Sunday, January 12, 2014 | By: BlackGargie

End of A Business Moment

I used to say that business come and business go, and it's all about the money and the profit it generates. I thought these kind of things was a no-big-deal. A job is a job. A business is a business. It's all in the revenue.

Until it happened to me.

Remember last year on January, I've announced that we were opening a boutique shop selling baby clothes, and I was going to run it (sorta) as a salesgirl? Well, turns out we end up becoming the 85% statistic where most businesses won't last for more than 2 years.

Business was really good during the early few months of our shop opening in Seri Q-Lap Mall, and we were slightly close towards the Chinese New Year season at the time where people are willing to spend. We were very optimistic that the business will last since we were generating revenue everyday like nobody's business (no pun intended), and on a good day, we might even get at most $200++, and we were making good on covering the expenses and still have some profit left at the end of the month.

But once we moved down to the mid-month, business was really slowing down. Customers were dwindling to the point where we can go a few days without a sale, and the worse day would be almost a week without sale. We were making the occasional losses and sometimes just enough to break even, and when we noticed things going a little downhill from here (although sale picked up a little during the Puasa month), it was time for a family meeting and a tough decision to make.

It was time for our business to return the way it used to be: a home business.

And I was not a happy camper.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the situation. I know that if we still carry on like this, we would make even more losses and we might even end up racking up some pretty heavy debts along the way, and it was best for us to leave while we still can before the debts start accumulating. But that doesn't mean I have to like this decision.

I admit, it was a bit of a bore, but it was not as dead-end as all jobs I've done (excluding my tour-guiding days). I have more freedom than I can ever imagine and I was able to complete so many things I couldn't do at home, what with motherhood hounding me down. Sure, the pay wasn't much (even started going without pay since a few months ago), but at least I have a lot of leeway, I was my own boss, I can come and go as I please, I can do my drawings and watch films that were back-logged in my computer since forever ago, and I can finish so much unfinished works (fanarts, doujins, fanfics, occasional fanvids) that I couldn't at home.

I love my job, and I am not happy to return to the rat race again.

My dad in law tries to convince me that getting a better job than this would put my talent into good use and not waste it, but does he know how much I've accomplished with all the free time I'm getting here? Does he understand what he's doing to me by shutting this shop down and throwing me back into the rat race? I have lesser time as it is at home to do my things, it'll be even less once I enter the rat race where I will have no freedom to do my stuff while sitting behind the desk under the scrutiny of a boss I might not like.

Best, most leisurely job in the world with plenty of freedom and free time and being my own boss, with great leeway to do my drawings, but does not pay well VS a dead-end job with none of the advantages above except with pay (unless I get a low paying job).

Great options you're offering me here.

I DON'T WANT to leave this job. I DON'T WANT this shop to close down.

I understand the problem. I can see their views on this decision.

But I still don't like it.

But in the end, I may not have much choice in the matter.