Thursday, October 30, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

My Hub's Business Trip

Heya, guys. It's been a while since I've updated anything long and good, so I decided to share something that is not based on my experience, but based on my hubs' experience. I got his permission to post this, and it's something too good to pass up not to share ;)

My hubs went to Taiwan on a training trip, and when I heard about Taiwan, I suddenly thought about my extended family on my mom's side who lives there. I wanted to join him as well but unfortunately the time is a little too short and he's a little worried about me trying to attempt to reconnect with my extended family on my own, and also coz our little princess can't come along due to her being too young even if I can go with him, so I had to forgo that thought and let him go.

His week-long trip was a couple of days in Taiwan for the training, then the rest of the week was spent at Hong Kong, somehow surprisingly during the midst of all this political election protests and stuff. And while he was there, he continued to keep in touch with me through WhatsApp and sent me some pretty awesome photos.

Here are some photos he shared with me:

Airport shots

Pics of his hotel room in Li Du...

...equipped with special toilet bowls that have controls to wash your ass LOL

More extra shots of his room in Li Du

Outdoor shots through the airplane window while he's flying off to Hong Kong

A gift from the kids that welcomed him during his training

Shots of the protesters that were slightly stationed nearby his hotel in Hong Kong

His uber cramped single room during his stay in Hong Kong

If you squint your eyes, you'll be able to see the fire on the billboard that my hubs managed to catch

Had to buy an extra suitcase for himself to fit all the extra stuff he got

Souvenirs that he got for me
We were very happy when he got home, though of course my princess hesitated a little to approach him since it's been a week since she met him, but overall, we're a happy family again, and I hope if he ever leaves for another business trip, it wouldn't be that long.

I really, really missed him during the week-long absence, and while everyone says I have my princess to accompany me, it just doesn't feel the same without him around.

Home sweet home, my lovely hubby~!
Sunday, October 26, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

My Opinion Matters

This was actually in the paper a couple months ago. I just thought I'd share. It's the one that says "Overhead bridge needed close to Hua Ho Bunut".

It was during the time when I was still working at the air-conditioning store and I was kinda complaining about it with my buddies in our WhatsApp group chat about how I often go for lunch and all that, and I remembered that my buddy works at the local newspaper company and he gave me the email to let me voice out my opinion.

And apparently they published it, and my friend took a pic to show it to me. Go figures. I guess they do value our opinions somehow LOL