Monday, July 29, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 16-17 (Part 1)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Bro in law had a bad episode, got kicked out and then everyone kissed and made up and pretended as if nothing had ever happened. Meh...

To get our mind out of things, we went with our holiday as planned, and what better plan we had than to go to EuroDisney Paris!!

We had to get up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaally early to make it to the train station at King's Cross, and that was after we had to drop the youngest off to bro in law's dad since he doesn't have a passport and he's a little too young to travel.

Shots of King's Cross station

Le tickets to go to EuroDisney Paris

I wonder where Platform 9 3/4 is? LOL

Inside le train

We bought a lot of things to eat for the journey, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to brush up on our French, since we are definitely going to be bombarded with a lot of French instead of English. It's a 2 hour train ride to get from London to Paris, almost like going from Brunei to Miri, so we try to catch a bit of Z-s on the way, and of course, have our snack on the ride there, since we sorta left without having breakfast

We reached Marne de la Vallee at around 1-2pm London time, and in France, their timezone is about an hour ahead of London, so we have to set our watches accordingly. Once we got our luggage sorted out with the EuroDisney hotel staff, it's picture timez~! Although, as usual I took a hunkabaloo lotta pictures, so I'm gonna just feature the ones that mattered.

Marne de Vallee station

First thing that greets us

EuroDisney is that-a-way!!

Map-consulting timez

The man who brought the magic

Super cute poster of old-timey Mickey and Pluto

Shots of my surroundings within Disney Studios Park

Le famous mascot
Alright, from here on, due to too many photos taken, I shall only feature pics of the rides and shows that we've taken. If you wanna get the full Monty of pictures, you can go to my Facebook account. Got it? Cool.

So first, we started off with Stunt Show Spectacular where it showcased how people really do their stunts and whatnot. I let my hubs take videos of the show because I'd rather watch it with my eyes than through the camera, and boy, it was awesome. They started us off with some motorbike stunt shows, then showed us some awesome car chasing scenes, one of them called the "Ballet Chase", and showed us how they did the car being driven backwards so flawlessly, then there was a segment where Lightning McQueen showed up (which feels odd since there was a chicken and duck conversation between Lightning McQueen and French-speaking Tow Mater). Then finally some more car chase scenes that involved fire and burning of the stunt man, then a huge fire explosion show and you could really literally feel the heat of the fire even when you're seated at a safe zone. If that was just a taste of the fire they used to show that explosion, I don't even want to imagine how it feels for the stunt man to be burnt into a crisp like that >_<'''

After that, we went for the roller coaster ride at Rock n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. Technically it wasn't Aerosmith per se, but apparently he sorta designed the roller coaster, and as I've never been to a roller coaster ever in my life (I would've if the Jerudong Park's roller coaster didn't friggin' break down), it was a really exciting experience. My poor hubs was dragged by the kids to join, and he was totally frit of roller coasters even though technically he never ridden one. A really long queue to get to the roller coaster area, and the closer we were, the more excited I got, and the bigger the feeling of peeing my pants felt. Once we were on the roller coaster and wheeled to the entrance, we were immediately blasted off at crazy top speed, and we were pretty much rendered crazy screaming fools as we were being looped-da-looped, tossed, swerved, turned and pretty much everything under the sun that I imagined a roller coaster would be. I ended up screaming myself a headache when it was over -_____-'''

We split up when we took the roller coaster ride, because my younger nephew didn't meet the height requirement, so we rendezvous at the exit of the ride, and we made our way to Toy Story Playland. It's mostly for kids, but they still had pretty interesting rides there. We chose the one that prolly suited us the most, which is the RC Racer. It's basically like the swinging pirate ship ride, only with Andy's toy race car. It was pretty thrilling and exhilarating, and a few times swinging down, I was literally lifted off my seat a few inches. That would've been really creepy if there weren't a harness holding me down.

After that we just wandered around checking out the sights, and we gave a shot screaming at the scream machine at Monsters Inc section.

We then realized that we have yet to try out the Armageddon Special Effects show, so we made a beeline towards it. Apparently it's some sort of a simulation where we are inside the Apollo in Armageddon and we're supposed to simulate panicked and bat-shit scared behaviour when we were given the cue to do so. But when we went in, instead of getting the cue, we were being bombarded with sudden sounds of explosion and even fake!smoke and finally an explosion of hot fire and sprinkling water, and we weren't simulating the expression, we were gorram living it and reacting to it for realsies! Shit~!

Later on, we decided to take a walk around to check out Disneyland Park itself, and apparently there was a parade going on, so we quickly made our way towards the direction of the entrance to Fantasyland and waited for prolly over more than an hour before the parade finally came. Not exactly the best seats in the house, since we were surrounded by tall-ass people, but it was absolutely worth it. I videoed the entire procession since it's a little hard for my camera to catch moving pictures, but I did managed to catch one or two when we were close enough and they were slow enough to be photographed.

Cute little girl in one of the Disney Princesses' costume. Too bad no adult size though LOL

We've pretty much exhausted ourselves by then, since it was a long travel and we barely had much to eat in the train, and we've been walking non-stop all day, so when the kids started getting hungry, we decided to call it a day and went food-hunting.

Technically we already secured a nice spot in Planet Hollywood to eat, but apparently it did not fit our free food voucher requirements, so we had to go around food-hunting again before settling into a buffet restaurant at Billy Bob's. We totally ate till our hearts' content and our stomachs almost bursting before we finally made our way to go to the hotel where we stayed, which is at Hotel Santa Fe. Of course, couldn't resist to take a few pictures here and there

Hotel designed in a Wild, Wild West theme

Open air wardrobe, so no need to do the usual "open wardrobe" ritual


Complimentary coffee and hot chocolate
Apparently we bought the family suite, which consists of a double-conjoined room, so yay, private time with my hubs on this. Got my well-deserved soak in the tub while the family tucks the tired-out kids in, and while my hubs and the gang went and sort out and plan tomorrow's trip, I laid back and enjoyed some cable TV, though not as much as I hoped since they were all speaking French and the only English-speaking channels were the info-tainment channel of Disneyland Paris, Disney Channel UK and Safety Smart with Timon and Pumbaa. Ah well, early night for me then, though not exactly early since I think I slept at 1am Paris time.