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The London Chronicles: Day 11

Previously on The London Chronicles: Plowed through 3 attractions in one day, being the Sea Life Aquarium, the London Dungeon and the London Eye...

We all went to catch a movie as my hubs and I have been looking forward to watch it since we seen the trailer, which is this movie:

It's absolute hilarity at its best, though my hubs thought a little differently of the ending, but I totally enjoyed it, and I liked the ending.

Went bowling later on today as promised with the family, especially with our little niece, who has been looking forward to it since the first day we got here. Apparently it's just right downstairs where the apartment is, so there wouldn't be too much walking around.

Le bowling alley
After about half an hour of bowling, we had to cut the bowling short because we were pressed for time to go to the tour that we've been waiting for forever...OMFG HARRY POTTER TOUR AT WARNER BROS STUDIO!!!

While on the way, to keep myself from being giggety about it, random photo timez~!

Yes, that is the size of a McDonald's fast food restaurant building in London

Apparently Esso also exist in London; always thought Esso was a Malaysian brand
Granted we got a little lost going down the highway (apparently British calls it 'motorway') because this place is new and not exactly very recognizable along the map, and SpongeBob SquarePants in the navigation system wasn't really very helpful either, but at least we got there in one piece.

When we got there, we (or mostly me) was absolute geek about it! It was just amazing!! The first thing I did when my hubs was going to collect the tickets in line was taking tons of pictures of outside the Warner Bros Studio.

Le tickets! Finally!
I couldn't contain my awe the moment I entered the studio. I was absolutely psyched about it and the whole place was just...well, magical! I know, I know, cheesy, cliche line, but still, it IS magical! It's wonderful! It's almost everything I've ever dreamed of! You can see how geeked out I was by all these photos below:

Le entrance

Harry's bedroom in The Cupboard under the Stairs

Waiting anxiously in line
We were ushered to a room where we were given a small treat to a mini intro, then led into another room where we sat down and watched a few minutes of a longer intro video featuring the famous trio Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe, Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson and Rupert "Ron Weasley" Grint. After the show ended with the trio entering the doors into Hogwarts, the curtains pulled up to reveal the actual door of Hogwarts, and after a brief talk from the guide (who told us to take as many pictures as we want), he called forth some people who were having their birthday today and let them do the honours in opening the door

From here on, it was pure Harry Potter heaven. I'm trying to involve as little pictures as possible so I would not flood the post too much, but really, can you not want to showcase EVERYTHING you've taken after being shown such wonder?

The Great Hall

My journey through awesome begins...

The drinks station in the Yule Ball

Chocolate feast that I totally didn't know was in the movie

The dresser for wigs and make-up

Some of the many costumes and outfits worn during the movie, all original

Can't really remember what do these gates lead to

The Leaky Cauldron

Ahh, I remember all these silly rule boards

Gryffindor Bedroom, which I could never get a good shot of full-scale since everyone is photo-bombing it

Stuff used in DADA class when Remus Lupin was in session

Potions lab!! OMG, potions lab!!! Severus~!!! EEEEEEE~~~!!!

List of wands used by the titular characters in the movie

Gryffindor common room (why don't they have rooms for all houses??)

Pendulum seen in PoA

Griffin staircase leading to Dumbledore's office

The Triwizard Tournament Cup in GoF!

The Golden Egg in GoF

Dumbledore's office

His cupboard of memory vials and the famous Pensieve (no wonder Dumbles tend to have selective memories)

Some of the famous items used in the movie such as the Philosopher's Stone, the prison number plate, the Time Turner, the Remembrall and Rita Skeeter's notebook and quill

The actual Goblet of Fire. Put my name in, please!

How I wish I could be one of the casts so I could use this stuff TT_TT

The Horcrux collection

The portraits of Hogwarts

Door to the Chamber of Secrets

Le bank vault

Le little critters who made the movies possible

Hagrid's hut

The Burrow

Mad Eye Moody's secret trunk

Trophies that I didn't even think exist, including the Most Perfect Potion trophy (I wish I could get that)

Shifting staircase

Gadgets used for green screen effects

Quidditch suit and equipment


Death Eaters' masks

The villains

The Changing Wardrobe (or something like that)

'Magic is Might' monument

Umbridge's office and her outfit (ugh! She makes my fav colour look like an insult)

Ministry of Magic

The wonder of graphics

So this is how Knuts, Sickles and Galleons look like

Ah, Daily Prophet, up close

The Black Family Tree mantle
Later we were outdoors and we saw a line in front of a butterbeer shop, and there was no way I'm gonna miss that, so definitely made a beeline towards the queue to get it.

The butterbeer had a really interesting taste. We were expecting it to taste like beer or some sort, but it turns out it tastes like ice-cream soda! LOL! It's very delicious, sweet and flavourful, and we loved every drop of it. It was an amazing taste, and definitely worth buying it again if we weren't so broke LOL

The Riddle family tomb from GoF

The Knight Bus from PoA

The flying car from CoS

The flying motorbike from PS and DH

Privet Drive 4

The hallway that Neville ran along escaping the werewolves and Death Eaters in DH

The Potter family's original home

The chess pieces
After geeking out on all the stuff outside, we went to another building that leads us to the slightly more artistic and creative part of the movie industry and Harry Potter franchise:

Stuff from the creature shop

Fawkes the phoenix

Sirius Black as his dog animagus

Dementor (I think)

More creature feature stuff, including animatronics of Hedwig, Voldemort, the Monstrous Monster book and the mandrake root

The thestral

Aragog! EEKK!!

Moar Dementors

Diagon Alley

Concept arts and paper sculpture

Statue of some fictional wizard

To-scale sculptures and more amazing concept art
Finally, the creme de la creme of the entire tour, the exact to-scale replica of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!! My lord, it was almost 2 stories high!! How I wish I were shrunken right at that moment so I could just walk and run around in that model and be a Hogwarts student, even if it's make-believe.

This is one of the moments where I wish Doraemon exists
Last but not least, we ended our tour in a room that is a replica of Ollivander's Wand Shop, where each and every box of wands there are printed the names of all the casts and crews of the Harry Potter franchise.

Love this quote. Kudos to you, J.K.

I really, really have tried my best to limit the pics I'm including here because I've taken so, so, sooooooooo many pictures (600++ worth of pictures, to be exact) of every single thing I could see that is related to the tour displays. I had the best day ever and it WAS the best day EVER! Bought me some lovely souvenirs, in which I will be featuring them in the end of the chronicles.

Before we left, final shots here:

Emma Watson's handprints (surprisingly more or less same size as mine)

Daniel Radcliffe's handprints (also just slightly a little bigger than mine)

Rupert Grint's handprints (his hands are super huge!)
To sum this day all up: BEST. DAY. EVER!!

More to come...