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The London Chronicles: Day 16-17 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Had a loooooooooong train ride to Paris, got to Disneyland and had a leisurely experience, getting ready for a fun-filled day tomorrow...

We were supposed to wake up early today so that we can make it to the 2-hour early special time to enjoy rides in Disneyland before it officially opens, but unfortunately we mistaken the time as our clocks and watches were still in London time mode instead of setting it to Paris time mode. We ended up waking up an hour later than scheduled, so off we go to get washed dressed, checked out of the hotel and off to our planned schedule of the day with half an hour to spare.

Again, only pics of the rides and certain places we've been will be showcased here, since I've taken a ridiculous amount of photos to be fit in here. So if you want the full Monty, you have to go to my Facebook account.

We started off by going to Discoveryland, and the first place we went to was Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. We have to rush down a hall filled with Buzz Lightyear-themed arts (thankfully there were no waiting lines, it was so clear) before we all have to rush to jump inside some ride buggy and were led down a long winded road to shoot at targets along the way, including trying to "kill off" General Zurg. Surprisingly, I came out first among the gang with 37,000 points, and my sis in law came out 2nd with a close call of 33,000 and my hubs came out 3rd. LOL! And I thought my hubs was the best shooter here thanks to shooting games XD

We made our way to the next ride and again, due to not meeting the height requirement, our niece and younger nephew had to sit out the Space Mountain: Mission 2 roller coaster ride we wanted to start off with. It was pretty scary when I watched how the ride was done in the info-tainment channel, being on it was even worse, but at least it's not as bad as the Aerosmith roller coaster ride. Still didn't stop me from screaming like a maniac though.

After Space Mountain, bro and sis in law compensated the others who couldn't join the ride by taking them to the Orbitron, which is basically one of those kiddy up-and-down rides. Not too impressive, but enough to give a bit of fun for everyone.

D'aaaawwww, Wall-E and Eve~!
We explored more of Discoveryland to see if there are rides that are open during the special 2-hour, but unfortunately they weren't, so we decided to make our way to Fantasyland instead and try our luck on the rides.

Once we were at Fantasyland, the first place we tried was Peter Pan's Flight. Basically a sort of roller coaster ride without the loop-da-loop and we get to see amazing miniatures and stuff. The ride just took us around within the building as we are presented with an anbridged version of the Disney's Peter Pan story, and it does spark some nostalgia, especially when we ride towards Neverland following the "second star to the right, and straight until morning". It still surprises me though that Peter Pan was originally a novel and was written by an Englishman.

After Peter Pan, we went for Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. I've often seen how it works through ads and the show Junior Masterchef Australia, but to actually ride it was pretty cool. Not only the whole cup ride spin around the area, but you can steer the cups itself to make it twirl and spin as well, so it's almost like a double whammy LOL

After going whirling round with the tea cup rides, we made our way to the Alice's Curious Labyrinth. At first we thought it was not open and it's part of the open hours ride, but apparently we see people going in, so of course we wouldn't want to miss navigating around the area. It involved a few dead ends here and there, but there definitely involved a lot of nostalgia as it sorta leads you down the journey of Alice in Wonderland story as well, though it's kinda weird still to hear them speak in French.

One side will make you grow taller, the other side will make you grow shorter~

Round and round you go to dry off~

Chesire Cat raep face LOL

We're painting the roses reeeeeeeeeed~

Off with your head!

Tea, anyone?
After the labyrinth, Disneyland was starting to pick up the pace of visitors since it was almost 10am, and we had to make a move before we lose our chances to get first dibs on rides. So off we went to Discoveryland again to go to the shows that only opens after 10am, and on the way, we came across Cinderella's little helpers~!

Back on Discoveryland, we made our way to Captain EO, which is a 3D film (sorta 4D now) starring Michael Jackson and directed (or was it produced?) by George Lucas, about MJ as Captain EO coming to a dark, evil, barren planet to save it and restore it to its former glory with the power of his music. LOL Feels like watching Ghost, sorta, but in 4D. Some of the songs he sang in there were pretty recognizable, but it doesn't deter the fact that MJ definitely enjoys his songs and his dabble into kiddy shows. Unfortunately we're not allowed to take pictures beyond the entrance, so this is the best I got that has to do with the ride.

After Captain EO, we went to Star Tours, which is a Star Wars galaxy flight simulator. It was a pretty awesome experience, even though it was only moving chairs shifting and shaking and tossing in place, it was still pretty fun, coz you really feel like you're actually flying about in the ship. Though still, the French-speaking was a little off-putting. No cameras allowed beyond the entrance point, so you'll have to make do with this picture

The rest of the rides looked a little childish and more for children below 5, so we decided to make our way to Frontierland to go try out some other awesome rides before we lose the line.

