Monday, September 15, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

A New Job

Got me a new job again.

Ever since I got canned, I have been enjoying my unemployment life for quite a while, doing my freelance writing at the same time and just basically loving the night owls and sleeping in life everyday. I was worried that since my body clock has adjusted for work, I won't be able to stay up late, but apparently adjusting into night owl life was easier than I expected.

Then came the call.

After that trip to Bali, my hubs' ex-colleague who represented the tour group found out about me not working and decided to stick her nose into business where she shouldn't and asked if I were interested in working in her company. I was perfectly fine with returning back to my unemployed days and also earning much more for my writing than a normal dead end job, but she had to be the stickler and ruin my fun.

Anyways, I went in for the interview just to hear them out and humor her. Turns out they wanted to hire someone who could do web design, which unfortunately wasn't my forte. Then it turns out they also had another vacancy, which is as an admin assistant, which is prolly one of my work strengths since I've been doing office work in most of my line of career. They were really pushing for me to accept their offer, as if they're desperate to have new staff around to fill in their shoes, and since office work shouldn't be too hard, and I DO need the money just in case my freelance writing comes to an end (I hate it when my in-laws make sense when I tried to argue that I already have this job), so I accepted their offer.

There are three levels in this company: the ground floor reserved for ticketing and booking, which is cold as hell since their air-conditioning is cranked up to 11 out of 10, and called the freezer level; the first floor, which consist of tour bookings and visa paperwork, which is where I work (under the admin) and where my hubs' ex-colleague work (under the tour planning), and within our admin office inside, there is the corporate ticketing department where people book high-end tickets for the upper classes, and our doors are always opened, so air-conditioning cools the room up just enough, so we're the sort of sauna level; and finally the second floor where the conference room and the boss' domain is, and apparently strikes fear into a lot of people, and only people with the strong will dare to venture up there and always end up being the ones who has to pass the message to the top unless absolutely necessary for said person to be present face to face, and there the air-conditioning is almost never on, and it gives off the dark and gloomy and toasty feeling since it's all au-naturale, and that will be the furnace level.

My job title is as tour coordinator assistant, but it feels like I'm basically everybody's lackey because they're always giving me something to do, sort of. So far, I'm into my second week of work. It's not too hard, or maybe they're just trying to clue me in and ease me into the job before introducing me into the big leagues, but the best part about this job is I get along with my staff. Apparently there is a whole lotta J-s in this company, me (Judith) with Jocee, Jia Yuan, Jia Wei and Julie, amongst others that were in the admin team. There is one girl who just started in July, and another one who just started at the corporate ticketing section. There is a tour guide named Alli under our admin department as well who specialize in in-bound tours and he was EXACTLY the spitting image of my kismesis when I was working at my old job in Telnet! Even his attitude was EXACTLY similar, it's almost heading towards the uncanny valley! No one seems to like him or his attitude, but I know exactly how to handle him, since I faced it almost everyday back in my old job.

I have officially found my kismesis' doppelganger.

At one point, I was actually being called in as back-up tour guide (which is part of my job scope) during the Asean Pacific Communications Meeting (or something like that), and those VIP minister tend to have last minute requests and we do not have enough man power. I was supposed to do a water village tour for a couple of ministers, including the Minister of Bhutan, which a lot of my colleagues say is not someone to be trifled with, not because he's scary or demanding, but he's a bit of a holy man, and I should expect treading over eggshells with this guy. When I was waiting for him to arrive, the Minister of Tuvalu came along with his wife and assistant and our local liaison officer for the tour and when the Bhutan minister hasn't arrived in a while, I asked the LO to give them a call while I distract the Tuvalu minister with random chitchat. Apparently no one bothered to update the LO about the Bhutan minister already done the water village tour, and the Tuvalu minister jokingly asked if we knew any swear words in Bhutan to scold him. LOL!

It was good clean fun. I had to recall my days doing tour way back when during my Sunshine Borneo Tour days, and I let the LO do her part in filling in the blanks that I (secretly) don't know, but overall, it was a satisfying tour for the minister. When they wanted to do their souvenir shopping, they invited me along, and I got to sit in a BG car!! Dude, you gaiz~! I sat in a BG car~!! A BG car is basically a government-sanctioned minister car for foreign dignitaries who come to visit the country, and I got to go at the FRONT SEAT! Woohoo! Best of all, we had police escorts, so there is no traffic problem, and if there is, one honk from the police escort and everyone will make way, no questions asked! I finally am in the VIP shoes! LOL And on my 3rd day of work too!

I still had to keep up my duties as a tour guide/babysitter and follow them around wherever they needed to go, and gave the Tuvalu minister a hand in souvenir-shopping. He only had one arm (his left), so I had to help him out while at the same time act natural about his missing limb and not offend him by asking stupid questions. The LO tried her luck by pretending that our local minister is the one curious about his arm, but he changed the subject and didn't answer, so I suppose it's a sensitive subject for him. Thankfully I didn't try that, or he would've had me shot. LOL Didn't get any tips though, but at least he treated me to dinner.

Other than this little misadventure, everything else was just the usual showing up in the office and doing paperwork, mostly the occasional visas that need to be made. So far, I was trained to do Taiwan and China visas, though not sure what else do I need to learn about visas in the future, and I've been spending the whole week filling up entry visa and liquor forms for Jia Yuan for an upcoming Rotary Chartered and Golf Tournament from Taiwan. Man, my wrists are killing me!

Hopefully I have a nice and slightly longer employment and more luck with this current job than my previous ones. Here's to hoping!