Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 4 (Part 1)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Chillaxin day of light shopping, getting a pretty highly recommended book and just plain family time...

Getting down on our actual jam-packed fun-filled day of sight-seeing and going on tourist attractions. We had a few things in mind, which is The Monument, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and try to get as soon as possible to the world premiere red carpet movie of The Wolverine to hopefully catch a glimpse of Hugh Jackman! Ooh, what a fun-filled day it's gonna be!

Off to our adventure through Edgware Station

But first, we must acquire our all-access 3-day London pass that we've ordered online.

Going to be a huge hunkabaloo bunch of pictures, so we're just gonna showcase those that are significantly awesome:

Random shots of Leicester Square

The Monument, which is friggin' tall and high and has like, oh, I dunno, 311 STEPS to get to the top?! DX

Shots from the top of The Monument

 Jack the Ripper tour! Huh, I find this really intriguing. I wonder how much it costs to join this...

Some random Caeser-ish statue (and yes, there was someone lying down there sunbathing behind the flower bush)

Close-up shots of random flowers. Purdy~

Road to Tower of London

Tower of London and its other side towers, and the Royal Mint building, and mini towers and extra towers, and so MANY TOWERS!! @__@

Souvenir shop

On-the-spot edu-skit by our Isaac Newton

More random towers and buildings within Tower of London

More edu-skits

MOAR towers and its exhibits

The famous royal London guard, who really stood there without moving AT ALL, though we were lucky to catch him shifting guns and positions, a kind of mini-exercise they're allowed to do after standing SOOOOOOO long

Tower of London's signature mascot, the raven, and boy, that is one HUGE friggin' raven!
If you want more photos, go check it out here

Tower of London was really HUGE!! From the outside it didn't really look like much, and it didn't really seem THAT big from the outside, but when you got in there, MY GOD, do they really have a gajillion stuff in there! It's so wide and so big and had SO MANY TOWERS that I think we were only barely halfway through the area.

We still had a few more towers to go and prolly the one I was looking forward to was Bloody Tower with all the torture device and stuff, as well as the Crowned Jewels where it is situated in another big building about few floors worth (where the guard is) and the queue to get in there was SUPER LONG!!! If we were going to wait there, we'd prolly had to wait in line for at least an hour before we actually got in there.

We decided that it'll be better if we come back again to Tower of London another time (even if it means paying for the visit again) so that we can cover the rest of the Tower of London by then, because we had Hugh Jackman to catch!