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Gravitation-Hagaren Style

These pictures are like absolute hilarity! Best Gravitation cosplay ever! Here are some samples:

If you wanna see more of this hilarious insanity, you can go here and here and laugh your socks off! XD

My Little Princess' Birthday~!!!

Finally, my little princess has reached the final milestone as a baby and reached toddler-hood!

Well, technically her birthday is on the 26th, but because the turn-up would be better if we held it earlier on a weekend than on a weekday which is where her birthday falls on, we decided to have it on the 21st of this month.

A few days before the birthday party, we made a lot of catering reservations that were already confirmed and paid, but we still didn't get our princess a present or a birthday cake. So we went cake-hunting at a couple of bakeries. There was one that offered cheap, but unfortunately the design was pretty cheap as well. There was one where it's known to cater great designs and special orders, but it was quite pricey. After weighing the pros and cons, and after deciding on a design (since we want our little princess to have a nice special cake for her 1st birthday) and showing it to the cheaper bakery but was met with a bit of resistance, we finally decided to go all broke and went for the pricier bakery. Ah well, after all, it's her 1st birthday. She's entitled to be spoiled a little on that day.

Most of the guests are my hubs' side of the relatives, and the only person I've invited was my dad and my friend, so you can see the circle of social life in my life is pretty sad TT_TT Anyhow, it wasn't that easy to convince my dad to come either, since he had a bit of monetary problems and he felt a little embarrassed to show up since he did something rather stupid and had to rely a little from us to get him out of the jam, but I assured him that everything would be alright as long as he came, since he didn't make it to my princess' birth and one-month celebration. He finally relented, but unfortunately his gf couldn't come coz of an unprecedented busy schedule, but still better than no one coming at all.

We had to pick him up from the jetty since he tried to take the ferry to save costs, but apparently he's not cut out for sea travel, so he relented to going back home by plane. We had to book a ticket for him before it ran out, but it was no big deal. He was here, and he got to see his little darling and our princess got to reacquaint with her maternal grandpa whom she hadn't seen in forever ago. A little hesitant around him, but not too rejecting of him either as she occasionally allowed him to carry and cuddle her.

The catering came on the day and brought the food as per ordered, but unfortunately, they did not leave one or two staff behind to help with the services like most catering do, so there was a lot of things we had to handle by ourselves and the food was served later than expected, and having some more additional home-made food in the menu was not really helping either. I had to get down and dirty to help out in the kitchen as well and it still wasn't really moving the procession along, but at least we managed to doll out everything once the bulk of the guests arrived.

My hubby has gotten the cake and I had to admit, we were very pleased and satisfied with the results. It was absolutely worth the money, and we made a note to go for future special orders from that shop because they absolutely delivered on our order.

Our special order design

The awesome end-result
Eating and making merry commenced, and the food, especially our home-made on-the-spot grilled lamb was a hit. A huge line at every food was there and we had to wait until the absolute moment where everyone had settled and no more grabbing for seconds and no more last minute arrival of guests before we could sit down and relax and eat and mingle and chat with the guests. Also an opportunity to show off my little pretty princess as well as receiving all the awesome incoming gifts.

Princess absolutely loved the attention, but of course, would prefer to stick to me. She loved her cake, and when it was time to sing the Happy Birthday song and blowing the candles, she was jumping and bouncing and clapping and practically ecstatic, unlike most kids who get scared and cry over hectic, noisy environments. The guests loved the cake too, but there have been a bit of complaints that the cake was a tad sweet. We ordered strawberry cream cheese cake actually, and that's prolly why it didn't really work with the fondant icing. Well, it's either that or a boring old sponge butter cake or chocolate cake, which there are "certain people" who don't eat them.

After all the excitement died down, the next day, we finally decided to open her presents. She got tons of toys and stuffed animals, maybe an activity toy or two, and TONS of red packet money (since in Chinese customs, if you cannot afford the time or money to buy a gift, it's best to just give money). Not gonna tell you how much she got, but it's pretty much a 3-figure number.

That is definitely going to her college fund.

Here's the gist of what she got for her birthday:

The bulk of presents

Toy piano equipped with chair, speakers and microphone

Baby swimming float

Shape sorter

Clown doll with comforter

Stacking cups

Play-Doh rip off (definitely not letting her play until she's old enough)

Piggy bank (getting a head-start on saving, I see)

Princess and pony doll

Activity Cube

Soft book page toy

Moar stacking cups

Teddy bear

Floor puzzles

Stacking activity blocks

Moar teddy bears (the second one being really huge-ass)

Cute odd-looking green panda

Some rip-off China puzzle book

Whack-a-mole Hammer Bench

Twinkle Little Snail

Cheap regifted books

Teddy bear-shaped baby carrier

Baby album

Baby scrap book

Barney doll

Some demonic cow piano thingy LOL
Totes appreciate all the toys that has been given by all our friends and family (as well as the money). Now we don't have to buy her toys for at least a year LOL

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww~! That was really hard work, but our next child, we are TOTALLY having their 1st birthday outdoors at a restaurant where everything is taken care of by the hired help. NO MORE HOME FUNCTIONS LIKE THIS, EVER!!
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Lego Mania

Went to Times Square the other day to have my money banked in (both my salary and for my joint account) as well as have dinner, and we happened across a Lego exhibit in conjunction with their Toy Exhibition or something. Couldn't resist snapping some pictures.

Overall shot

Some nice individual angle shots

Not bad, making the SOAS mosque out of Legos

More angle shots

Cowboys and Indians

Avengers assemble (that means you too, Spidey)!

WTF, Speed Racer??

Le Bat Mobile!

This is so self-promo insertion there, Toy Santa

Drift, dude, drift!
There was also a toy race car tournament and such, but it would be cool to see them actually drift and whatnot, but who cares? There's an awesome Lego display there stealing the show, yo!

Kudos to the people who spent forever to make that display. I salute you~!