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Monday Blues

I'm fired.

This is officially my shortest employment in my years of working in Brunei.

Lemme just start from the beginning.

As I have mentioned in my past entry, I found myself returning into the rat race in an air-conditioning company that has just started business and so far, I was still under probation and had managed to last through one month in the rat race.

So far, so good.

Then yesterday started off with a bit of a bump in the road as my hubby and I had a bit of a small disagreement with each other that left us off with a not-so-great mood. I felt like punching the wall (which I kinda did and my knuckles are still sore) and was sorta contemplating whether to continue to sulk about it after work, but I tried to calm myself and not give in to this childish argument. Like my colleagues say, it's Monday, the typical Monday blues, and the day will get better later on.

After the usual long day at the office and after a trip to the bank (which took me forever to get to my turn btw), I came back to the office and carried on with my work, and occasionally surfing the net since I was done for the day and such. Then the boss gave me some paperwork to file and told me to sit at his desk.

I assumed it was going to be another session of counting and measuring blueprints to learn how to properly fill in a quotation, but apparently I was given the month's pay and was told that it was my last day of work.

In other words, I failed my probation.

He asked me if I wanna know the reason for my termination, and I had a feeling he was going to tell me anyway, so I didn't say anything and let him speak his mind.

According to him, I failed my probation because I wasn't cut out for his standards of office work. He said that being in admin means being the backbone of the company, and he thinks I do not pull my weight around in the office much. And according to him, I have done a few mistakes yesterday, slightly risky mistakes like leaving the check behind in the desk without securing it, not informing him when I was going to leave the office to the bank and not bringing the drawer keys with me when I left despite locking the drawer anyways (the safe box containing the petty cash were in there).

OK, I admit I've done that transgression, and I will not contend them, and a few mistakes here and there, but then after that he gave me the main reason was that he thinks I spend too much time doing my own thing.

Well, screw you for not giving me enough work to do! What am I supposed to do? Stare in space at nothing?? You have internet for a reason, you know, for fuck's sake! I'll admit that I surf the net quite  a bit and also use that opportunity to write my story for my second job, but hello~! At least I'm not skyping or playing game or doing anything that might ruin that company.

The stuff he give me to do is so easy I can finish it within 5 minutes, so what do u expect me to do for the rest of the day during my free time? Nothing! I don't have anything to do! And he's not GIVING me anything to do! He only needs me when there is any new sales, but in this couple of months, he's only made 4 sales. 4 sales! And one of them is only a basic servicing job! Of course I have no choice but to do my own thing! What an idiot!

Well, screw him, his office is too far from home anyways. Has he not realize that even after I found out my workplace was not where it was promised, I still stayed on in the company? That I didn't just immediately hightailed off into the sunset for violating his promise? Has he not realize the amount of loyalty I'm willing to give to carry on working for almost 2 months in the company without voicing a single complaint as to how much petrol we're using and how far it from home and the risk of running late for an emergency? Has he??

Anyway I didn't bother to fight with him. I'm not exactly in love with the job anyways. At least he's paying a full month's salary. I called my hubby to tell him about the bad news and we decided that I should just leave the office early since I couldn't care less about the rest of my day in the office after that soddy news. I backed up all the info from the computer into my office pendrive as requested and wiped out everything else in the PC, including the music, ready all the files that are pending and took out the safe box and gave them all to my boss, all the while speaking to him in a very cold tone. I told him that I'm leaving early and I didn't bother to wish him the best or shake his hand. I spent the remaining time waiting for my hubby in the storeroom doing my own thing with my phone and iPad until it was time for me to go.

I technically have plans to job hunt while I continue to work there until I got a better offer and have the opportune time to tell him. I never expected to be like this. I wanted to leave the company but not in this fashion. It makes me feel like I'm a failure. My hubby assured me that it was not my fault, that it was only an excuse to worm his way out of the situation.

My in laws are OK with the news after my hubby broke it to them. They agree with what my hubby thought: that he fired me because he can't afford me while business is still starting. That I was an overpaid but understaffed worker that he could no longer sustain, but he didn't have the balls to admit it. If that were really the case, he should've just told me. Just tell me that he cannot afford me and he had to let me go and I would've been fine with it, no questions asked. Not using this cowardly way to get rid of me by blaming me for his mistakes!

I heard from my colleagues that they, too, have their own plans to quit the firm one way or another, one of them claiming as early as this coming couple of days later once he got his commission.

Fine. Serves him right for everyone quitting left and right.

Let him handle the lack of staff in the office



Anonymous said...

wow..you left the keys there with petty cash inside? That's a stupid act isn't it? I will be a very happy robber if I was there..

Break in -> see key -> take key -> open box -> take all the money -> run!

Make sense?

And your hubby, he says that it isn't your fault..well, of course he says that.. cause he's YOUR HUSBAND! IT'S HIS JOB!! And also his job to tell his parents that his wife got fired cause the company cant afford her.. which husband would have been so dumb to tell his parents that his wife is a clumsy, mindless person who left a cheque (not check!) behind the table without securing it and left keys to a safe box with money?

Do you do that at home too? Leave keys just anywhere in your house so people can just go in freely and take whatever from you?

I wonder what exact story did you tell your husband?

Must be fantasizing all the time on which sex position to use with your husband (as seen from your blog entry on sweet sex positions).. hence the lack of concentration during work?

Wow, such a horny whore!