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The London Chronicles: Day 10 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Toured around Sea Life Aquarium, looking at awesome fishes, cute manta rays, adorable penguins and huge ass scary sharks...

Seeing that the line in London Eye was still a little long, we made our way to The London Dungeon, which is a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper long line. Unfortunately, we can't take pictures once we're inside (and it's too damn dark to take pictures anyways), so I could only catch a few shots here:

Long line waiting

External shots I caught

Props at the entrance

Preview of what to expect

List of crimes punishable by death during the medieval England (though not sure if it's true)
Moar props for photo-taking

Madagascar roaches! ARGH!!

Reception area, FINALLY!!
We had to stand at a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper long line that leads all the way into the entrance, and then at the entrance is ANOTHER line where we stand next to dungeons and torture devices (where we get freaked out by sudden banging of doors and keys turning on their own on the locks), and finally a last line that leads us FINALLY to the reception room where we can finally purchase our tickets. While we wait though, we were given a photo moment where if you came in pairs or a group, you can either be the executioner or the executed on a stock-ish beheading stand. I, of course, chose to execute my poor hubs for the photo moment

Ticket that I can take pictures of only outdoors since I can't hold up the line

Since we couldn't take pictures, you will just have to settle with what I'm about to describe you of the entire experience.

First we walked down the hallways and being freaked out by all the rats--real rats, mind you--at the hallways in their cages, then gathered in front of an usher where we were led to the elevator down to our destination. Of course, the first thing they did was scare the crap outta us by making as though the elevator had malfunctioned and plummeted to the floor we were going to with the sound effects and the rampant shaking. That was pretty freaky and awesome, and the screams of the tourists who we were with was just epic.

Then we were led down hallways, being frightened by the staff that appeared outta nowhere in the process, to where we would take a short boat ride through a sorta historical demonstration of Anne Boleyn's death, and us being her "conspirators" and "sentenced to death". The boat ride was crazy, as we dunno what would happen in such a dark, dank place, and we would never know when the drop would happen until it just fucking catches us off guard like hell, and there is water in it! Water! We were actually splashed onto us and getting soaked! Though my hubby got soaked more since we were at the back of the boat and he was closer to the water blast.

We were then led to meet the Farmer, who farms poo back in the medieval times when toilet wasn't as advanced as it was today. A brief intro later, we went down what they call the Conspirators Walk, where we were educated and role-played a little of Guy Fawkes' moment to bomb the Parliament. One tourist was "volunteered" into taking the conspirator letter to be taken to warn certain parties not to come during the bombing, but of course, we were "caught", and a little history of how Guy Fawkes was caught and executed later, the "dead" Guy Fawkes goaded the "soldier" into lighting up his so-called "wet" gunpowder, which of course blew up. It didn't REALLY blow up of course, but the sound effects and the shaking and the lights really made us thought that we were getting blown up and such.

We were then led to the torture chamber where the "volunteer" was being caged for her "crime" of the conspirator letter, and then we were explained of all the torture devices used, especially the one where you yank your tongue out and the device where it either gets stuffed into your mouth and break your jaws and teeth or stuffed into your ass and...urgh, something not so cheery happens to it, as well as the device that pretty much says it all when it was demonstrated in a slicing motion and was said to be meant for men. Urgh, I crossed my legs even though I'm not a guy, coz it's really a sympathy pain on that point.

Then we went down a channel walkway that featured all the dead people on the roadside and its dark, dank and oh so mouldy-stank areas that signifies the Black Plague back then, and while we walk down the channel, we were being frightened with someone shouting that they're throwing out the waste, sound effects and all, and we actually dodged when nothing was there, and we felt a bit of water sprayed on us, but at least it's water...wasn't it? Anyways, we were led to what they called the Coughing Coffin where we were educated a little on the Black Plague, and I totally jumped when someone or someTHING from one of those coffins sorta reached out and touched my shoulder and prolly scared the hell outta the tourists who were behind me when whoever's hand stuck out to tap me. I don't remember whether I did scream, but my hubs totes did coz that hand brushed him too when it reached to touch me XD

We were then led into a doctor's room to learn on the cause and effects, the symptoms and the resulting mess of what the Black Plague does to you. I really admire the timing the actor do in their role with the sound effects and all that, and the realism they put into their acts, though their habit of appearing suddenly right in front of your face when the lights go out and on again, and the special effects they include in were pretty marvelous, especially when they made the chairs we sit on wriggle when they say there were "leeches" loose, and the way they sprinkle water all over us as if they made a huge mess with "curing" a patient with his blood (a "volunteer" was made to sit through that on stage). LOL

After that we were led to the famous couple Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, where Mrs Lovett spoke/shouted (I gotta admire her having to do that every time a tour group comes in, it must be tough on her throat) about her days with her beloved Sweeney and her pies made from her "special ingredients". Makes you wonder if these bloody duo were actually real in history or just wanna be popularized in this theme park thingy (the way she tries to shove a "dead body" back up and screaming at Sweeney about having customers was pretty hilarious). Then we were led to Sweeney Todd's barber shop where his "apprentice" introduced himself and his master before the lights went out. There was no designated actor for Sweeney, but we could hear his voice in the dark and feel the swipe on our hair, the jab on our backs and hiss on our necks from that special effects chair we're sitting on at every cue from Sweeney. I swear, I've never heard people scream that loudly and such terrifying lengths from these surprise "attacks". LOL! Though I admit I did jumped a little.

Then we were brought to the famous Jack the Ripper area where we were educated by one of the "call girls" about him, then directed to a mirror maze where we were surrounded with mists at certain areas, and at any given cue, have a reflection of Jack the Ripper on the mirror springing at you (caused a lot of screams by the other tourists). We got quite lost along with the other tourists and the sound effects of Jack the Ripper killing his victims were not helpful either, but finally we found our way into a "tavern" where the "wench" there "took us weary travellers in" for the night, carrying on with the Jack the Ripper story. Throughout the story-telling, the occasional lights go out with them standing suddenly in front of you when it comes back on happened, then things started to move at its own accord, then "wind and thunder and lightning" struck around the tavern, then the "wench" suddenly disappeared out of sight, before the lights went out and in came the crazy strobing lights where Jack the Ripper suddenly appears in and out of the lights and tries to "stab" you as you scream your lungs out in terror before the lights came back on and the "wench" looked at us surprised as if we've "seen a ghost" LOL That was the real highlight of that entire section.

Finally we were led to the Judge to have ourselves being "sentenced" hilariously, then led to the man of the gallows telling us about how hangings back then as an entertainment went, calling my hubs up to demonstrate as well how to give a "good dying", and finally we were given one last ride where it was sort of to simulate the experience of hanging. Not having a noose around our neck and hang us, mind you, but still, it was a fun experience. We sat on our ride and were raised up a few feet in front of some mannequin judges, and before you could say "I hereby sentence you to--" we were immediately dropped, and boy, I totally screamed. This happened a couple of times, and I swear my heart almost dropped out of my chest from that scare. My OMFG face was caught on camera, and there was NO WAY am I embarrassing myself getting that picture. We did take the execution picture though.

It was the best experience of a sorta haunted house/theme park building I had by far. I have to say this is my favourite next to Madam Tussaud's.

More to come...