Monday, June 2, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

100 Deeds of BlackGargie

LOL, just had to put a Eddie McDowd reference there.

Anyways, I'm double-posting because apparently, when you least expected, something interesting happens in your day.

I was out with my princess for her daily evening stroll, since it has been a while since she's been outdoors due to her fever and flu, and we were passing by our usual route. One of the routes was the road out of the housing estate towards the main road where, from there, I do a 360-degree turn back into the estate. To get there, I have to pass by a home where it seems to be some sort of birds' nest factory built next to a huge bungalow or something, and that house has about 5, 6 chihuahuas as pets.

Those chihuahuas are cute, but pretty temperamental as they bark at anything and anyone that passes by, especially the leader of the pack, the alpha male. You can pick him out from the distinctive blue collar he wears and the one with the loudest bark. Everyday when we pass by, he and his posse will bark without fail, regardless if he had seen us almost a kabillion times. Luckily my little princess is not afraid of dogs (or any animal, for that matter) and she was used to the barking the moment she laid eyes on them. In fact, sometimes, just for LOLZ, I would go back and forth, forward and backward just to drive the alpha male up and down in circles and tire him out, just to fuck with him.

Yeah, we have a love-hate relationship going on there.

Anyways, today, we had our stroll as usual when I noticed one of the chihuahuas (not the alpha male, obviously, since he was barking at us as usual) stuck on the ledge of the wall of the neighbour's home. That neighbour is prolly an Indonesian or Filipino family or something that has a really huge front yard and lots of playground toys my princess wish she could have without having to face the wrath of her jealous, selfish cousins, and I know my princess always wanted to join the kids there to play with their toys from the longing looks she gave them every time we pass by their house during our strolls, but sadly, as much as we want to provide her with everything she wants and needs, we are stuck co-living under one roof with my 2nd sis in law with kids that barely passed the morality civilness.

But I digress.

Anyways, I was really surprised that the little bugger somehow ended up there. I thought he/she must've gotten there through some sort of gap on the wall but there doesn't seem to be a gap anywhere, and it looked like it was totally stranded and was wondering how is it going to get back inside the house with its posse. How the heck did it get there in the first place is beyond me.

I couldn't just leave the poor sucker there stranded and helpless, and goodness knows when is it ever gonna get rescued. So, being the good Samaritan, I tried to go to the owner's home to ring the doorbell and holler for someone--anyone--to come out so that I can tell them that their dog is stranded out there. No such luck. No one heard the doorbell, and the way the doorbell switch kinda caved a bit when I press it, it seems that it doesn't even work at all.

I then tried to go to the neighbour's house to holler for anyone's attention. Despite the car being there and the gate wide open, no one seems to be at home, and no matter how much I yell out, no one seems to have heard me and come out, not even the kids. Either that is one effective "Stranger, Danger" training for the kids or the whole family seems to be gone. I went back and forth a few times to try and get anyone's attention, but other than those stupid posse and the alpha male barking at me, there doesn't seem to be anyone else who knows I exist.

Push comes to shove, I had to do something. I couldn't push my princess' stroller through the grass of the neighbour's front yard, so I had to undo her from her stroller and carried her as I wade through the rain-soaked grass towards the ledge. Needless to say, the mutt wasn't exactly too happy to see me. After all, I am the person he/she and the posse had been barking at for the past 4 months, and it's afraid I might prolly cook him up and eat it or something.

It went back and forth a couple of times trying to avoid me while trying to find a way to climb up the ledge back into its home, and a few times I was hoping that maybe my presence would make it desperate enough to use its doggy super-strength to climb the wall, but no go. It knew it was trapped, so it cowered at its ledge as I got closer to it. It growled at me for a bit, but after that it felt helpless coz its growling was not working on me.

I could barely hear it whining, so I put my so-called dog-whisperer skills to use as I hushed it and calmed it down, telling it that it's OK and that I won't hurt it, all the while trying to hold onto my princess in my other arm, so she's prolly watching me while I work and finally get to see close up what the hell kinda animal was barking at her everyday without fail. I reached one hand very slowly, just in case it decided to bite me, and when it didn't, I put my hand on its paw first and stroke it to calm it down, before moving on to stroke its back.

Once that mutt trusted me enough, I used my free hand to scoop it up and carry it. Thank goodness it was a chihuahua and not some huge ass dog, or I would prolly have a lot of trouble trying to juggle both a dog in one arm and an 11kg girl in the other. I let my princess pet it just to keep it calm and let her familiarize with a new breed of dog, then I settled her back into the stroller (telling her to stay put since I can't use one hand to buckle her up) and pushed the stroller with one hand and have the mutt tucked securely in my other arm.

As soon as I got to the owner's house, the dogs were still barking at me, but slightly subdued, as if they were worried I was taking their buddy hostage. I parked the stroller and told princess to stay put and got to the wall that had the gate to fence the dogs in, and slowly but surely, I dropped the little mutt in to join with its buddies.

The posse was happy to see their buddy back, but the alpha male still maintained his routine barking at me. Dunno whether he was barking coz he's mad at me for "stealing" his buddy or coz he's glad I returned him, but I just gave him a sarcastic "Yeah, you're welcome too" before I buckled up my princess and went on my merry way.

I have a feeling the love-hate relationship wouldn't end there and I will still be barked at for days to come, but at least I left knowing that I did a good deed.