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The London Chronicles: Day 9

Previously on The London Chronicles: Went to Anime Con, got awesome souvenirs and had a short tour around the Natural History Museum...

Today is relaxing day with the kids, and we decided to forgo the 2nd day of the con to be with them, because, to be honest, other than being able to meet with celebrity cosplayers, there really isn't much to do. And besides, the one that my hubby wanted to meet wasn't there, so while it's a little dear on the money, we're fine with letting this day go. At least I managed to snag awesome stuff yesterday.

And besides, our legs were killing us.

After a late breakfast and a super late lunch, we made our way to Watford to go on one of the kids' fav past time: laser tag! We got a little lost at first due to the fact that it's not always my sis in law's family go out to outings further than Edgware, so it took a rather long walk and a turnabout to finally get to our destination. I was totally worried that we would get worn out before we even started playing.

The shop and its settings

The kids, me and my hubby got the green wristbands that gives us clearance to play 2 game sessions

Le tickets

My sis in law and her hubs got the red wristband that only lets them play one game session

CCTV to show how the game takes place

While waiting for our turn, we chillaxed a little to rest our legs and the kids had themselves something called Slushie Puppy or something. Basically a smoothie

Straw that is designed to act like a spoon as well

The laser tag warzone and the vests with the laser guns
We were first brought into the briefing room to be given the basics of what to do and not do, and what rules to obey and whatnot when playing laser tag, then got geared up. We've decided to do boys (green team) vs girls (red team) and got into the laser tag war zone. And boy, was it a war zone. You really have to navigate around a rather huge maze, avoid getting shot, and try to hit your opponent as much as possible while try to infiltrate as many times as possible into your opponent's HQ to shoot at it, and the group who shoots at their opponent's HQ the most wins.

I'm not much of a warfare person or a sharpshooter, but I'm definitely good at hiding, sort of. I managed to snag the HQ a few times, but while I'm out in the open, I definitely got shot at a few times. In fact, I have a feeling that I might've been the most shot person in the entire group, green or red. The war game lasted 20mins before the results came out. Green team won, prolly thanks mostly to my hubby since he played first-person shooter games most of his life. Meh~! No fair~!

The staff told us to remember our gear number and then handed us our result sheets. This is mine:

 "Like a lamb to the slaughter"? Really? Really? Oh, this is so on!

The second time we played the game, we were joining forces with some other kids who seemed to be there on a birthday bash or something. Things were even more hectic in there with the extra people, and fighting a common goal, while we didn't really bond or talk to each other, we did work together to fight the green team (we retook our red team again). Again, I got constantly hit, mostly by my hubby, and infiltration was tougher since there were more people defending the HQ, but at the end of the game, while the green team won again, my results were slightly better:

And of course, we posed for the camera with our suits on:

After catching our breath and having a bit of drink, we walked to the nearest bus station, and while on our way, random photog time!

Not sure whether it really is just for royal mail

Kinda weird to see a church and a bar side by side XD

We were tired out by the time we got home, but at least we did something fun with the kids, and I was glad I did something new. Laser tag was really fun. They totally should do something like this in Brunei, it would be so much fun, and profitable too

More to come...