Friday, July 19, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 7 (Part 1)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Visited one of the famous castles in London and saw an amazing doll house, and ended the day with watching a movie...

This time we were going to go on the main attractions of London, which is Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum and my personal favourite tour Sherlock Holmes Museum, 221B Baker Street. Too much pictures has been taken, so I'm just gonna showcase to you some of my favs:

Cute Sherlock Holmes mascots on the walls of the station

The statue of Sherlock Holmes, almost like commemorating a real person

Caught a bunch of hippies while waiting in line

Entrance and ticket booth of Madam Tussaud's, after a reeeeeeeeeeally loooooooooong wait

Le tickets, which includes a premiere to watch a 4D Avengers short

Morgan "The God-like Narrator" Freeman

Will "The Fresh Prince" Smith

Julia Roberts

Nicole Kidman

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Brangelina couple

Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson

J Lo!

The Twilight boys XP

Johnny Depp

Sean Connery ftw

Live long and prosper, Patrick Stewart!

Tom Cruise...Wow, he's actually pretty short

The Khans (Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan)

Jim Carrey, people!

Robert Downey Jr, but not very realistic though...

E.T. go home~

Whoopi Goldberg!

Marilyn Monroe (too bad I didn't have a skirt, or I'd follow her pose by now)

Bruce Willis

Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger

Audrey Hepburn

Daniel "James Bond" Craig

Robin "Patch" Williams

Alfred "Psycho" Hitchcock~! Argh~!

Boxing with Muhammad Ali

Catch Michael Phelps!

Not sure who this guy is, but I'm copying his pose anyways, just for larfs

Tiger Woods

Guy Fawkes

King Henry VIII

Vincent Van Gogh

Stephen Hawkings


Madam Tussaud, the woman who started it all

Posing with the King of Pop

Kylie Minogue

Our perfect shot with The Beatles, after a lot of tries, a guy who doesn't know how to use a camera and a totally rude and unhelpful lady

Britney Spears

Justin "J.T" Timberlake!

Lady Gaga

Rihanna, who unfortunately looks more mannequin than real



Taking advantage of Beyonce

Not sure if this is Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez

Robbie Williams

Martin Luther King (not sure this is Jr or Sr)

Nelson Mandela


Don't hurt mah J.B! (you can't get good help to take photo these days)
After going through all those, we went to this level where there is some sort of horror display called Scream or something. We cannot take photos once we're inside the horror maze within the displays, so we took pictures the best we could outside in the dark lightings:

Vladimir the Bloody aka the original Dracula

Torture devices everywhere

Some kind of torture device/execution device

More torture/execution devices
When we walk into the horror maze, while there's not much creepy displays, they compensated with occasional flashing lights, sudden banging sound effects and coming-outta-fucking-nowhere scarers, though at closer look, it seems to be the same person who was directing us in, just going in and out through secret tunnels within the maze to pop out unannounced and made me scream the hell outta my skin, scaring my hubby in the process LOL

Then we went down to the second last part of the exhibit, which is the process behind the scenes of how Madam Tussaud does her thing, from beginning to the end, from the past to how she started till how she had accomplished in full fame, and I took some shots as usual:

Madam Tussaud's death mask...Brr, grim...

Tribute to the lady who started it all
After the end, we were led to a theatre that showcases a 4D animated short featuring the Avengers, including Spiderman and Wolverine in the mix. Of course, we couldn't resist taking pictures with the wax figurines there:

Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four

Nick Fury

Hanging with Spiderman


Shreddin' it with Wolverine

Iron Man
The animated short was pretty funny, and using the 4D glasses, everything looks pretty realistic. I actually dodged and flinched a few times when "things" seems to "fly" towards me, and the extra outside stimulus like rumbling of the chairs, spraying gas behind my head and spraying droplets of water and being poked on the back by some kind of device inside the chairs were not exactly helpful in telling me that this is just a movie and not real. I even wanted to reach out and touch things since it was so near somehow LOL

After a bit of browsing around in the souvenir shop and having a late lunch at Wetherspoon, we moved on to the Sherlock Holmes Museum!