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The London Chronicles: Day 5

Previously on The London Chronicles: Walked till death at Tower of London, met Hugh Jackman and visited the weird and wondrous...

Today, we had another packed schedule to go to, so we made a move on, armed as usual with our bags, wallets and London pass.

We returned to Westminster Abbey because for some reason, it was closed when we went there for the first time. This time it was open, so we managed to go in with the crowd to tour around within. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the abbey, and I bet if we were, my camera and my phone batteries would've been prematurely dead like yesterday.

There was A LOT of awesome things to see, and weirdly enough, A LOT of tombs. Tombs of soldiers, famous people, royal people (including the previous Queens and Kings), pioneers, name it, they were all commemorated there. Oddly enough, they didn't have Princess Di though. I wonder where she was buried.

The abbey was HUGE, and our legs were killing us barely halfway through the abbey, and there were even MORE tombs the deeper and further we went in. Love the architecture, and the statues and sculptures were so beautifully carved. Though I wonder how in the world were they able to carve and polish all their artsy things all the way up to the ceiling.

Once we got out of the abbey, we were allowed to take pictures, but mostly at the Cloister area, so I definitely whipped out my camera for this and took awesome random photos:

Apparently this is Britain's oldest door, made in 1015 or something, surprisingly still intact

Something called The Chapters Room, this time to commemorate their 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation

Photos of the Queen's coronation from the past till the present commemoration

We then took a walk around the rest of the Cloister area which we didn't get to explore since it was closed the other day, and that led us firstly to these few areas of gardens that I totally forgot the name of:

We then made our way to this place called the College Garden, and the moment we entered, I swear I feel like we've entered into the distant past of medieval times, and it was so nice, cool and peaceful, you can just sit there and relax and do absolutely nothing and it would still feel just right

After Westminster Abbey, we went forth to our next line of our sightseeing schedule, which was to take the river cruise. We had to wait quite a while (well, a rather long while) for the boat to come, and it was a really long line, and sometimes when we move, we end up at a position where we were right under the sun, so it was pretty tiring and sweltering in the heat

Mah ticket

Our boat the Millenium Diamond
 We chose to sit inside the boat instead of the open air up on the ship because we were really, really hot and we've had enough sun waiting for the ship, we didn't need another dose to make us into a sweaty mess. These are shots we took while we were in the ship cruise, with the help of the tour guide on the ship

London Eye at our distance

Gonna cross through the bridge

Inside of where we were

Fellow ship following behind

Ship cafeteria

Shots and view from up at the open air part of the ship, though I feel a little insecure standing there, like I would fall at any second, or maybe it's coz my feet were too fatigued to stay steady

A decommissioned warship, now a floating museum

Archway that separates two districts...I think

Random buildings and bridge shots

Two pillars left behind from an old construction way back in the old centuries

More shots of buildings and bridges (which I totally forgot what they were since I wasn't really paying too much attention to the guide telling stories about the place)

This building is the school where Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe studied in!!

The fabled wobbly bridge of London

More buildings

Apparently this is a cafe where Brad Pitt had frequented during his shooting

Pirate ship!

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...

The dreaded Monument

The guide joked that this building is the HQ for window cleaners LOL but it's actually the very first glass-plated window building in London

Not sure if I heard right, but this building apparently was used as one of the sets for Fast&Furious 6

Another decommissioned warship

Getting off to Tower Hill
From here on, we walked all the way to Tower Hill, and as usual more random pictures!

Cute-looking cabin-ish building

Le building

The Shard taken from the Tower Hill bridge

Interesting emblem, reminds me of the Knights of Templar

A short film of how they got started on making Tower Hill

The Walkway of Tower Hill, with a shot from our POV
Tower Hill was surprisingly kinda short for a huge building like that, but I still had to stop in between because I haven't really fully recovered from yesterday's tour and my ankles and the soles of my feet were totally killing me. Got ourselves a souvenir in which we take pictures at a green screen and they would edit the Tower of London into the background, typical tourist photo attraction services. We went for the 15 pound kit, coz since we're here, we might as well just do the whole package instead of just one.

I took a photo of the area after we came out of the other side of Tower Hill, coz it wasn't enough to just get pictures of it in its panoramic view. Then we went down the last stretch of Tower Hill which is the Engine Room, in which we had to follow some kind of blue line that led us underground to where the engines of Tower Hill were and was showed a short video of how it would work

Le engine that makes its magic on Tower Hill

Interactive game gadgets in the gallery
At first we were thinking that we could take the cruise all the way to Tower Hill, do the tour in Tower Hill, then get back onto the cruise to ride all the way to Greenwich, but unfortunately we were really tired, and the heat was starting to get to my hubby as well. So we decided to just get to the nearest train station and get ourselves home.

A sort of small memorial, not sure what happened to the person though
Managed to get to Stanmore in one piece, and because my hubby didn't want to eat anywhere that was not too familiar to him (and afraid of the prices as well) we ended up eating at Prezzo, under our bro in law's recommendation before we get home for our long awaited rest, and I gotta tell ya, it was the best dinner we had!

More to come...