Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Updates on Moi~

Phew! Haven't really personally posted anything, since real life has gotten a hold of me.

Things have been pretty same old, same old routine as usual after the big hype of my little princess's 1st birthday. She has finally learned to walk without support now and is having the time of her life running here and there, now that she's no longer kept prisoner all the time in the cot and has the freedom to get to places she couldn't go or reach. Though we have to keep an eye on her coz she still needs to work a little on balance and she is starting to have itchy hands, grabbing and destroying everything she sees. Other than keeping us on our toes all the time, she's just fine, fit as a fiddle, strong as a horse and growing like a weed.

A few days ago, we were met with sad news: my hubs' nanny who has been a family friend for many, many years since my mom-in-law was a wee lass had passed away. In a way, we were kinda sorta expecting it, just not this soon.

She had spent most of her months, coming a year, staying in our home because her good-for-nothing son and his family couldn't be bothered to look after her properly. They didn't even have the decency to hire a maid themselves to look after her, and her being so old, was prone to accidents like slipping in bathrooms, falling off the bed and generally unable to take care of herself. Since we have the maids, and my mom in law couldn't stand seeing her keep falling all over herself and getting hurt and constantly having to go to hospitals for injuries, they offered to take her in to look after her wellbeing. We try to encourage her to move around more and try to use her limbs more before it atrophies, but unfortunately she was almost too old to make an effort and spent all day chair-bound.

Which was kinda ironic, since technically she should 10 years younger than my grandma-in-law and yet my grandma-in-law looked way more active and stronger and more alert than she was.

A week ago, her health started to deteriorate even more, opting to sleep all day long and losing her appetite more and more. Her hands and her joints were so atrophied that she had to be spoon-fed, but the Sandman was her next best friend. She was also starting to go more and more senile, mumbling nonsense and seemingly "seeing" things that are not there and "talking" to them, so we were seeing signs of her slowly losing grip of the world of the living.

When her breathing started getting irregular and shallower, we were very concerned. We decided to call her family to come and send someone to bring her back to her own home, because she is Muslim, and it's bad karma for a Muslim to pass away in a non-Muslim home, that and also coz my 2nd sis-in-law is pregnant, so that would be even worse karma. Unable to get ahold of her closest relatives, we finally got her stupid son and dragged his ass over to bring her home. Like, dude, she's your mom, it's about time you do something.

2 days later after she was brought home, my mom in law dropped by the shop out of the blue and told me the sad news: that she had passed on almost 5, 10 minutes into noon. I wasn't too surprised at upon hearing this, but I do feel a bit down and sorry, since while I'm not that close to the nanny, she had been part of our lives, and part of mine for the time I entered in this family. I couldn't attend the funeral due to customers flocking the shop, so my hubs had to go in my stead with his parents.

As far as I understand, a Muslim funeral has to complete its rituals and blessings and burying within 24 hours after death, so I imagine it was a pretty tedious and trying process. I wish I could attend the funeral, but I had a shop to look after, and I'm not even sure I should be attending, since I'm pretty much literally outside the family, but at least I had a silent prayer in my heart that she passed on peacefully amongst family and that may her soul rest in peace.

On a lighter note, today is officially me and my hubs' 3rd wedding anniversary~!!

I can't believe it has been 3 years past since we got married on that fateful day of Nov 13th. And we had a beautiful princess in between those years, nothing could be any better than this. I can still remember the day he rescued me the hell-hole that was my mom, and I owe my life to him everyday for doing that, for sacrificing his everything for me. We may have our squabbles, but that's what makes us and our relationship stronger, and I love him every single day of my life till eternity and a day.

I love you, hubby~ And may we have many more years of happy marriage ahead~! ^_^