Monday, July 15, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 3

Previously on The London Chronicles: Had a super loooooooooooooooooooong walk down from Embankment Pier to Westminster to Leicester Square to Convent Garden...

Today is chillaxin' day, since after a whole day walking, we were still absolutely pooped and our legs were like aching and like jelly. And since the kids had school day today, we decided to some light shopping and a bit of a walkabout in a nearby area.

And as usual, taking random pictures:

St. George's Shopping & Leisure and all its works

Outside of St. George's
 We shopped around for a bit, and got myself a book that was highly recommended online from this amazing store called The Works, which sells great books at amazingly discounted prices. Then we went into Debenhams and got to a place called Primark (I can't help thinking about the word primarch or something) where apparently this was where my sis in law got all her stock for the shop at super great bargain deals as well. We couldn't resist those bargain prices and bought a few clothes for our little princess so she could look in all her lovely gorgeousness =^_^=

After shopping and eating at Nando's for a late lunch, we decided to go home and have our bro in law go fetch the kids, and that's when we realized that apparently they used chips as parking tickets for our parking! And you just need to slot the chip into some payment machine, pay up the amount and let the machine register it onto the chip! It's so amazing! Easier to remember to hold onto rather than a flimsy ticket!

Our bro in law wanted to at least get an extra fan for the house due to the sweltering summer, so we decided to go to a place called Home Base, and of course, moar random pics, plz!

Debenhams from the outside, which surprisingly looks more like an office than a shopping mall

Home Base and its works
We couldn't find the fan we wanted, since it's the summer and it was super sold out with no more stock, and stand up air-cons are just too expensive, we decided to just go home and let bro in law go fetch the kids. While we're hanging about lazing around like so, a showcase of what I got for myself!

A whole bunch of business card to fuel my card-collecting hobby

The book I got from The Works
The rest of the day was just chillaxin', although not too chilled since it's a pretty sweltering day as usual for the summer, but it was alright. Had a home-cooked meal of yummy salmon with side of boiled potatoes, long beans and corn in a cob. All in all, a mellow day.

My hubby and bro in law decided on the itinerary while I tried to help out as much as I can along with helping to babysit their youngest boy, so we're more or less might have a packed day of sightseeing tomorrow.

More to come...