Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 12 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Walked through two parks to get to our destination, and our feet absolutely killing us...

After that loooooooooong walk, we finally got to our destination. At first we thought to just continue on where we left off at the natural history museum, but we have spent most of our time walking, and if we have that done, we won't have enough time to do the science museum, so we decided to just go straight to the latter and get that one done and see if we have enough time to finish natural history museum.

As usual, photog timez~!

Road to science museum

First scenes that greets us

Light bulbs throughout the times

Gadgets for the public to play

Old-timey technology

Awesome space stuff

The Enterprise! LOL!

More gadgety stuff, with vehicles in the mix

French comics showing their idea of a futuristic steampunk technology
I am more of a biology buff than physics or chemistry, so when we went to the 2nd floor that displays biology stuff, I pretty much enjoyed it

Phobia display

I think I've seen this somewhere before in a tabloid magazine way back in high school

They actually educate people about gender identity and gender preference. Interestingly open stuff

Wonky DNA mutation and genetics

Can't really remember these stuff, but it looks like something to do with the brain
There was so much things to see in the 2nd floor alone, and so much interactive stuff, that we didn't manage to finish the whole building as we didn't in natural history museum. Bummer, but at least it was pretty interesting and eventful day, and we were already quite tired anyways, so it's not too bad

More to come...