Monday, December 9, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

A Bone to Pick

Another once-in-a-blue-moon update, but at least it's an update to show you that I'm not dead yet. LOL

Recently I took a bad fall and sprained my ankle. It was hell on earth, and if you wanna know how hell on earth feels like, try missing a step on the stairs and feel your tendons snap and your ligaments break under your weight on the hard-tile floor. Not a walk in the park.

Anywho, went to this Indian chiropractor Jagadesh, whom I had my whiplash injury done a few years back, to have my ankle fixed. They've moved shop into somewhere further inside the housing estate, so it was a bit of a find until we got there, but at least the digs looked much better and high-classed than before. It wasn't the old man who treated me this time, but her daughter, and it seems like time hasn't really help her have much of an impression on me (coz I remember seeing her still being interned by her dad when he treated my whiplash injury), but no matter.

There were no broken bones involved, both from what I felt (since I can still turn my ankle in circular movements and such) and from what she felt, so she just gave me a bit of a stretch and massage, pulling and pressing hard on certain tendons here and there to get it all realigned again, and told me to soak my foot in salt and warm water to reduce the swelling.

During the healing process, it was an absolute nightmare to walk. I had to shuffle around and try to reduce as much pressure onto that foot as possible, while doing the forward-backward bending and circular movement exercise just to keep it running and not atrophy on me. It was torture trying to get down the steps as I have to angle myself to walk down sideways, and don't even get me started on trying to carry my little princess with my busted foot.

The bruises were a pretty awful sight to see too as they slowly heal, from a huge ass purple to greenish to yellow in those slow weeks. I had to wear an ankle brace for a while so that it doesn't make my ankle twist any more worse than it should, and when it got a little too difficult to remove when I'm still pretty aching, I resorted to using bandages instead.

Almost a month passed later, my ankle was finally more or less back to normal. I can walk properly again, and I can even walk up the steps with or without carrying weight with me, but walking down the steps was still a bit of a challenge, and standing too long or shifting weight too much to a certain left was a no-no. We did wonder if it were unknown fractures inside there, but it doesn't seem to be the case, since I can walk no problem. I still had to walk down the steps sideways and couldn't put my foot down or add pressure on it if I'm going on a downward motion.

So my dad in law recommended me to go try out modern medicine this time and introduced me to an actual chiropractor who has a clinic at the same floor of our shop. He has a main clinic back in my hometown, but he comes down to Brunei to his side branch here on the weekends. He managed to book an appointment for me and so yesterday, I went to give him a shot.

He's a nice, mature-looking middle-aged Aussie, with a bit of a Malaysian tell in his speech, prolly coz he's been dealing with locals and Malaysian throughout his entire years of practice since '97 (god, I feel so old). He also had a theory about my ankle might having some hairline fractures, but he wasn't too worried about it since he doesn't see any problem with me moving around.

He decided to give me a bit of a massage therapy for my back to see if the problem might lie there that would've affected my foot. He engaged in casual chit-chat just to get me relaxed. He started off with pressing and massaging, airing out the cricks on my back, and commented that the right side of me was actually slightly higher than my left, and then he used the hand-held massage machine to further rub me down. After that he told me to go face up and relax as he twisted my head sideways on both sides. I could literally feel my neck actually pop and crack at his ministration, and was worried he might've paralyzed me (or worse, might kill me from what I see in movies), but surprisingly it didn't hurt. It's more of a relief kind of feeling, like after cracking your knuckles and wrists after a long day's work.

He also told me to lie sideways, and he pretty much just literally pressed down on me with his hands and knees and got rid of those cricks on my elbow and back too. He also tried to crick my feet, which seem to only work on my left foot and not my right. I was hoping maybe he could actually crick my sprained ankle back into shape or something.

Then he led me to another room where there is some sort of a stretching machine for me to stretch me out. I was expecting torture chamber-level stretching since he made me lie down face down and strapped my feet down or something, but surprisingly, it's basically like a rocking chair, but only rocks my lower half of the body. I don't really feel much stretching at all, to be honest, and it was actually pretty relaxing as well in a way.

After that he took me to another room where he would give me some elector-therapy on my sprained ankle to see if he could frizz up the tissues in there to set it back into place and hopefully fix me up. He attached the nodes onto my ankle and let me feel the electric going through. Instead of expecting a "shocking" feeling, it was more of a light throb with a bit of a tingling sensation. He upped the voltage to a level I can handle and left me there for 10 mins to let the machine do the work. Maybe I should've asked him to pass me my iPad or my phone to pass the time, but at least I could gather my thoughts and prolly work on my doujin project plots.

After all the sessions, I actually feel a little better. I'm walking slightly faster now and apparently walking down the stairs, while it still had the occasional sting, didn't bother me too much anymore. He did advise me to go for a monthly therapy for my wonky back, so maybe we'll meet again next month. But until then, thanks, doc! I feel so relieved now that I can finally and actually walk properly again. ^_^