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The London Chronicles: Day 18-19

Previously on The London Chronicles: Had the time of our lives in EuroDisney Paris, which is awesome ftw~!

These two days are super leisure day since we were still recovering from our trip to EuroDisney, so I'm gonna lump-sum the entry here.

Day 18 was almost literally Bruno Mars' Lazy Song day, coz I slept all the way till noon and practically hung around doing nothing but browse on my iPad and stuff, and then in the late evening, we played bowling, a proper game this time, since we had to cut short the previous game for our Harry Potter tour. Poor hubs got himself a bit of a cold though after his journey from EuroDisney, prolly because of the sudden difference in weather (Paris was a pretty hot summer while London has come to a rainy cool summer).

We made it to Harrow's to go watch The Wolverine, but before that we had dinner at the restaurant next to the cinema which was Prezzo again (mm~MM~), and we thought we were almost going to be late, but thankfully unlike Brunei cinemas, London cinemas tend to spend the first 20 mins of the show playing commercials and trailers.

Unfortunately the youngest nephew was getting cranky from waking up mid-show and one of the parents had to take them home, and bro in law volunteered, so we finished the movie without even realizing he was gone until the end of the movie, then had to call a cab to send us home because no buses going to Stanmore's direction was on duty.

Day 19 was also super leisurely day, and bro in law had to attend to a friend's need, so it's just us for the day. We decided to go ice-skating, which to be honest, I was both excited and nervous to try since I've never tried it before and I've never roller-bladed to begin with, let alone ice-skate.

We had to take a number of trains AND a bus before getting to where we wanted to go, which was around Wood Green area. To be honest, the building looks kinda abandoned, like it had just survived a fire or something. But still, it looked ancient and royal in its own way, since apparently this used to be a castle/palace at one point.

Random pics as usual

Made our way to the locker/skates room where, almost like bowling, you have to exchange your shoes for the skates. It was a little wobbly in the beginning, even though I manage to stand in balance and walk considerably, so I switched to a size smaller. If the shoes didn't fit and you twist your ankle, you'll get more than a sprain; you'd get a broken ankle, so safety is always the priority when it comes to skating and choosing the right skates for them.

You can't see it, but there is actually two stockings underneath to prevent swelling and frostbites

Once we were in the ice skating rink, trying to even stand was a whole different story. I was absolutely all left feet once I was in the rink, and had to hang onto the sides almost all the time as we tried to get used to the skates. I even fell on my ass a few times, and had to carefully get up using my hands and knees because trying to stand up like a normal person is just impossible. I felt like crying because I couldn't help feeling that all eyes were on me and I feel as if the whole world was watching me, who is the only human being who couldn't skate, screw up over and over again. It didn't matter that there were a handful who didn't know how to skate or that my hubs was struggling; the urge to quit kept looming over me and I really felt like crying.

But after a bit of encouragement from my eldest nephew (an 8-year-old, no less), I got back on my feet and tried again. Slowly, bit by bit, I tried not to rely on the sides too much as I learn how to balance and first try to walk on the ice instead trying to be a hero and skate through. By the end of the session, I more or less can go one round around the rink without falling on my ass.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

The buzzer rang just as we were done to signal that freeplay is over and we were to clear the rink for actual ice skating classes. We were quite hungry because we had a pretty light brunch, so we ordered at the cafeteria next to the ice rink.

Yum yum yum~!
After our snack, we heard that bro in law will be hanging a little longer with his friend to sort things out (something to do with a court case), so we're pretty much on our own all day. We had to retrack our steps backwards, taking the bus then take the trains back home. Of course, on the way to the bus stop, I couldn't pass up taking pictures of the awesome scenery

We were pretty knackered by the time we reached home, especially the eldest nephew, but we had a bit of packing to do, so we managed to scrounge up a little of the packing before my hubs had to concentrate on some tender work sent by his boss online (meh~ we're on honeymoon, dude~) and then retire for the night

Final entry to come...