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Bali Company Trip-Day 3

Started this morning pretty drained because apparently we were quite at it like rabbits, not sure if it were really the effects of the ginseng coffee or not. Our tour starts a little late at 9am since we are forgoing a few scheduled morning temples in favour for shopping. I took about forty winks each time we went on some place new to shop, but I figured I might as well stay awake until we get to our actual tour destination coz it'll take an hour to get there, enough time to have a proper nap.

First shopping centre we went to was a specialized swimwear and trinkets store. As I had in mind, I wanted to get myself a new bigger-sized swimming suit coz the one that I have, I sorta underestimated the chubbiness of my body and bought a size smaller than I should (either that or I was fooled by the cutting to believe it would fit me). I looked around and saw that there was a perfect backless swimsuit, XL size and when I tried it (secretly, of course, since we are technically not allowed to try bikini and that swimsuit is categorized as a bikini), it fit perfectly. And it's pink! My favourite colour! Unfortunately I remembered that no thanks to the Syariah law in Brunei, there is no way in hell I'll be able to wear this swimsuit ever in public unless I go out on trips, and we all know how rare those chances are due to our middle-class lifestyle, so I had to forgo it no matter how much I love it. I didn't leave empty handed though; I found a one-piece sleeveless dress that I have been looking for and wanting to get like so forever ago since I caught sight of it way back when.

Second shopping centre was a proper shopping boutique mall, and of course as usual we got ourselves clothes that strikes our fancy. Seeing the kids wear section, we couldn't resist wanting to shop for our little princess. We bought her a couple of dresses and a shirt and a super, duper cute pajama that I absolutely love. Then I decided to go downstairs and try my luck in looking for my swimsuit. Luckily I saw a rack full of plus size swimsuits that were sort of a one-piece kind. There was one which I love the design, but it was a 4XL and there are the simple patterns that were L sizes. I decided to try both to see which is better. Surprisingly both sizes fit me just fine, with the L size a little bit snug, but not tight, and the 4XL fits perfectly on me. After deliberating between the two, I decided to take the 4XL to be on the safe side. I like the design anyhow. We hung back later just killing time while the younger members of the gang went to the ground floor salon to do a little nail and hair pampering. It was until almost time to leave that I realized that they offer waxing services. I could've used a bit of arm pit and/or Brazilian wax, but ah well, no big deal.

After satisfying our shopping cravings, we went on our way to do our actual official tour. It was another hour and a half to get to our lunch area, which was on another mountain top at a hilltop restaurant called Pacung. We had to walk all the way down to the second bottom level of the restaurant to get to our eating spot, and as usual, we had buffet lunch, in which the menu is more or less the same as the one we had on Mt. Batur. Food was alright, but the scenery was amazing. We are situated facing a lush rice paddy mountain field and it was actually kinda chilly due to the altitude. We forgot our jackets, but thanks goodness I brought our sarongs just in case we need them to enter the temples because, well, you know, temples. Snug warmly in the sarong, we enjoyed our food and went trigger-happy on our cameras taking pictures everywhere, and also I managed to go online long enough to chat with my online brother Luke to let him know where I am as well as to gloat LOL

Our nice view during lunch

Anyhow, after our lunch, we were finally on our way to our first official destination, which is the Holy Monkey Forest. It was about 40 mins drive down from where we were, and again, I caught a bit of shut eye to recharge before we reach there. Apparently in Bali, the main religion is Hindu despite all the locals there being Indonesian, and there were a lot of Hindu-themed designs even on the residential houses and they even have their own family temples to do their prayers in. Once we were there, we were greeted with the funny full nude statue of a monkey and once we enter, we see full view monkeys everywhere, just a step pace away from the nearest person. It was amazing. They're still a little hesitant to come near you and touch you, but they are not camera shy and don't mind pointing you pointing your camera at them to take their picture, just so long as you don't get up on their face too close.

Monkey statue that greets us. Wonder if we'll meet Sun Wukong aka Goku in there? LOL

I spy with my little eye...a monkey!

Entrance to the forest

Entering the forest now...

First monkey in sight

All them monkeys, so close!

Yet another monkey statue

Looks like a sort of resting hut. Doesn't look like a temple or anything

More monkey shots

We were warned that most of these monkeys have itchy fingers, so we have to make sure to keep our easy-to-reach belongings like sunglasses, glasses, cameras and phones on our person at all times. There was one very interesting monkey that actually clung onto one of the tourists who was dressed in red and her boyfriend because they were given food to feed the monkeys by the caretakers (Raka warned us not to accept caretakers' monkey food just in case the monkeys get all hanky-panky on us, especially when one of us have a child along with us). It was so cute when the monkey clung onto the boyfriend's pants and the lady's red dress end asking for seconds of the food, and apparently it was a pregnant monkey, which makes her look pretty large. We were brought by the caretaker to a public mini field where the monkeys run free and we saw a number of antics by those monkeys, including fighting for a mate, Alpha Male exhibiting dominance over a baby monkey, a brief monkey mating session and the usual monkey lapping up food and cute monkey grooming.

Field of monkeys

Om nom nom nom...