My bro in law got us some fast track tickets for Big Thunder Mountain, but it can only be used during a certain time slot, so to kill time, we went off for other rides, and we started off with Phantom Manor

We were prepared to be terrified by what possibly might be a haunted house ride of some sort, but apparently barely into the beginning of the ride, they were experiencing some technical difficulty and we were stuck midway while they were trying to fix the problem. While waiting, I managed to sneak some picture inside the ride when their lights were on (which totally killed the spooky mood btw, since we could see how the mechanism works):

After for about 15 mins, the ride was fixed and we were on our way. From there, the anticipation of terror was slightly diminished, and them speaking French wasn't really helping either, but still, I gotta give it to them for all the lightings, set-up, special effects and such. When we went to the middle of the ride when there was a disembodied head inside a crystal ball talking to us, I realized then that this ride was what The Haunted Mansion (played by Eddie Murphy) based on! I was actually in the original ride of The Haunted Mansion. And the singing porcelain heads confirmed it too! LOL

We then walked around a bit and saw a sort of walkthrough display called Legends of the Wild West, and the kids were having fun climbing on the rocks on the side, so we might as well check out the display. It was like a history lesson down the lane as we watched displays and set ups of what used to be the Wild Wild West. It's pretty informative, though I find the jailhouse the most interesting one

Seeing that there is still more time to kill before Thunder Mountain, we then moved on to Adventureland, where the bulk of Agrabah and anything associated with adventure resides

We started off by going on the ride of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril, based on one of his movies The Temple of Doom. Only my eldest nephew and I are willing to take the ride while everyone else either didn't meet the height requirement or chickened out. So we decided to split up and go on our own wanted rides and rendezvous at the exit when we're done. While it was not as fast as the Aerosmith ride, it was just as equally terrifying because only parts of the ride were done indoors in caves while the rest were mostly out in the open where you know how fast you're going, and the loop-da-loops didn't help either. I think I sorta screamed myself a headache after that shit

We thought we'd lost our party when we didn't see them waiting at the exit, and we had to wander a while and try our luck getting out of the territory ride itself, before we finally see them coming over when we were almost considering going to the lost child department. LOL. Apparently they went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which I wished we'd go too since it sounded like it was fun, but we're afraid that we might use up too much time, since lines are starting to pile up on rides pretty fast. Seeing that we still have a little bit of time to kill, we went into Le Passage Enchante de Alladin to look at miniature scenes that tell the story of Alladin. Of course not much can be heard, and it's prolly in French anyways, but I gotta give kudos to all the miniatures, coz they were made pretty well

Finally it was almost time to try out the Thunder Mountain ride, so we quickly made our way there before we missed the fast track time. The design really looks like some kind of mining facility and thankfully all the kids met the height requirement, so it was a pretty good enjoyment. It may be out in the open, but it's not a loop-da-loop and while it was fast, it was not at breakneck speed, so it was pretty nice to ride it. I had a really nice time on this one. This is by far the tamest roller coaster I've ever been in, and my favourite. Wouldn't mind going on it again

Finally we made our way to Walt Disney's Studio to try out other rides that we have missed. We actually wanted to try the Finding Nemo's Crush's Coaster, but unfortunately it was like the most popular ride of all the rides in Walt Disney's Studio and the waiting time was way too long for us to get to the ride and we'd most likely end up missing the train. So we decided to go try The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

I mean, my youngest nephew took that ride and came unscathed, so it shouldn't be that bad, right?

Wrong. Boy, was that a stupid decision.

Not that I hated the ride, but...well, you see, apparently it was based on one of the old Twilight Zone episode (didn't know that Twilight Zone belonged to Disney) Tower of Terror (or was it the other way round? Anyways...) where 5 people plus a bellhop got struck by lightning while they were in the elevator and they were now stuck in limbo where they could neither check in nor check out. I was already ready to piss and shit myself when I was waiting in line with the gang, and I keep feeling the urge to bail, but since we were there, and the kids were excited to do this ride, we might as well just get it over and done with.

Seriously, worst decision I've ever made.

It first takes you up on to a certain floor where you are being shown a hologram clip of the 5 spirits beckoning you to join them in their elevator before they dropped out themselves, then it takes you to another floor and it shows you a mirror where you have to "wave goodbye to your real world" before it turns your faces into holographic skeletons before they start dropping you. I could literally feel myself being lifted thanks to the non-gravity, and the drop wasn't just the drop I felt when I was at London Dungeon, it was 20x worse than that!! And they take you to the highest point of the building which they will show you the whole landscape of Disney just to show how high you are (I read in Wiki it's about roughly 170 feet) before you get dropped again to a certain height, and it repeats a few times, bringing you up then dropping you down, just to fuck with you.

I think I've been screaming FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU----- throughout the entire ride and that would prolly be the loudest I have ever screamed ever in my entire life. When the ride ended, I literally feel like I've just lost 20 years of my life!! Fuck!!

Let me take the Aerosmith or the Indiana Jones ride, but I am never, ever gonna fucking take Tower of Terror ever again! Fuck!!

At the end of the ride we made our way to the gift shop and we pretty much got ourselves the only souvenir of EuroDisney, which is our mugshot of us pissing ourselves at the Tower of Terror (other souvenirs are just too expensive, even in euro currency standards).

We managed to catch ourselves the train and went on that long 2-hour journey back to London. Apparently France share the same sundown time with England, so we weren't too worried about getting an extra jet-lag from another country, but we were still pretty dead tired by the time we got back to our home sweet home.

Best experience ever, next to Harry Potter Tour and Cadbury World.

More to come...