Monday, April 28, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

Stop Racism

Grabbed this from Facebook

This is a true Malaysian's experience. How racism among different ethnicity can spark endless cycle of hate and prejudice. There's a reason for that. And this guy really nailed it. Read and understand.

"I'm a Chinese (duh), and I went to a kebangsaan school where majority of the students/teachers were Malay. I feel that the school was racist, as I was given unfair treatment. Me and my Chinese friends were given harsher punishment than Malay boys, I even had punishment for doing absolutely nothing, while Malay kids were running around rolling on the floor, and got away with everything. The racial discrimination went on and on. And when I proclaimed that I was a Christian, the teacher rebuked me for stating so, as she viewed it as a threat to Islam, and never to speak of my religious background in class, unless it is Islam. I was young, and obedient, so I complied. There was even once Vitagen and Vico came and gave out free samples of their drinks, all the Malay and Indian kids received them except me and my Chinese friends, and when I asked the teacher, he replied that I am filthy rich enough to arrive to school with a Mercedes Benz (I'm not rich, it was a very old secondhand E class by the way), and therefore I am not allowed to take free sample packs. The teacher hid the extra sample packs and sent them to the surau. The Malay kids were bullies as well, calling me "non-halal" and "makan babi, sendiri pun macam babi" insults, and would often hang around in Chinese majority communities to bully other Chinese kids.

As all these happened, I changed my school to another kebangsaan school where the majority of them are chinese as well. And from that day onwards, I looked down on Malays, I disrespected them the same way how they have disrespected me in my childhood. The bullying from my previous school carved a mental scar within me, to automatically stereotype every Malay as a gangster and every single Muslim as terrorists-supporting-people.

But there's a sudden catch, in my hatred, I have also failed to realize that the Chinese students in my new kebangsaan school, also bullied me due to my fat and chubby appearance, and within the Chinese communities, I've overheard tons of bad things they have said towards the Malays and Indians, and not all of them are entirely true either, the Malays and Indians in that school were oppressed and bullied due to their appearance as well.

When I reached the age of 18 and 19, I realized that I have done something horrible. I have become those monsters that have given me a harsh childhood. And it wasn't just about racial discrimination, it was due to materialism, judgemental mindset, and prejudice. We often hate each other due to the way we Chinese/Malay/indians look, but how come we can't hate handsome American/British people we see on TV? Why is it so? Is it because they're rich, famous, better looking? I guess that's most likely the answer. And why is this so? From my perspective, I have the answer.

Our parents did not educate us well in this particular case. As a kid, Chinese parents often warn me and my fellow Chinese friends about random Indian and Malay strangers that would kidnap me and do bad stuff to me. That has planted the seed of prejudice and racism within our hearts. Of course I did not entirely believe it, but in my case, my experience in that kebangsaan school have proved that I was wrong, and therefore my underdeveloped mindset would lead me into believing what my parents told me. Not just Chinese parents, a Malay friend of mine told me that his parents educated him in order not to trust Chinese people, as they're greedy money grabbing bastards that look down on people with darker skin. And unfortunately many Chinese like that do exist in our society. The cycle goes on and on. What can we do to stop it? Its quite simple really.

STOP blaming each other's race for the crimes that they have done,
STOP bullying someone just because they're different,
STOP repeating the same mistakes our previous generations did
STOP blinding yourself with the arrogance of your own race/religion
STOP idolizing someone just because they're rich, handsome or famous
START by educating our future generation to prevent racial/appearance injustice
START by watching your own actions, as they often reflect the ethnic/religious group you're in
START by encouraging ourselves and our younger generation to make friends with other races.
START celebrating on what's similar between our colorful society and STOP comparing or emphasizing our differences.

This whole racial issue, it takes two hands to clap you know. Everyone is at fault, and nobody looks at their own mistakes, and our egos would often clash, and in the end, nobody learned anything, and the hatred between each other increases. What Obama said was correct, saying that people must treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. And in this case, do not be a racist even someone else have been that way to you."

Jeremy Lai Wai Kit (April 27, 2014)