Saturday, July 20, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 8 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Went to Anime Con, wasn't as awesome as expected, but it was still a good run for our money...

Now that we were done with the anime con, seeing that there is still time, it's only fair that my hubby drags me to where he wants to go, which is the museums at South Kensington Street.

Since we still had a little time in our hands, my hubby wanted to go to South Kensington Street where all the museums were and maybe get started on at least one museum. After deliberation, we decided to do Natural History Museum.

As usual, random shot time~!

Pretty talented street performer there

Could this be the fabled cyclops??



That is friggin' tall!

Houston, we have a problem...


Fossilized turtle shell

We were quite late when we showed up at the museum, so we were there barely 30 mins before we were shooed out coz it was closing time. Now that we know how to get to the museums, we can come back again next time around. So I decided to take shots of other museum buildings while we went on our way to the train station.

While it was slightly leisurely and maybe a little bit underwhelming, but at least I had a good time, and besides, the dealers and their deals at the con were awesome and I made a few pretty good purchases: Some books, which included a self-made light yaoi doujin by a Taiwanese girl (glad to meet her acquaintance and she was glad to meet someone of blood, even if it's only half of it LOL), and oh, I dunno, THIS!!

I got a personalized art of Transformers Prime from a Londoner professional cartoonist and I got original action figurines of my two fav characters Legion and Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect!! Holy shit!! Isn't that just awesome?! Such a dream!!

So the con wasn't a total loss after all!! Imma gonna go worship and love my bought items nowz~! X3

More to come...