Friday, October 25, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Random Question 13

I’m pro-LGBT rights, and it’s something that buggered me after seeing certain radicals making protest rallies about how God hates fags and whatnot, and even more so when I went for marriage prep course before I got married to my hubby and the sisters and brothers there were like insisting that God made man and woman to be together, not man and man or woman and woman based on just one line, one passage from the Bible and no other passages.

If that were true, shouldn’t God have started some sort of worldwide natural disaster or some kind of sickness epidemic to wipe them all out? Shouldn’t He have written their lives to become super crappy and such that they would not live anymore, not letting them prosper and live happy lives or even be successful like the openly gay Ellen DeGeneres and George Takei? If God hates them so much, why are they still alive and not die young or be eradicated by some freak of nature or something? Why are they still successful in life?

Think about it.