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The London Chronicles: Day 1 (Part 2)

Previously on The London Chronicles: Arriving on London airport, getting ready to go to my sis in law's home...

Got our luggage and we made our way out of the airport to our ride, which is my sis in law's dad in law's limo.

It was a pretty long drive, about 45 mins to an hour to get from the airport to where my sis in law stays, and along the way, we (mostly me) were absolutely awed by the infrastructure in the area. The houses were the most awesome, because it's exactly like in the movies! Or in other words, the movies portrayed their homes just like in reality. I've always thought that movies and reality would differ, but this is amazing. It's like I've stepped into the movies and stuff!

Finally we reached my sis in law's home, which is an apartment in Stanmore:

Got to meet the rest of the family, and finally got to meet the youngest member of the King family, who is so chubby and cute and cuddly and just oodles of cuteness overload. We took a tour around the house, which is not as small as they tend to let us imagine, but definitely a little bit cramped. But no big. We are adaptable. We can manage. After all, it's family.

Our bedroom is with the kids, and they have a double-decker bed. We get the bottom bunk, so not sure whether the kids are all squeezed up on the top or one of them has to sleep with the parents, but turns out at the end of the day, they had an inflatable air bed or something so one of the kids can sleep there.

Kids were lively as usual:

And finally got to booze up after almost more than a year of sobering up since I had my little princess:

Mmmmm~ Yum yum~ ;p

It was a long journey from Brunei to London, so no sight-seeing or traveling around today, but I try to keep awake to keep up with the timeline and prevent jet-lag, so I hung out with my bro in law to places. And of course I took some random photos of everywhere I went when we were outdoors:

Apparently you need to PAY to get air in your tires. Huh...

Downtown in Edgeware

Random building shots

A London cab! Interesting design

Flower shop, apparently owned by a Chinese LOL

Double-decker bus, in the flesh (or to be exact, in the metal)!

Broadwalk Centre

So that's how jawbreakers looks like. Curious on how it tastes though

Biggest bubble gum I've ever seen O_O

Marks & Spencer Shopping Mall
We relaxed at home for a while, then it was time for the kids' taekwando grading. We had to drive all the way to a place called Whitemore High School. We had to take separate rides, apparently because of the law in London states that you can't have more than 5 person sitting in a car (depending on the size of the car actually, and in this case, it's a 5-seater car), so I went with my sis in law and her little girl and tiny boy while the rest (including my hubby) went and took a cab.

When we got there, of course, I couldn't resist taking random photos:

We never had cafeterias like THIS in OUR high school! :(

We sat down to watch the grading, and I took some photos of them doing kicks and jumps and whatnot (never did taekwando ever in my life; wanted to, but my mother wouldn't allow me to, says it's not LADYLIKE, blergh). Pretty interesting though, though I never expected that kids would grading together with the adults. I thought they would gradings separately according to age.

Hup, 1, 2, 3, 4...



Taste my fists!

A very interesting experience, watching kids and adults alike kicking and punching and stuff. Never really seen how a real taekwando move looks like, so all the better. All the kids passed their grading, with my little niece getting A+ for her grading, though to be honest, I think the eldest son was the most serious and did his best in the grading. I think he deserves more than just a passing grade.

We went home after the grading, and my bro in law decided to get some last minute shopping items, so he took me and my hubby to Sainsbury's, which is a convenient store/supermarket just directly down where they live. Of course, picture time!

They even have back alleys, just like in the movies!

Finally, we decided to have some authentic London fish and chips everyone back home seems to be raging about, and with some random shots in between:

...including this awesome post office box, we went to have our fish and chips at a place called White House, which I shall blog about the food here.

Family shot~!

I once caught a fish THIS BIG~

The day ended with a bit of R&R, a bit of planning for the coming few weeks for our holudaying (with the white board and everything LOL), and my hubby totally knocked out, and me finally able to get my sleep after hanging on there till night time in London. Thus ends our first day in London.

More to come...