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The London Chronicles: Day 8 (Part 1)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Went to the best attractions in London, which are Madam Tussaud's and Sherlock Holmes' Museum...

We found out back home that there was an anime con going on in London, and I've ALWAYS wanted to go to an actual foreign Western REAL anime con, so I was so looking forward to it, and finally the day has come to go!!

Venue area at Rocket Complex within London Metropolitan University in Holloway Road

Signboard to show where the event is held

Our anime con wristband
We had to let the person know that I ordered my ticket using my pseudonym that I used in my Anime website so that I can be let in, since my name differs from my ID, but it was all good, they weren't too strict on it and they allowed me to have my wristband

Le reception and entry

Main communion centre and bar, which totally is something Brunei should totally have

London Anime Con T-shirts booth
As usual, I went on a photog spree of all them cosplayers while I took other photos of the surroundings. Surprisingly, for an anime con, it was pretty mellow and leisurely, not as hyped as I had expected. I was expecting it to be like San Diego Con where it would be super high scale with tons of booths, activities and celebrities, but it felt more like Brunei's EA Con, just a little bigger and fancier.

Still, it looks better than EA Con, I'll give 'em that, and while the ratio of cosplayers vs non-cosplayers are 1:5, it's still pretty lively in a sense. Anyways, photog timez~!

Freddy Kruger

Captain Shanks

Leon from FFVI (I think)

The gaming section, with Luffy in the mix

Playing backgammon just like Hikaru no Go. I didn't know this was a thing

Sneak photo of some gothic lolita girl

Cosplayer of Ouran High School Host Club, but didn't know as who. Most likely Mori

An Akatsuki member

The Kyuubi!!

Cammy from Street Fighter (no idea number what though)

Red/Ash from Pokemon

London Con committee giving some tips and announcement

Random Shinigami from Bleach

Assassin's Creed

Nami from One Piece sitting next to Cloud

Minato the Fourth Hokage

Stalls around the upstairs floor

Yummy arty-farty cupcakes for sale, and they're real cupcakes, not those cupcakes that looks like cupcakes but actually are towels

Booth selling DVDs and games

Professional cartoonist and budding artists featuring their works

Stage, which includes a corner for casual online PC gaming

Professional cosplayer and her booth

Le professional cosplayer as Psylocke (?)

Random french maid/gothic lolita girl

Cutesy little French maids~!

More booths, artsy, gadgets, products and trinket-wise

Autograph session upstairs with David Vincent (I think), a professional voice actor/anime dubber

Random guy dressed as White Power Ranger! Wow, Power Rangers. Brings back so many feels and memories

Anime screening session

Card gamers at their best

Princess Serenity from Sailormoon~!

Card gamers booth

People lining up to get a snack from a burger booth

The fabled Ai My Maid Cafe out back at the courtyard

Random full-scale shot

I think he's cosplaying as a game character. Can't put my finger who...

Hetalia vs Kagamine Len

A sample of the Ai My Maid Cafe menu

DDR free play, which I managed to enjoy for a bit before letting the crazy pros do their thing

According to the map, the courtyard apparently hosts some kind of maid cafe, and of course, I wouldn't hesitate to go try out one, even though it's not really an actual authentic maid cafe, but still. Same difference. It's a chance, an opportunity and an experience. Why not?

Table decor

List of maids and special services they can do

Maids hard at work (though I was forbidden to take photos after that)

An awesome Sword Art Online cosplaying couple

Our order, which is the mochi ice cream (which kinda sorta melted, btw) and aloe vera juice

Goku on a bad hair day!! XD

Communion of anime cosplay girls

Whyyyyy is the water blue? Whhhyyyyyy is it so bluuuuuuueee??

Special service shot
I ended up humoring the maids and requested Emi-chan to provide drawing services, in which she actually drew pretty well, considering. We then took a polaroid picture with them as a souvenir for their maid cafe services, and it was one of the best experience I had, though it made me feel like an otaku pervert for even THINKING of requesting their services =>____<=
An awesomely cute cosplayer that I couldn't resist taking photos. LOVE that dress!

I think he's supposed to cosplay as a game character, but I couldn't, for the life of me figure out who this guy is cosplaying as

Da gurlz~!

Homestuck cosplayers!

Random cat/bunny cosplayer

A sit-down Q&A session with David Vincent
Apparently this guy has been doing quite a bit of voice-acting in his years, and it's not as simple as I had imagined to be. You have to audition for certain roles like a gajillion times before ending up in roles that you get, and sometimes you're even assigned to roles that you don't wanna get, but that's c'est la vie for most voice actors, since the market and competition is pretty big. He's famous for his role as anime dub of Grimmjow from Bleach, and apparently he's best buds with Steve Blum!! OMG, Steve Blum!! The man behind the voices of Wolverine and my recent fav Starscream from TFP!! I'm so jealous!! He gets to meet Steve Blum!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU---------

I wanted to stay behind actually for the dub-that-anime session so I could be able to abridge-voice with David Vincent, and maybe do their karaoke session, but naw, it's fine. It's not the end of the world. I'm still alive anyways right now. Besides, I wouldn't know what to do in between then while waiting for that session. I might bore both me and my hubby to death by the time it starts. It's no biggie.

It's a shame, but no biggie.