Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

Everything Is Awesome~

Had sort of a lunch with my buddy, and we were supposed to go watch Maleficent, but unfortunately it was full house, so we took to wandering around (in addition to booking the sneak preview of HTTYD2 for me and my hubby) and stumbled upon this expo.

It was normal expo technically targeted to kids while promoting housing loans by HSBC, but what caught our eye was this:

Little ghosties~ Woooo~

Either a haunted house or an Addams Family manor

Simpsons Lego!

When I was taking the pictures, the theme song Everything is Awesome kept ringing in my head, and one of the fans sang it out loud was not helping either. Dammit! LOL

Yeah, another display of awesome Lego building by the dedicated people of the hobby shop upstairs of Times Square. Pretty awesome, eh?

Looking forward to their next display.