thought I was having food poisoning. And my nose had become sensitive ahead of schedule too, and I could only eat dry foods and certain type of fluids. Dairy is a no-no, and eggs have to be cooked in a certain way so that I wouldn't hurl (which is omellete style). And I somehow have a thing for meat, but only if it's cooked dried, like fried or grilled with no gravy. Everything else goes bye-bye down the toilet.

And unlike feeling nauseous if I eat, I feel nauseous now even if I DON'T eat. If I don't eat, the hunger pangs and stomach acid build up will make me vomit, but if I eat too much, I will vomit as well. So I can only eat little, frequent meals, just enough to tide me over, and only dry foods.

Had taken my first antenatal checkup with my doc and everything went well, considering my weird diet. Her gear is a little old school, as in there is no big screen to hook up to see the ultrasound, so I had to crane my neck to look at the ultrasound machine itself to see it, but so far, the doc said it's perfectly healthy, with a nice heartbeat and all that.Here's a pic of my little Jr No.2:

8 weeks and 3 days!

All in all, I have to be careful now, especially when trying to manhandle my boisterous little girl. She must've sensed that there will be a change soon because she was starting to get a little clingy, but I might be able to sigh a small relief coz she will be starting school next year, so at least I can slightly focus on looking after Jr No.2 when they're born.

Wish me luck!
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Chillin' in My Hometown

Heya guys, sorry for the LONG hiatus on my personal update, but things have been going on and I only then found the time to actually sit down to post something.

Nothing much has been going on these days, except one, which I will talk about it in my next post, but I would like to share with you guys the day we went back to my hometown in May for a SUPER belated CNY to meet up with my dad.

Technically it's more like an R&R session, coz my hubs needed the rest after long months of project working and all that (which was the reason why we couldn't find the time to go back to my hometown to visit my dad for CNY), and we've never really tried the resorts around my hometown despite the fact that I've been a native there for almost all my life (I've only stayed in Promenade and maybe Shangri-La Hotel when I was a kid). So we decided to stay in one of the high class resorts around my area, which is the Sutera Harbour Hotel.

Surprisingly, my godma somehow is a member there and has a bunch of discount vouchers ready to be used and she offered to give us one of them so we could stay at a discounted price, as well as loaning us her membership card so that we can dine at a discount in any of their hotel's restaurants. It was a great deal, and I've told my dad about us staying for the first few days for R&R at the hotel and then spending the last day with him at his home, and he was cool with it.

After checking in, it was definitely time to take some snapshots around the place.

Shelf for mugs, coffee, tea and the pot

Nice. Our own personal mugs

Wardrobe with all the trimmings

Le sink

See through showers. Talk about privacy

Bath tub! They have a bath tub! All I ever want in a hotel room!

Open blinds so you can watch TV while you soak in the bath tub

Le toilet

Little bathroom shelf complete with its toiletries

Le overall shot, and princess' toys making their mark on the floor

Le desk

Bed! Bed! A kingdom for a bed!

The verandah overlooking the beach

Great chairs to chillax on

Nothing too exciting happened during our R&R, except we had a great time swimming and playing at the beach, and my little princess definitely enjoyed herself getting wet and getting sand-dirty at the same time. Only thing noteworthy about our R&R at the beach was that we were building sandcastles for a while, then all of a sudden a frickin' JET PLANE flew past us at such low altitude, it was almost literally on top of our heads and the sound was SO DAMN LOUD. Princess literally jumped into my arms at the sound and that was as close as I have ever gotten to an actual JET PLANE. Dang!

Staying at my dad's was also not so eventful, but at least we get to have home-cooked food from him, which was delicious as I remembered eating when I was a kid. He still wouldn't stop telling me to lose weight, and it was getting kinda annoying. Basically our banter was like this:

Dad: You should lose weight
Me: What is your obsession with my weight? Don't you care that I'm still alive and well and healthy?
Dad: This has nothing to do with health! This about losing weight!
Me: ..... -_-**

In other words, my dad wants me to be pretty and skinny, more important than being healthy *sigh~~~*

Either way, it's cool. Despite the fact that we had to babysit a little rowdy 2-year-old girl, we had fun and we had more or less a few good days of relaxation. Didn't feel like it was enough though, but it'll have to do.

Hopefully the next time we go back to my hometown for another R&R, we can stay there a little longer than just 3 days 2 nights. That would be cool.
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Amazing Cat-to-People Art (And A Puppy)

Grabbed from

Chinese artist xuediaxun's gijinka cat series turns felines (and one pup) into gorgeous human beings that look straight out of a piece of fine art or an anime. Check em out below:

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