Look! Social grooming!

The Beta monkey of the pack

Them monkeys doing stuff monkeys do

Can I haz another nut?

Bunny ears for you!

Ooh~! Kinky~!

Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here

What are you looking at, humans?


We continued to be led around the area to see monkeys and take their pictures. There was one very funny incident where a tourist lady told her son to pose in front of a monument, and while he was posing, two little baby monkeys decided to photo-bomb him by sitting behind him on either side on the monument. The face on that boy's face was priceless XD We were then led to a photography session area where we can take photos with snakes and/or fruit bats, which were pretty huge ass fruitarian bats as big as the ones I've seen in a lot of FB pictures. Snake pics have been done to death, so I opted to take pictures holding the fruit bat instead. We were given a Bali headdress and one of the fruit bats named Charo and posed for the camera. They charge extra if we use their photographers and their framing, so we opted for the cheaper alternative which is to take our own picture and we pay for using their "prop" LOL


Them fruit bats

Fighting for territory

Close up shot

No, son, don't go too near the humans

Tourist trap!

Just chillaxin here with my nuts

Of course no tour guiding is complete without being suckered into going to their souvenir shop. According to the caretaker, they have about 200++ stores to choose from and was led to her store. Since we were there and she needed to make money somehow, we decided to buy some stuff from her, but of course, we had to bargain with her to get a better, cheaper price for the small amount of items we were buying (we bought a clothes set for our princess and a pair of couple faces fridge magnets).

Random shots

Then we went all the way to Tanah Lot Temple, which was highly recommended by Raka. Though technically it looked more like a souvenir shop district and less of a holy temple area once we got down. Our dinner spot is just within the Tanah Lot area, so we plan to rendezvous at the dinner spot in about one and a half hour while we made our way to the end of the road where the actual temple is. The temple was facing the beach, and unfortunately we cannot enter unless for prayers, so we had to settle with taking pics from the outside. We made our way to the beach area as well and also took a whole bunch of shots here and there, which included standing on high rocks to get the best vantage shot (damn slippery too and I would've slipped if my new shoes didn't have the friction I needed to keep my balance) and I also took some videos to see how awesome the sea waves were when they crashed against the rocks we were standing on.

Whole stretch of shops leading towards the temple

Our dinner spot

Entrance to the temple facing the beach

Shall I pose for the camera?

Random beautiful shots

Not sure what deity is this, but he looks pretty cool

Signboard of the entrance

Prayer altar or something, but we're not allowed to enter to investigate

Got a lot of people today

More shots of the temple

Tons of beach shots

Interesting concave

Mossy looking plants

Are you photoing my butt?

We walked around the beach and was lucky that it was low tide that we can walk around the sea bed grounds. They look kinda black, so it made me wonder whether or not this place used to be run over by hot volcanic lava or anything. There were two little caves opposite each other, one having the sign "Holy Snake" and the other is "Holy Spring Water". The spring water had quite a long line there where people both local and tourists alike come to receive blessings. It looked interesting, but we decided not to partake because we were pressing for time and the line looked pretty long. Another few more snapshots later, we trekked our way back to the rendezvous point.

Beach shots

Weird pod like things

Temple up the hill

Someone taking wedding pics. Ahh, reminds me of mine...

More beach shots

Look at that cute couple

Thank goodness for low tide

Holy spring

People lining up to be blessed

More shots

More concave pits


The perfect shot

An interesting sight awaits us when we saw our gang hanging around at the temporary henna tattoo stand which was situated right outside our dining spot. Of course I would not pass up the chance to try one of their tattoos. I couldn't find the one I want, so I settled for the simple next best thing and said we will return to have our tattoos done (for those who haven't had theirs done yet) after dinner. Funnily enough, our dinner was kinds super slow and we waited for almost half an hour just for our soup to arrive, and we knew the guy was gonna close shop soon., so we decided to just go get the tattoos done while waiting for dinner to arrive.

I had my tattoo done on the back of my neck since I was wearing a T-shirt and am in no position to lift my shirt up and expose more skin than I'm allowed to, and we had to wait for at least 30 minutes for the ink to dry, so I had to keep my hair up and lower the back of my collar as much as possible so that it wouldn't stain and smudge my tattoo. Dinner came out and it was a bit of a disappointment, but no biggie. I got my tattoo and that's all good.

My tattoo

On the way back to our hotel, my hubs was worried that we had to pay for the tissue case we broke, so we decided to ask our group rep what to do about it. The moment she heard me tell her about it, they immediately broke into peals of laughter as they automatically connected it with the so-called effects of the ginseng coffee we had yesterday.  They had a good laugh, and my group rep said in all her life of being a tour guide, aside from the broken cutlery and kettles, she had never heard anyone break a tissue case and it was totally one of a kind sales pitch for her in the future, including the ginseng coffee.

Oooh, we'll never hear the end of it, will we? -_-""

No meeting up for late night beer and chat coz we would need to have an early night for tomorrow's early day to go to the island trip. Now that I mention it, I better get my shut eye quick before I get too tired for the trip tomorrow, since we are leaving at 7.45am the latest.

Stay tuned for Day 4!