Friday, October 25, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Random Question 40

If God created man and woman, who is to say that He did not create gays and lesbians, especially the ones who are actually born with the feeling that they are in a gender they don’t belong or born with that sort of feelings?

If they are born with that sort, wouldn’t it be subsequently true that God has given them this sort of feeling, since He was the one who created them?

I mean, there are people who are born this way. They truly feel, without any outside influence, that they like people of the same gender.

Even when their parents are straight and they study in a co-ed school and stuff, without any pressure from others, they already know what orientation they are.

So wouldn’t it be fair that God gave them that sort of feelings? That God allowed them to become gays and lesbians and made them born this way?

You can’t blame the Devil for everything