Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 4 (Part 3)

Previously on The London Chronicles: ZOMFG, we met Hugh Jackman~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the hype died down a little after the main attraction (Hugh Jackman, holy mother of God!!!), we decided to cool off a little and since we were there, we decided to explore the area and drop in to Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum

Here's what we've got:

Me with Optimus Prime! Apparently made out of junk and spare parts! Ain't it cool?

First exhibit we came across, including a full-size car made out of 12-miles worth of yarn!

Duct-tape suit, LOL

The world's only micro-car

Original gadget made and used in the movie Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, based on the book written by, surprise, surprise, Ian Fleming, the godfather and creator of James Bond!

The jaws of a megalodon shark, basically a prehistoric dinosaur shark

Another awesome exhibit, including an animatronic T-Rex

The world's biggest rocking chair

Us posing with T-Rex. Rawrr!

Taxidermy stuffed animals that suffer siamese mutation

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe, made entirely out of smoke!

Portrait of Obama's wife, made entirely out of bottle caps!

Portrait of JFK (I think), made entirely out of butterfly carcasses!

Awesome typography of Obama

Portrait of Abe Lincoln, made entirely out of keyboard keys!

A Chinese carving made entirely out of camel bone

An upside-down room

The Beatles sculpture made out of chewed bubblegum

Tower Hill made entirely out of matchsticks!

A cute Mr Fox from a real stuffed fox

Sculpture made of pure solid jade $__$

Portrait of Michael Jackson, made entirely out of candy!

Toast art. Seriously, it's toast. Made into art. Seriously.

Can't remember what this is about, but it sure gives me some sort of morbid fascination over it

Sculpture of a ball game made entirely out of bubblegum wrappers!

Apparently a wax figure replica of the ugliest woman in the world

Where did his legs go??

Wedding clothes made entirely out of toilet paper!!

Another matchstick art turned into the Titanic!
Both my camera, my phone and my hubby's phone were running really low, so we couldn't take anymore pictures or else we would end up unable to call home for our ride, but we definitely encountered a lot of wonders of the world that prolly wouldn't be enough time to photograph them all anyways.

The one I remembered the most was the part where we were supposed to dunk our hand into a tub of water that simulated how cold it was when the Titanic sank and people were drowning or trying to survive the water. HOLY FUCK, the water was ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN' COLD~!!! How did those survivors was able to stand this cold when they fell into this water in the first place?! I couldn't even hold my hand in that water for more than 10 seconds, let alone hours!! Oh boy~ By the time my hand warmed up, I could still feel it throbbing from the cold and temperature difference. Shit~

We tried the Mirror Maze challenge on our way out, and to be honest, even with teamwork, we almost got friggin' lost in there, hitting dead end after dead end. I thought we might end up needing rescuing, but after calming down and backtracking some (and trying to locate the other tourists who got out before us) we managed to escape the Mirror Maze unscathed. And when we did The Black Hole experiment, while my hubby breezed through without incident, my mind gave in to the optical illusion and I really felt like I was falling and tumbling and spinning when technically there was nothing going on, just the wall but not the floor I was walking on was moving. Daaaaammmnn~ Totally cannot leave me in an optical illusion land. I'd go crazy in a heartbeat.

After having dinner at Angus, we took some random night life shots:

...and made our way to the nearest station and rode all the way back to Edgware before my sis in law came to pick us up. Again, it was a really looooooooooooooooooooong day, but it was worth it, because Hugh Jackman, dude! Hugh Jackman!! XD

More to come...