Thursday, July 18, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 6

Previously on The London Chronicles: More walking to death, from the return to Westminster Abbey to river cruise to Tower Bridge...

This time we went to the famous Windsor Castle, and our bro and sis in law was with us today to hang out. Again, a massive intake of photos, so I shall only feature the best shots I got:

Walking around the neighbourhood

Getting a free sample of fudge
We came to this really cute quaint place that specialize in selling fudge, and we were given a sample where it's chilli and chocolate flavour. It's an interesting taste: sweet from the start, then when you swallow, it's got the spicy aftertaste in it. Kinda a bit weird, but it still tastes pretty good nonetheless.

From here on, we couldn't take any pictures, since it's royalty stuff and not available for public, but once we're inside, we got to see the Queen's Doll House, which was AMAZING ftw, since it has working electricity, working plumbing, and the miniature things to scale were rather accurate and were using real, original materials, like the silverware being made from real pure silver and stuff. Wow~ And while we weren't allowed to take pictures, some Chinese lady tourist in front of me somehow managed to sneak out her iPhone to take pictures of the doll house. Not sure if she was caught or not, but I hope she doesn't get into too much serious trouble over it.

We even saw the Queen's china collection, which was amazing too, and my dad's china collection at home totally pales in comparison with the ones the Queen has right now. We also went through the art gallery where the royal family had dabbled in arts for quite a while, and to be honest, they were pretty good actually. I'm quite impressed with them.

The longest walk inside the castle was the state apartments, which basically is the rooms and whatnot of the royal family. There's the bedroom, dining room, living room, guest room, drawing room, etc... So many rooms! My god! And every room for every single purpose! Man, when you're rich, you could do so much...

After we came out, we went to a souvenir shop to buy that little replica of a storybook apparently written by one of the royals, and at the same time, I got me a souvenir guide of the doll house since I couldn't take pictures within it, so I could remember just how awesome the doll house was.

We then went forth to visit the chapels around the area. While it had a lot of tombs like Westminster Abbey did, at least it was still smaller than the latter, which is thank goodness for my feet. Love the sculpture art on the ceiling and the tombs, and the stained glass design. As usual, we couldn't take pictures of the inside, but that doesn't mean we couldn't take pictures of the outside:

Cutesy little dog owned by prolly one of the VIP living within Windsor Castle

The famous unmoving guards
We ended the touring at a high note, though we kinda lost our bro and sis in law coz we somehow couldn't contact them. While my hubby tries to get them, I did random picture shooting as usual:

Apparently some author lived here

Queen Victoria's statue

The Crooked House of Windsor, which is really crooked! LOL

Painted phonebooth

Didn't realize there was a clock up there
After that long walk around the castle, we went back home for a break, while the kids went off for their scouts meeting and stuff. Since there were no designated baby sitter for the day, my bro in law had to stay home to watch the kids, so as planned, my hubby, his sis and I went for an adult's night out to watch a movie, which is at O2, Finchley Road

Shots of Finchley Road

The cinema we were going to catch our movie which is Vue

The booth machine to pay for our movie that we booked online

Confectionery stores, including a Ben & Jerry's stand

This is what we were going to watch

This is a large popcorn and a regular drink! Regular! Shiiiiiiiiit~!!! I dread to imagine the large~!!!

Our tickets

Inside the movie theatre
It was a pretty good, hilarious movie, and it was a really long day after that, but at least another London attraction down for the day~ Yayy~!