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The London Chronicles: Day 14-15

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The reason why I lump-summed this entry in two days is because in these two days, things were pretty dark and sour.


Because my bro in law apparently went into one of his episodes and we got to see firsthand how much of a sorry git he was.

Apparently this thing started late last night while I was asleep, then it sorta escalated this morning with shouting and whacking around. While my hubs try to calm things down, I try not to get involved and have the kids with me to avoid the blow. I know that these kind of things are pretty close and hurt to my heart and if I were to get involved, I might end up doing something stupid.

My bro in law was getting rather violent, shouting here and there, not wanting to listen to any advice or calming words, and kept repeating over and over again why my sis in law was trying to break up the family, like everything is her fault, when clearly he was the root of the problem. Then he went all "Oh, woe is me! I can't stand this shit anymore" and started cursing and swearing, almost to the point of laying a hand on my sis in law.

We decided to cool it off and give each other space by having my sis in law take us shopping to keep our minds off things. The kids were sent off to their grandma for their planned sleepover and we just try to keep our minds off the whole incident by shopping around, but bro in law was not going down without a fight and bent on making our day a living hell as he kept calling and calling and calling and trying to corner my sis in law into agreeing that everything was her fault and that SHE should apologize and be the one to mend the relationship.

What is there to mend? If you guys have already tried and tried and TRIED and still things are really not working out, it's clearly a sign to let go. Staying for the sake of the kids is just a selfish act as well because you're just going to keep hurting each other and have the kids as collateral in the process.

But no~ Bro in law thinks he suffered too much being in a broken home and REFUSED to let this broken marriage go and never thought to think that maybe he is the one forcing the situation to break apart! Selfish bugger.

Anyways, bro in law's dad was brought in to mediate things and things didn't go so well. Things were thrown, and bro in law was ready to give my sis in law a good beating and he was already throwing stuff at her. That was the last straw. I promised not to get involved in things, but when there is beating involved, I lay down the line. I screamed at him to stop it, but of course he wouldn't listen to reason, and he was all shouting and cursing and blaming every goddamn one of us instead himself, and things were getting all too familiar now.

It was reminding me of my situation when my parents were fighting and the way he talked and the way he acted was EXACTLY like my mom.

Suddenly I was 3 years old again in the middle of my parents' fighting and I just totally lost it. I started screaming for them to stop and I was begging things I had wanted to beg but I couldn't when I was a kid. I was telling him to STFU and to get the hell out and that if he ever touched her, I swear to God I would kill him. I had a really serious episode and I was clearly freaking everyone out.

It was obvious that he wasn't going to calm down any sooner and we had to get out, and we cannot leave my sis in law alone with him. So we packed our bags and made our way to the nearest hotel we could find. Bro in law and his dad still tried to call and talk things out, but it was clear that no one was being rational enough to be calm about things and the discussion was just going to be heated up again, so we decided to extend the day for a night just in case things didn't work out very well.

I did get a sorta cop-out apology from my bro in law last night via text, and while I can more or less forgive him, there is no way I would let myself forget what he did.

We had a bit of a restless sleep as much as we could, and decided to have brunch at Subway. Here are some shots of the hotel that I managed to get the next day when my mind was cleared:

We took a walk to prepare for my sis in law's big talk with him, and walked around some more after lunch, and I took a few interesting shots while we're at it:

Chill-V! You have just committed copyright infringement!!

I dunno why, but I really like this advertisement after seeing it played before movie starts XD

Some sort of monument erected, not sure what was the occasion again
My hubs accompanied his sis to do the talk, and I stayed at the hotel, coz there was no way that I would ever go near him after everything had happened. I can no longer see him as I used to see him anymore after such a display, and I'm not sure that when we return to Brunei, would I ever trust him alone with my sis in law. I really fear for her.

My hubs whatsapp-ed me to tell me that things have calmed down and everything was normal, as if none of the things last night had ever happened. He said that we can decide whether to continue staying at the hotel for the rest of the holiday, or stay for the night then move back in the next day and bro in law can stay somewhere else because he clearly have traumatized me some.

Too be honest, I didn't want to go back. I didn't want to stay in a house under the same roof with him which would constantly remind me of what he did and worry about when he would suddenly have his usual fucked-up episode, but I didn't want to make things worse by either kicking him out of his own home if I were to move back or deciding to stay at the hotel for the rest of the holiday. I didn't want to put too much pressure on my hub's wallet just to stay there, but I didn't want to make anyone feel bad.

So, as much as I hated it, I said that I will agree to move back in the house and he doesn't have to move out for my sake, so long as he doesn't do what he did again in front of me.

But there is no way I could be sincerely be friends with him as I used to ever again.

It was a huge emotional scar he left me and there is no way I will ever, EVER forget it.

More to come...