Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 12 (Part 1)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studio. Best. Day. Ever!

Today is a bit of a leisure day again, as we decided to go to Buckingham Palace to check out the changing of the guards it is so famous for. But we underestimated the time we should get there, and by the time we were there, the changing has already almost completed and the troops were inside the palace already. Pity, but it's fine, at least we got pretty good shots of the vicinity

A real police on a horse! Cool!

Not sure what statue/monument this is, since it's so far away

Nice of the police to take pics with me

More amazing shots

Police horsies~! Too bad I didn't dare to reach up and touch it; not sure if I'm allowed to anyways
We took a breather for a while to enjoy some ice cream and I saw this interesting monument, so I decided to take a breather there while taking some pictures of it around the area:

After taking a 5-mins breather, we continued on our way, and as usual, I took some more pictures along the way:

Barclay Bank's sponsored public bikes

Some memorial shots

More police horsies~!

The really extra huge Princess Diana Memorial Walk Park
We then, according to my sis in law's recommendation, went through to Hyde Park. We stopped by to have lunch, then we walked around just getting in the view of how HUGE the park is as well as getting some nice shots:

Cute little duckies and pigeons, taken pretty up close. Amazing, eh?

Tourists enjoying their boat rides
We have to cross through Kensington Park to get to the museums, and sadly there was no buses that can give us a lift, so we're gonna have to go on a really LONG walk. But at least there were some really cool sights to take pictures of:

Very interesting architecture (forgot what's the name of this project)

Monument for Albert, Prince Consort. Hmm...Consort, eh...?

Royal Albert Hall, where supposedly Shakespeare does most of his plays
It was a pretty looooooooooooong walk, but we more or less were able to reach there, but my feet were totally killing me at that point. Still, the show must go on~!