Thursday, July 31, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

10 Sweet Sex Positions Named After States

We've all heard of missionary position and doggie style when it comes to sex positions, but have you ever heard them named after states? 

#1 Kansas

In between working the fields, a little Tractor Pull can be a great stress reliever.

#2 Nevada

A Royal Flush beats a full house, unless it's an orgy.

#3 Nebraska

Cornhuskers love to shuck.

#4 Alabama

What else but the Alabama Slammer? You can order a drink and have sex all with the same name.

#5 Iowa

Shucking The Cob in Iowa is a lot more than getting some sweet niblets.

#6 Hawaii

In Hawaii it's all about getting leid with The Hula.

#7 Florida

The gator grip is better than a death roll.

#8 Connecticut

Constitutional Clam Chowder ... or should you yell chowdaaaaaa.

#9 California

The Cali-Quake will make you quiver.

#10 Arizona

Not sure if any girl would want a guy referring to sex with them as The Grand Canyon.