Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 4 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Tour almost a bajillion places till our legs started hurting to the point of atrophy before realizing we have a star to catch...

After forgoing touring the entire area of Tower of London, we took the quickest train back to Leicester Square where we went just now to get our London Pass and waited patiently for the arrival of the casts of The Wolverine of its red carpet world premiere, most importantly Hugh Jackman!

Shots of the area I took beforehand of them setting up the red carpet event before leaving for Tower of London
While waiting, I did a few random shots...

...when we came across a few very interesting cosplayers:

Dude, I think you are in the wrong movie premiere, but kudos on the effort!

Deadpool, Wolvi-pool as he dubbed himself, and someone who looked almost like the Luna Lovegood actress when she got dressed for her red carpet premiere

Wow! Now THAT is what I call a perfect cosplay! He's got everything from the hair to the beard to the body hair down!

Wolvi-Pool and fake!Wolverine getting ready

fake!Wolverine entertaining my random photo-shooting

Wolvi-Pool vs fake!Wolverine and fem!Wolverine LOL

They got so popular, they were interviewed on live TV!

We stood almost FOREVER before the actors and VIPs finally showed up. At first we were originally waiting at slightly front lines, but then when we tried to find a way to get even closer towards the red carpet area, the bodyguards, security and barrier men were barricading everywhere, barring us from getting where we wanna get to.

In the end we somehow ended up further than we should, but thankfully we were close to the crazy cosplayers as well as a group of disabled people, so we kept our fingers crossed as to hoping that Hugh Jackman or at least one of the casts would come by to let us have a close shot or something, though there was a really annoying pessimistic old man who keeps insisting that those posh, pampered stars would never dream of leaving the red carpet. There were a few times when the cosplayers got really crazy because they were giving out free T-shirts with Hugh Jackman's autograph on it, and the DJ continuously bypass us and giving away the T-shirts for the guys at the frontlines so it was pretty annoying on that part.

While waiting for the main "attraction", some of the co-stars and side casts were present, a few of them being Rila Fukushima (no idea who that is), Tao Okamoto (dunno who the heck is she either) and Famke Janssen showing up for the red carpet. As predicted by the old man, they didn't even bother looking towards our direction or going to us to have photos taken, not even to entertain the disabled people sitting waiting just as long as we did.

Barely caught pictures of Rila

But when Hugh Jackman finally showed up, we were absolutely hysterical, screaming and shouting and practically going like this, not necessarily in order:

Yeah...Pretty much like that LOL

Anyways, you would too if you were to meet THE Hugh Jackman!! I mean, look at these pics me and my hubby managed to catch!!

He actually went outta his way off the red carpet to attend every single one of those disabled fans and signed all their autograph books, and actually spoke to each and every one of them so nicely. OMG! How nice and sweet was that?!

And to the pessimistic old man? Oh, how I wish I could rub it in right now at him like this:

When he started moving towards our direction, I was absolutely hysterical. I almost couldn't hold my phone camera still with me screaming and squealing in the background, and crazy fans screaming at the background trying to outmatch my shrill shrieks wasn't helping either. We tried to get his attention to get him to pose for pictures with us, but sadly we were overpowered by the other fans shouting for his attention, and the cosplayers stole the show when he went forth to take pictures with them and gave them hugs. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU-------!!!! But at least we got pics of him up close and personal!

Damn fans, get your arms off Hugh's face!

Bonus shot: Hugh's derpy face!! XD

Hugh! We worship the back of you~!!!
So true that Hugh Jackman is the nicest man on Earth!

Anyways, unfortunately we are unable to view the world premiere movie because you're supposed to join some sort of contest and win the tickets to be able to watch it with the stars, and we only found out last minute when we read about the premiere online when and where Hugh Jackman would show up and the contest due date was over.

Armed with a bunch of photos and some videos of him, I was so posting it on Facebook and Instagram, and needless to say, I got a pretty awesome response at the end of the day. ^__^