Friday, December 26, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

Are You Satisfied with Your Care?



Wait, wait, lemme just take a deep breath and start from the beginning...

Xmas and Boxing Day has passed and I finally have the time to give you a new update on my life. Things have been going monotonously as usual, with my little princess entertaining me in between. As I have mentioned before, I'm currently working in a tour company after that trip to Bali, no thanks to people who are too nosy for their own good. Slowly easing into the work, and I'm learning as I go. There have been ups and downs in my days of work, but nothing so far that I can't handle.

The only peeve at the moment is that my bosses have decided long before I came in to work in this company that they were going to do a Chinese New Year tour package to go to either Taiwan or Xiamen, China. By far, the Taiwan doesn't have much of a problem, since the only choice is either you want to go for a 4-star or a 5-star class tour, whereas the Xiamen, China is divided into 6 pit-stops, which is:
  1. Fuzhou+Xiamen
  2. Quanzhou+Fuzhou+Xiamen Deluxe Tour
  3. Putian+Xiamen
  4. Chaosan+Xiamen
  5. Yongding Hakka Earth Tower+Xiamen
  6. Jinmen+Xiamen
By far there haven't been any problems, but seeing that there have been a lack of sales, our lady boss asked us to divide and conquer the brochure designing department and try to redesign and edit the itinerary so that it would attract more customers. I somehow ended up getting the most complicated pit-stop packages (the first 2 in the list), because I ended up having the most changes, especially when my lady boss decided to forgo the Quanzhou part of the deluxe tour and end up basically selling two of the same tours, but with just a slightly better itinerary, better food and better hotel, which is pretty redundant anyway if you ask me because why would we wanna pay extra to go pretty much the same place anyways? And what's worse, she was never satisfied with the changes even though we've followed it to the letter. It's as if she could never make up her mind what exactly does she wants in her brochure.

So I had to change it again.

And again.

And again.

I practically lost count as to how many things she wants me to edit and change, but the recent changes she hadn't complained or edited much, not like the last few times where I had to stand for almost more than 30 minutes next to her just watching her striking and scribbling onto my hard work. Ugh! And on top of that, it looks like there will be no CNY holidays for me as I, along with a few other colleagues of mine, might be recruited to become tour leaders for some of the pit stop tours as well as Taiwan tour, and this will be my first CNY not spent with the family and have to break the age-old tradition of family reunion on the first day, as the tour starts on the first day of CNY and ends on the fifth day (19-23rd). On one hand, it's almost like business trip of sorts, where I can have a small leeway for leisure, but on the other hand, I won't get to be with my family. My hubs is none too happy about it, but there is only so much I can protest without getting myself fired, so there's that.

At least, we had Xmas off, so as per tradition, we have Xmas open house for close family and friends. Technically there was supposed to be a company Xmas lunch, but I couldn't attend due to the open house, and I wasn't missing out much anyways, because apparently those who are seniors in the company get to have their bonuses early this year, whereas I'm still new to the company, so I'm not losing out on anything.

A few weeks before Xmas, we did our Xmas shopping and started off with buying gifts for the kids (despite my inhibitions about Xmas being WAY too commercialized). I was hoping to maybe get Baymax plush for Xmas, but from my Hawaiian chat friend, Toys R Us usually don't sell plush, mostly action figures, so I didn't have much high hopes the first time we dropped by at Toys R Us to survey. Then on the second day, as we brought along the brochure that the kids have marked what they wanted to get for Xmas beforehand, we went back to Toys R Us when I noticed this:

OMFG! They have Baymax plush for sale! At a bargain price in fact! And sure enough, when we went there, my hubs tried to tease me that there is "nothing there to see", but when I went there anyways, sure as hell there they are, my Xmas Holy Grail!!

*cue church choir music*

I was so excited and I just latched onto one of them almost immediately, not wanting to let go. And they have a speech function on the button where his data storage is supposed to be and when I pressed, it came out was "Are you satisfied with your care?" YES!! OMFG, YES, I'M FUCKING SATISFIED!! LEMME TAKE YOU HOME!!

We bought it, amongst other things for the kids and had them nicely wrapped, and I counted the days till I can finally open the present. After the usual Xmas lunch and dinner, I finally got my present and opened it. We picked a brand new, never tested one off the shelf, so I have to remove the safety tag out of it. After carefully cutting out the fasteners, I took my bootiful Baymax out of the box and pressed the button, and heard his first and most famous catchphrase: "Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion".


My heart just melted there and then. He has a number of phrases (Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion; On the scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?; I will scan you now; Are you satisfied with your care?; Excuse me while I let out some air; and Tadashi is here) and 2 sound effects (exploding sound and deflating sound), and he sounds exactly like the real deal! I cuddled him to bed right there and then that night.


Even this afternoon, when I came home for my 2-hour lunch break and cuddled Baymax, then played the series of phrases, and heard him say "Tadashi is here", all my FEELS just came crashing down on me and as I hug Baymax, his soft plushie exterior just melted my heart and I could feel myself tearing up because I almost feel like he was right there, hugging me, comforting me, loving me...

Oh my adorable little Baymax, I will never part with you for all the fortunte in the world, and thank you, hubby, for buying me this AWESOME gift!