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Random Question 92

Tend to notice that whenever there's a stealth mission like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, and the recent one The Last of Us XD
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Random Question 90

I drink a lot of milk and I don't see myself chubby and cute with all the fat.

How does a baby's body do it? :/

8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Existed

Grabbed from here

8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Actually Existed
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Random Thought 89

9 months ago, my little princess was just a tiny little bundle of cocoon in my arms.

Now she is hyper, crawling, rolling everywhere and as tall as a tree and as big as a horse.

How time flies...
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Random Question 88

Kinda annoying when that happens, doesn't it?

Random Thought 87

Whatever happened to him during the good ol' years after Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Independence Day?

Random Thought 86

I really prefer the older version.

Dunno why, something about the newer version robot is a little too human for my taste.

Certified robophile right here ;p

Random Question 85

Pandorum, Cube Trilogy, eXistenZ, etc...

Seems to happen in every sci-fi thriller, doesn't it?

Random Thought 84

A thought that crossed my mind when my sis in law had the audacity to lecture us about child-rearing when she totally failed at her own parenting

Random Thought 83

A wish that I would always make whenever my mom pulls me aside to smack the hell outta me for something I did/didn't do, or whatever the fuck that pissed her off at the time

Random Thought 82

Yup, the only two things I regret in life.

If there were some kind of cause-and-consequences machine, I'd really like to see how my life would've turned out if I chose either of these paths or both

Random Question 81

Something that kinda irked me after Michael Jackson's death, and now that his anniversary of his death is coming soon, it occurred to me more.

When he was alive, all everyone could think about was him being a pedo, a whacko, a man who never grew up, a crackpot, and all sorts of other crazy stuff they could make up about him just because he's rich and eccentric and famous

The moment news of his death arrived, everyone started to paint such a beautiful picture of him, saying he's an inspiration, a saint, a great man among children, a King, if they were trying to make up for all the bad things they've said in the past about him

Well, too late, you idiots. I don't think

Why is it always like this?

Random Question 80

No matter how many times I hear my baby princess cry, it still amazes me that it can be so loud despite that itty-bitty lungs they have compared to ours...

Random Thought 79

It's something that got me wondering after a chat conversation with my friend in US.

Ain't that just the true dilemma of things?

Random Thought 78


Random Question 77

After reading an article that announced the upcoming MLP: FIM movie entitled My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, I was utterly shocked at the fact that it’s about the ponies turning into anthro teenage girls in an alternate reality world… Oi vey…

Bronies are SO gonna orgasm over this…

Which really got me wondering why the legion of MALE fans when it’s clearly for GIRLS??

Random Question 76

Ain't physics a bitch?

Random Question 75


It's a mystery even to a woman like me too XD

Random Thought 74

Random Question 73

Random Thought 72

Random Thought 71

Shit would get real!!!

Random Thought 70

Well, other than Dexter, I guess LOL

Random Thought 69

It's a thought I had when 22nd Dec happened! XD

Remember the Mayan civilization suddenly mysteriously disappeared? So isn’t it possible that because of that, there was no one around to finish the 2012 and continue the 2013 calendar? So technically you can’t say for sure it’s really gonna be the end of the world. Think, ppl, think!

Random Question 68

Random Thought 67


Random Thought 66

True story

My nephew could not grasp the concept that regardless either side of your parent, the parents of your parents are called “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, and when we tried to explain it, he REFUSED to accept the truth, insisting that his mom’s parents are called Grandma and Grandpa, but not his father’s, and that the Chinese word for “Grandpa” and the English one means the same

The more we try to convince him, the more agitated he becomes, and he keeps insisting he was right to the point where he was bursting into tears and wailing that his logic was right

Kids these days… ^_^;;

Random Thought 65

I really don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like it’s gonna kill them or anything. You can’t exactly be unique if the clothes that you buy is available for sale to every other woman out there

Random Thought 64

Maybe it’s coz I’m the wife of the only son in the family, but I definitely realize that I am the favourite next to my eldest sis in law (who is the most decent of all siblings in the family) after a comment made by my grandma in law

Random Thought 63

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) scares me the most about my little princess, so if she’s a little too quiet when she sleeps, I would occasionally check if she’s actually breathing

I’m a mom, shut up

Random Thought 62

If I’m gonna raise my little girl, I’m gonna raise her right

If she does something inappropriate I will say so, not by saying she cannot do it because she’s a girl

I’ve been stereotyped enough, I will not let my princess go thru that

Random Thought 61

A distant memory of being gossiped about behind my back when I didn’t get pregnant as soon as some people had expect me to be

If I didn’t get pregnant soon enough, they’ll say I’m infertile

If I got pregnant super quick, they’ll say I got pregnant out of wedlock

I just can’t please anyone, can I?

Random Thought 60

A thought I had when I saw a kid kept calling out to his dad while eating at McDs and the dad was just totally ignoring him like a boss and the kid calling him over and over and over and over and over again

Random Thought 59

True story

Random Thought 58

I’m a woman myself and I really don’t see what is it such a big deal about it.

I really don’t.

I mean, is it so hard to just spend that few nano-seconds to put the toilet seat down themselves? Would it kill them or melt their hands just by touching the toilet seat?

You don’t see the guys complain when women don’t put the toilet seat up, so why are they complaining about vice versa?

I really don’t get it. Seriously.

Random Thought 57

We still have ppl remembering them right now coz they’re still alive and around to remind us of those stars, but once they’re gone, how would it be? Or us who knew those artist in our lifetime for that matter. Will the new generation remember them or think of them as vividly as we do?

Random Thought 56

My hubby and his colleague hates it with a passion, and I heard quite a number of people who didn’t like it

I, for one, like it. It’s sleek and modern, and body-fit and basically pretty nice. Of course, it would be much more nostalgic if they made it the old-school way, but still, it’s a remake, it should fit modern times, so it’s actually quite nice for a change

Why no one seems to like it is beyond me…

Random Thought 55

I was watching one of Michael Jackson’s concert that I downloaded for fun, the one he did in Bucharest, Romania, and until now it still amazes me how crazy these fans can be.

I mean grown-ass men and women just falling all over for him, screaming like crazy, and barely even quarter down the concert, already a dozen people fainted.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, you guys pay to watch the concert or to faint? It’s like they paid big bucks to see a superstar’s concert, but ended up fainting there, it’s like they’re paying to faint instead

And when MJ throws his hanky or hat at the audience, everyone would be fighting for it like it’s the holy grail or something, n I’ll be like “OMG, poor hat!” LOL

It still amazes me tho, grown men and women, screaming, yelling, jumping, crying, like they just saw a god or something. I love to see audience and fans’ reactions when they’re at a superstar concert.

The fainting still amuses me the most, especially if its the male fans fainting from excitement

Random Question 54

I mean seriously, in Sherlock, Holmes faked his death, and in House, House faked his death as well. And the creator of House admits that he had Sherlock Holmes as inspiration for creating House, so yeah, ain’t it a mirror image in itself?

Random Question 53

Something I’ve been wondering for quite a while.

If I admit defeat, it will give my kid chances and the balls to defy me by trying to prove me wrong everytime I try to discipline or educate them.

But if I uphold that attitude just to salvage my ego, my kid would hate me for it and grow up with the misconception that I implanted in them.

So what is the right course of action?

Random Thought 52

So true…especially those dicks who still think they’re right even though the truth is rubbed onto their faces raw