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The London Chronicles: Day 13

Previously on The London Chronicles: Walked through 2 parks and went to the Science Museum, and oh! pity my tired-ass legs~!! >_<'''

Today was an exciting day, because we and the kids are all off to go on an awesome tour, which is at Cadbury World!!

Chocolate~ Chooooooocoooooolaaaaaaaate~

We had to drop off the youngest baby to a friend's because the long ride would be a bit of a toll in him, but all in all, we were well set on our way~!

It was a really long ride from Stanmore to Birmingham (apparently it's another part of England, and not within London) where Cadbury World is, and we had to take a 7-seater car because it is against the law in England to have more than the allotted number of people in an allotted number of seaters in a car. Some of us fell asleep throughout the journey and some of us played some games before falling asleep (little nephew got a little carsick since he was playing the iPad and was a little shaky in the ride), but all in all, we got there in one piece!

And needless to say, photog timez~!

Le building and its entrance

Posing at the HUGE (fake) chocolate bar~ Mmm~

The stamp for Cadbury World access

Apparently that's how it works in the cocoa beans barter system
 We learnt that cocoa beans had been one of the currencies in the old-timey Aztecs and Mayans, and it costs 2 beans per pumpking, 10 beans per rabbit, and 100 beans per slave. Interesting, innit?

Le Mayan calendar. Thanks for giving us a near-doomsday heart attack, fellas!

Real cocoa beans, but you can't eat them though. It's bitter before processing

A bit of a mannequin history of how cocoa beans made first to the Spanish, then to the rest of the world
 We were treated to a mini-hologram show on each corner to show how cocoa beans were discovered, then shipped to Spain, and then from there, to the rest of the world. Cocoa was originally a posh food enjoyed by the rich, then the Cadbury family, who started off being in the tea business, decided to take on the job of running chocolate business and had tried a kabillion methods to produce what we now know today.

Random surrounding shots while waiting to be brought to the film room to be shown the introduction of the Cadbury family

Settings of the cinema room
After that brief history lesson (and wondering why the hell did they made their factory so gorram far), we continued the tour and saw video machines that tell you how some of the highlighted product of Cadbury's chocolates were made, sealed and packaged

We were then led to the factory line where we get to see the magic of chocolate production. No way am I gonna miss taking pics, but we were only allowed to take certain shots in certain areas. Beyond that, we were not allowed to take photos due to trade secrets and stuff. You can literally smell the chocolate permeating the air as we walked through the factory area to see how they were produced, packaged and wrapped. The machines were amazingly fast in wrapping them chocolates, and they could do about more than 1000++ chocolates per minute or something! Wow, the wonders of modern technology Xd

View from the top

The original first Cadbury chocolate factory machine
Then we entered some kind of area where it's a bit like a show-and-tell section where there is the name-writing with chocolate, shelling chocolates and the raw material of chocolate before processed. I totally didn't expect real cocoa beans before the beans were taken out to be quite big. It's almost like holding the size of an external 500GB hard drive!

Name-writing section

Shelling section

Cocoa beans and its natural non-processed state
We then walked past a section where completed decorated chocolates were displayed, and boy, don't they look delicious??

Chocolate baby crib to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess' new baby boy

Sort of wishing well for charity

Le decor factory

Birthday chocolates and cakes, and a huge chocolate shoe!!

Dedicated to the winner of the Tour De France '13

More cutesy chocolate art for the birth of the Duke and Duchess' baby boy

Football chocolate...FOOTBALL CHOCOLATE!! @_@
We were then led to some sort of Cadbury ride where surprisingly we were being met by rather childish-looking cocoa beans that pretty much bombarded us with nothing but nightmare-inducing song and a rather not-so-impressive display of miniature characters sorta having fun and stuff. My hubs kept thinking and commenting vulgar and dirty thoughts throughout the ride, and it was getting rather annoying with all the childish display.

Needless to say, not a very enjoyable ride, though not that we would tell it to the staff face to face. They did try to put a lot of effort in the ride

We then went down and entered the advertisement section of the factory, where we were shown how old-timeys did it when they tried to advertise Cadbury's in the ages, which includes a drum-playing gorilla! LOL! What does a drum-playing gorilla got anything to do with selling chocolates??XD I gotta say, it may be a little non-nonsensical, but still kudos on their effort back then

Old-timey Cadbury products

I wonder if it really IS made with a glass and a half of milk

Stained glass! Classy

Huh, some of these products have been around for quite a long time! Who'd've thunk?

The things old-timey people can come up with XD
After that we were led to an interactive game section where people get to play Cadbury chocolate related games. It was good, clean fun, especially the game where they let you step on the ground to break the virtual chocolate at your feet

Finally, shopping time for chocolate~!!

We bought quite a lot of chocolate, and add to the chocolate we bought for friends and family, AND my sis in law buying for US and friends and family back home, oi vey! We are sure to be overloaded when we leave for Brunei. LOL! Thankfully, we got the bulk of our chocolate at a bargain corner where everything is less than 5 pounds in there, so not much strain in our wallet and such.

The drum-playing Gorilla, who was one of Cadbury's advert icons
After that, the last of our tour was to go to Essence, a section of Cadbury's World where the children's playground is and where there is a rumoured area where you can go make your own chocolate. Definitely not gonna miss that one!

Apparently Essence is basically a virtual hologram video show where you sit through the show for a few minutes on how the Cadbury bros came across the one-glass-and-a-half formula, and after that we are treated to a free cup of chocolate, and not just any chocolate, it's melted chocolate in a cup with the filling of your choice! Totes forgot to take a picture on that, but I got me white chocolate buttons for filling.

Mmmm~!! So thick, so rich, so chocolatey good~!! I wish I could go for seconds if we weren't pressing for time to go home.

So after a really hearty lunch, we made our 2-hour journey back to Stanmore and spent the rest of the day just resting and lounging around at home. We then headed to have dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, and carried on lounging while watching movies before we hit the sack.

A very eventful day, next to Harry Potter tour~

More to come...