Saturday, August 3, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 20 (The Return Home)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Had a fun-filled 2 weeks ++ in London, even though there was a snag, but our holiday was more or less a blast...

All good things must come to an end, and of course, our trip to London had to end too. We wished we could've stayed longer, but unfortunately someone has to put food on the table and my little princess still needs her mother.

Did our last minute shopping for souvenirs for some of the friends we left behind, and did the final packing to get everything packed so that we don't get overweight. We had to distribute the weight and everything, and have to hand-carry some things, but we fear that it was going to be a little bit overweight somehow

Bro in law's dad came to pick us, and we all went in separate cars: me, my hubs, elder and younger nephew to go with bro in law's dad, and the rest go with bro in law. It was a bit of a traffic when we went down, and it was almost an hour from our home, so by the time we got there and checked in, we have about 30 mins at most to maybe have a late brunch.

Surprisingly our luggage was not overweight, barely even passed 30 kg that we initially feared, so, lucky!

Rushed our food (almost burning my mouth in the process by the hot, piping food) before we made our way to the entrance of the departure gate. We said our goodbyes and gave our hugs and kisses (though I couldn't help feeling a little apprehensive of bro in law still), and we told each other that we looked forward to see each other, since sis in law and the family planned to move back to Brunei due to city life in London not exactly the best for them (money and lifestyle-wise).

Deep down inside, I still worry though to leave sis in law behind with her husband, after what had happened the other day...

Long flight home as usual, and we were almost the last to board the plane since we got to the airport and checked in so late. As usual, the flight to Dubai was absolutely excruciating since my ass hurts from sitting and I couldn't sleep, but the flight to Brunei was more or less smooth sailing because I was too tired to give a fuck about my aching ass.

Once we reach Brunei and got all our luggage out, all I could ever think was my little princess. My in-laws came with her and I quickly rushed towards her. Holding out my hand for a carry, I was worried that she did not recognize me since it's been 3 weeks since we last been together, and she seemed to look a little blank and hesitant, but I tried my luck by saying "Mummy~ It's Mummy~ Remember me? It's Mummy~ Your favourite nen-nen (Chinese for milk) depot~" and she was soon reaching for me. After warming up with me throughout the car ride home, she was back to her usual clingy self, wanting no one but me.


Gave all the souvenirs we bought for family to them, and got most of the personal souvenirs unpacked and kept in a safe spot, while telling some of our escapades (including the argument incident) to my rents-in-law, them giving their two-cents as well on the situation, but all in all, we came back safe and sound, and we were back with family again.

To recap, here are our souvenirs that we got throughout our tours around London:

Tower Bridge

Madam Tussaud's

Windsor Castle

Harry Potter Tour

EuroDisney Paris

SeaLife Aquarium

London Dungeon

Tower of London

Leicester Square

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

London Anime Con

Cadbury World (free along with the chocolates we bought)

Overall, it was a great honeymoon, and I'm glad we finally did it. My very first trip to an actual foreign country beyond Asia! Woohoo!

Next stop (hopefully): Japan and/or Australia! LOL