Friday, July 19, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 7 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Visiting Madam Tussaud's and having trouble trying to tell who's real and who's not LOL...

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for, to go to the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum in 221B Baker Street! I've been very giddy and going rather giggety about going to this place ever since we planned to come to London, and finally it was withing my grasp~! Yayy~!

It was a surprisingly looooooooooooong line though when we got there. We were expecting that maybe the line wouldn't be so bad since it might not be that popular anyways. Boy, were we wrong!

Waiting on a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally looooooooooooooooong line

Ticket to the museum, it couldn't be bought online, so we had to buy on the spot, which a nice guide told us to get it at their souvenir shop while we wait in line

The building, the signboard and the works that I took while waiting in line

The souvenir shop

Random shots
 Had to wait for almost an hour and a half to be able to get inside because they only let a handful of customers in at a time, and each session last for at least 25 minutes or so. But when we got in, oh boy, was it amazing! It's a little bit simple and under-decorated, and maybe it would be nice if it were slightly a guided tour, but still! It's Sherlock Holmes' home! For realsies!

I took a whole bunch of pics, but I'm gonna put the highlights here:

Sherlock Holmes' room, including the study table and the dining table

Dr Watson's room with his gadgets and the works (don't see his bed and dining though)

Original old hard-copy of the Sherlock Holmes novels

Sherlock Holmes' famous play-at-3am-in-the-frickin-morning violin

More of Sherlock Holmes' gadgets

Sherlock Holmes' bust sculpture

Jack (or was it John?) Pendergast, one of the criminal characters in the stories

Notable characters from the novel, including The Man with the Twisted Lip

Very uber small character in the book, which is the errand/page boy of Ms Hudson and Sherlock Holmes

More characters from the books

Sherlock and Watson on a case

Irene Adler and some shady character from A Scandal in Romania

A hound's head from The Hounds of Baskerville

Jim Moriarty, Sherlock's No#1 archnemesis

A scene from one of the books
It was brief, and as predicted, at least 25-30 mins, but it was amazing nonetheless, a feature treat, now that I got to see the real home of Sherlock Holmes, even if it's modeled from a fictional character, but still. It was amazing. Didn't buy anything from the souvenir shop (a little bit too pricey for my taste), but I did grab a Sherlock Holmes' business card. I guess that's souvenir enough.

When I went down to the toilet, I've discovered a secret underground room that seemed to be modeled more or less like Sherlock's secret room or something, but I can't shake off the feeling that it looks almost like the setting that was used in one of the episodes of CSI somehow. Maybe it is...?

Overall, it was an amazing, eventful day, even though it's super tiring. And if anyone asked if I enjoyed my day at Sherlock Holmes' Museum, I'd say...

It's elementary, my dear~!
More to come...