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Bali Company Trip-Day 1

Hello there, fellow readers! Now that I am back from my trip, I can totally announce where I have been for the past 5 days: I went to Bali! No, seriously, I did! And I shall update all you guys right now, with photographic evidence!

Day 1
For the first time in a long time, I had to take the night flight along with the gang. The night before, we quickly put our little princess to sleep so that we can do our packing up in peace, and boy, did we pack for our 5 day trip. Thanks to a YouTube video, we learnt the best way to pack our clothes to maximize space to pack in other things so that we don't have to carry more than one luggage at a time. I also went pretty minimal on the hand-carry as I forgone all the unnecessary wallets that I use to store in all my separate currencies (I have 3 wallets, all storing different currencies, sorta), and packed the necessary currencies needed for the trip in one wallet and tucked the rest in my bedside drawer. I brought my usual outing bag, just in case, but other than that, I stuffed everything I needed to bring for hand-carry in my backpack that I bought beforehand.

On the day of departure, we brought our princess along to send us off so that she doesn't get the impression and expectation of us going out in the day to work and come back home at night. I told her that we will be going on a trip and won't be seeing her in a few days, though not sure whether she understood or got the message. She didn't want us to go, of course, for her own reasons, but my dad in law distracted her enough to reluctantly leave. We were reluctant too. The last time we left her was to London for our honeymoon when she was 7-8 months old when she didn't know any better. Now we have to leave her when she knows we won't be around in a few days, so we were a little worried of how she might react when she realized we didn't come home at the end of the day.

Maybe when she is old enough to handle herself and recognize that she was going on a trip and will remember it, we'll bring her along. Until then, we need a bit of our own me time.

We all met up at the airport, and apparently we were going under a tour package under the leadership of an old ex-colleague of my hubs. She used to be a tour guide before she worked in my hubs' company, and then she quit and returned to her regular profession, though under a different tour company now. One of my hubs' colleagues brought his wife and daughter along and I couldn't help feel a little miffed because she reminds me so much of my little princess (she's about half a year older than her, but still).

Here are some random shots while we were in the airport:

The group trip banner

Seeing her made me miss my little princess =3=

We checked in and did the usual necessary procedures to enter the airport gates. Apparently they still gave yet to finish renovating the airport and certain areas were not exactly fully equipped with central air-conditioning, and since we were early before they can officially let us into the gates, we had a bit of a coffee break at Coffee Bean. Drinks were good as usual, but the only weird thing was that they served our cakes in plastic containers instead of plates. Maybe they don't have any at hand yet, prolly coz that branch is still new.

After entering the waiting area (and caught a bit of shut eye in between, due to lack of sleep no thanks to my night owl mode), we finally boarded the plane and took off. We came across one of my hubs' relatives who work as an air stewardess (and also our middle person to send stuff back and forth to my eldest sis in law at London) who coincidentally is on this flight shift. I went back to having my shut eye again for the 3 hour flight, had a light dinner in between, and before we knew it, we were there at around 11++pm.

We were left off at the runway and had a short bus ride to get into the airport. Of course I didn't waste the opportunity to take some shots of the airport, though I keep getting ushered by my hubs to move along. Dunno why would he be so worried since I can clearly take care of myself.

The runway

The bus to take us to the airport

Shots of the airport

Random deity statue in the airport

More shots of the airport

The huge ass line through immigration

Baggage claim

More shots of the airport

Tour guides waiting for their groups to show up

More shots exiting the airport

Le airport entrance

The statue that guards the entrance

Our tour bus

A long wait at the immigration and a huge ass line later, we've finally cleared and got our luggages, and while we went out the airport, I snapped a few more pictures along the way. We met up with our local tour guide who took us to our tour bus and was taken to the hotel. Our tour guide's name is Raka and he would be with us for the next 5 days from beginning till the end. He gave us the usual brief history of Bali, which is known as the Hawaii of Asia, and briefed us of tomorrow's itinerary. He's a pretty friendly guy, and while he needs to work on his grammar more, we can understand him perfectly fine.

We arrived at our hotel, which is called Best Western Premier, and it totally did the pictures displayed on their website justice as it looked just as how we saw it. We checked in to our rooms and were reminded of our morning call tomorrow and our time to start our tour. Of course, again, I couldn't resist being trigger-happy on my camera, taking night shots as well as our hotel room.

Hotel signboard

Lobby area

Time zones, in which we are actually about 10-20 minutes behind Brunei

More lobby shots

Overall shots of our room

Stay tuned for Day 2!